I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Volume 5 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Saintess Olivia

Elf, they are a race that can handle high magic and they live in a closed forest.

They can live for a thousand years or longer and there’s a queen that’s leading those who live in the forest.

That’s the Saintess, Olivia.

Though she lived for a thousand years or more, her appearance don’t grow old so she looks like she’s in her mid-twenties.

If you look at her base appearance, the first thing that will catch your attention is her pointed ears that peep out the gap of her silver hair and her sharp eyes.

Those eyes give off a sharp glare, it can make you feel that she’s a queen because of her experiences and acomplishments.

Furthermore, what would attract your attention the most is the explosive breasts that she finds it a bit annoying.

The size is something that would not allow any of the forest dwellers to follow.

「…If this continues, the balance would be broken1

Olivia thinks that it’s her own duty to protect the order of the world.

Based on that idea, Olivia has kept the balance of this world as a queen in a time that’s ridiculous for humans.

Shutting herself on the woods without much people, she reigns as a person who does a fair jugement.

「I should be moving soon…」

Recently, she’s having a fear of the balance breaking.

According to those who deliver the information, the queens are defeated one after another by a terrific power, the countries are being taken over.

To keep the harmony, such a thing won’t be allowed.

Olivia has decided to start making countermeasures at once.

「This might be used by some other…」

Olivia has a bow ornament leaning to her, she left the room.

Going out to an open place where the ki2 is low, Olivia slowly set up the bow.

Then, an arrow in was shot to the big sky.

The arrow has flown out somewhere but it shows no sign of falling somewhere near.

「It might’ve been late but the power of the treasures they have obtained would be neutralized as usual」

Olivia made a sigh of relief after expecting that it took effect.

「The silver bow is convenient as expected」

What she calls the silver bow is the treasure given to the saintess.

This silver bow can fire an arrow made of magic in the direction of the other treasure and it’s possible to seal the treasure.

As a person who keeps the harmony of this world, there’s no power higher than this.

「If I’m correct. the witch and the empress have fallen. The shrine maiden might use her treasure in the momentum」

She scattered a number of people gathering intelligence around the world and she gathers them.

But, they have to go to the deep forest to make a contact method so the information comes late.

It can’t be helped but since she can’t gather the information immediately but it’s a hindrance in comparison for the other countries that can’t obtain information immediately.

But, Olivia seems to be satisfied about the seal.

「All of them are troublesome abilities. I’m glad that I’m able to seal it. Especially the crystal the witch has that can see far away places」

There’s a reason why Olivia is cautious of the crystal among the sealed treasures.

It’s a problem that the Witch Eunice uses the treasure to search for men but the subject would change if someone else is using it.

Because, Olivia don’t want to be seen on the other side.


「I can’t let anyone know that I have a hobby of being attacked by tentacles…」

She loves being attacked by the tentacles native in this forest.

Mucous fluids drops like crazy, the tentacles attacking every corner of her body.

There’s a tentacle room she prepared exclusively to enjoy being attacked everyday.

「Even though I have a barrier, I don’t know if there would be a change in the power of the treasure…」

If it’s known that the one who’s protecting the order of the world has a hobby of being attacked by the tentacles, she won’t have dignity as a queen anymore.

If she did it poorly and it was known by the people of the forest, they might be able to dismiss her as a Queen.

Information, it’s simply has equal power as the military force so Olivia would be anxious about it.

In short, Olivia is able to remove her anxiety by sealing the treasures.

「Anyway, I can feel safe. I’m going back」

Having a calm expression after she was able to take out the treasure, Olivia returned to her home with the silver bow.

Having her purpose outside end, Olivia has gone back to her room.

Feeling a bit bored as she doesn’t do anything in particular, she sat down near the wall.

But, she’s fidgety for some reason.

「…Let’s do it a bit for today」

Thinking about the tentacle a while ago, it remained in her head and it doesn’t leave.

Her expression is like itching for something.

「There’s no problem if no one can find it out…」

Making her decision, Olivia stood up from her chair vigorously and went to another room.

It seems that she wants to be attacked by tentacles.

「Now, let’s go…」

Opening the door, a humid air flows out.

A green tentacle with tentacles that’s as thick as her arm has been wriggling and crawling on an invisible bed.

A stair is attached at the entrance at the door that can be climbed somehow but the tentacle doesn’t go outside.

Water flows in from the hole in the wall. There’s an equipment so that the water isn’t cut in this room at all times.

It’s exactly an exclusive room to raise tentacles.

「Where would you violate me?」

Olivia took of her clothes and she said it satisfied.

The tentacles seems to move lively somehow.

Then, the naked Olivia went down the stairs slowly.

The tentacles didn’t wait, they moved, crawled and aimed the prey that came near them.

「Then, violate me until I’m satisfied…」

Olivia was swallowed by the sea of tentacles filled with mucous without hesitation.


  1. No, The balance would be back