I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 5 Part 3

Chapter 3: Fairy Yushu Fellatio

「…What did you do to Yushu? W-what’s this feeling…?」

Yushu’s cheeks reddened and she asked me with her face looking in heat.
「Huh…Yushu, somehow, strange…Huh?」

In this state, it seems that the Charm cheat worked well on Yushu.

「I used magic on you」
「Yeah, that’s right」

Yushu doesn’t seem to get what’s going on yet.

She’s merely experiencing arousal, she doesn’t have knowledge about it yet.

Perhaps, more than her appearance, her mind might be younger.

If she really didn’t know anything then she doesn’t know what’s going on in her head.

「This, how should I recover from this…?」
「It’s up to you whether it would be cured or not」
「This is my first time feeling it…I want you to cure it faster!」
「My heart pounds, I feel strange! It’s the first time I feel this!」

She’s originally hostile with us so she doesn’t approach.

Of all the women I’ve seen until now, this is the most pure reaction1

However, even though Yushu don’t have ill intent, it is necessary to go under the Saintess in order to remove the seal of the treasures.

I don’t know about her guardian role but there’s no mistake that she’s standing before my way.

「Yushu, do you want to know What you’re feeling right now?」
「…Somehow, my body feels hot…I can’t endure it. Hurry up and tell me!」
「If I teach you then would you promise that you will take me to the Saintess?」
「Eh…But that’s the only one…I can’t do…」

Well, she just fell for me even if I used my charm cheat.

She probably don’t have the knowledge about the act after being in love so the magic’s state might be weak.

Well fine, I only have to teach her that.

It seems that she’s under the charm cheat so I’ll make Yushu completely fall for my in one way or another.

「Then, right…It’s fine if we can negotiate a bit, if so I’ll teach you how to be cured a bit」
「Uun…I got it. Hurry up and do it!」

Yushu that lost her composure since a while ago said so.

If it’s a normal woman, there should be no composure.

「…Right. Then, do what I tell you」
「Un, Got it!」

Yushu answered with futile cheerfulness.

The answer was different from the usual so it’s a bit hard to do her but I didn’t mind it and began immediately.

「Then, let’s have you do fellatio first?」
「Could that be…」

It seems that Yushu had heard it somewhere, It seems that she has knowledge to that extent.

How do you do that? It seems that she has little to none interest.

Anyway, even if she knows that much that’s something I don’t care about.

「The best shortcut to remove the magic is to satisfy you」
「Why does Yushu need to be satisfied before the magic is removed?」
「…I can’t say it yet. If you’re going to guide us in the forest then I’ll tell you」

Let’s bargain here.

I mustn’t forget my purpose on coming on this elf forest.

「My King’s dick is entirely different from any man out there. Yushu, you’re in good luck」

Then, Elena Ria besides me spoke to Yushu

「Is that so? Then, I’ll do that fellatio」

Was Elena Ria’s words influential? Yushu began to kneel in front of me.

And then, she put my dick inside her mouth without hesitation.


She’s being aggressive from the start.

「Jubu, jububobobo, nbururururu…!」

The girl that looks a bit childish makes a sound, she’s sucking my dick hard.

She sucks it desperately, she stares at me with an upward glance.

「Njubo, nbu, How’s it…? Does it feel good?」
「Yeah, it doesn’t feel bad」
「I’m going to work harder. Jubobo, nnburururuu!」

Yushu does fellatio eagerly.

You really want to remove the charm magic that fast?

No, this is the effect of the charm cheat.

Seeing how deep Yushu can go in the future, I expressed a thin smile.

「You, as a first timer you have an aptitude」
「Fue? Is that so?」
「Do your best more, suck it up」
「Like this? …Jubobobobooooooou!」
「Like that」

Actually, Yushu’s fellatio is clumsy but not bad.

There’s still a lot of ways to go before it reached Leona’s fellatio but it doesn’t feel unpleasant.

I thought that she’s just an innocent child but I find her unexpected.

「Use your tongue this time to lick around」
「Got it.」 Nto…」

Yushu began to lick the glans with the tip of her tongue.

「Like that」

Moving around the glans of the penis, she did a rolling fellatio.

Having her do it even though no one taught her means that she has quite a talent.

This kind of woman is fun to teach.

「Somehow…doing this…Yushu feels dazed」
「That’s fine」
「It’s good…it’s good…Yushu isn’t doing something bad」
「Right, feel even better」
「Got it」

After all it’s instinct…No, Yushu can’t act against pleasure.

The person herself doesn’t seem to notice that she concentrates her mouth above, she continues the fellatio like that.


Amazing…the rolling and vacuum combined skill.

All of my penis is entering the small mouth vigorously that it makes a sound.

If this continues I’d be finished as expected./

「Njubo, gubo, bobo!」
「I’m about to let it out」
「W-what are you going to let out…?」
「Fuu…It seems that you don’t know it」

Then, I won’t explain it.

It’s much more interesting that way.

「Ngu!? I-It has gotten bigger」
「Just hold it in your mouth just like that」
「Fue? An, gobo, nbu, agu!」

I gripped Yushu’s head while shaking my waist.

Her face distorts in pain, it seems that she’s enduring it desperately.


I can’t endure the feeling of the sense of stickiness inside her mouth and I let out my semen.

「Accept everything!」

Yushu’s cheeks can be seen bulging, I let out a large amount of semen.

She began to drink the semen without trying to spill it.

「When you drank all of it show it o me」
「Gulp, gulp…yesh」

Yushu replied her consent.



She opened her mouth wide and there’s no semen to be seen.

「Haahaa…it was amazing」
「You did well」
「I’m a bit tired…」

She misunderstood that I’m satisfied, Yushu sat on the ground and took a break.

Even though the talk still hadn’t ended.

「…Oh right. I’ll do something even more amazing if you guide us to the forest」
「More amazing…?」

It seems that she’s a bit stunned.

「Yeah, that’s right」
「…Something even more amazing than just now!?」
「That’s right」
「But if Yushu does more than that…she’s going to lose her mind…」
「We’re in a hurry. What would you do, Yushu?」
「……If it’s for a bit then…maybe…it’s fine…」
「But, are you sure? You said that you’re stopping us from entering the forest though.」
「…Ah, I’m going to guide you! Make Yushu feel even more amazing!」
「…Fine. Then, I’ll give you a reward if you listen to me!」

Saying that, I forcibly made Yushu stand up.
Then the penis that’s wet from the saliva, is applied on the wet part of Yushu.


  1. Can we keep that? A pure fairy that blushes when you speak lewd things