I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 5 Part 6

Chapter 6: VS Olivia

「This way…deeper here」

Yushu who felt completely refreshed with creampie, she obediently taught us the elf forest.

It seems that the Saintess is living in these depths.

「Then, Yushu will come back」

Yushu returned to her role as a guard.

Though she’s the worst for bringing us here, she’s still working admirably.

I can’t help but think that she’s an idiot.

It’s because there’s no one who can win against my charm cheat.

Now then…

「Is this the interior of the elf forest…」

I stared at it while grinning broadly.

It’s a forest that’s protecting the spirits.

Surely I thought that it would be a refined forest but it looks no different from a common forest.

The queen of elves1 is in this depths.

I’m interested on what kind of woman she would be.

Furthermore, the elves are the same in the fantasy.

Demon race like Eunice and Melia are rare but the elves are a bit special as expected.

I can’t bear the laughter by just having the thoughts of how should I violate her.

「My King, what’s so funny?」
「Nothing. Don’t mind it, Elena Ria」
「I would still worry even if you say that. Our opponent is the queen of elves…she has more power than me」
「More than Elena Ria you say?」

This girl is the world’s strongest woman.

To go over her. It seems to be even more amusing.

「Yeah,. we had a test of strength once. I was still young that time but I wasn’t able to win in the end」
「I see」

That said, there’s no change in the plan.

It’s because I only want to make good women mine.

We proceed deeper in the forest.


「My king, dangerous!」

Kin, an arrow dropped on my feet along with a high pitch sound.

Elena Ria stood in front of me and it seems that she knocked down the arrow.

「My King…They’re coming…」

Looking at front, there’s a woman making a daunting pose.

Looking at her sharp ears, she’s an elf without a doubt.

Her magic made trees tremble, exactly like what a King has.

The queen of elvesー had appeared in front of me.

「I am Olivia. This forest’s chief」
「It helps us that you came to us all the way」
「It’s to protect my fellowmen. I didn’t came to meet you on purpose」
「It works either way. You showed up in front of me. That’s sufficient enough」

She stared at Elena Ria and Me and her teeth sounded.

Looking at her glare, it seems that she hates me quite a lot.

She shot another arrow towards me.


「I can’t let you do that to my king…!」

Elena Ria prevented it.

Seeing that, Olivia was.

「…Why have you fallen into the hands of a human male?」

She shouted.

The magic is faint enough as if it has no power.

A shock wave comes to my body.

「This gentleman is…my king!」

Elena Ria said while stepping forward.

「His power is nothing to criticize, his magnanimity to accept whatever kind of woman you are is unparalleled. He has the charisma to rule the world」
「Elena Ria, do you know what’s important!?」
「I know. I have dedicated my all to this gentleman」

She glared at me further while clenching her teeth.

Olivia in front of me produced a sphere with accumulated magic.

I can see the surroundings tremble as it makes an ominous whirlpool.

If I receive this it won’t be easy for me.

「You seem to have noticed it. No matter how high your mana is, if you’re hit directly…you’ll die」
「If hit directly? Then there’s no thing to fear」
「Fun, it’s useless to bluff. I’ll erase you…」

A small lightning is born around Olivia.

It seems that she’s able to draw it well.

「I’m sorry, Olivia-san」
「Lord…Shrine Maiden Shizuku!?」
「Yes. I’ll stop your movement using the secret art transmitted to Japoneru」
「You lass…! But, that won’t…!」
「That’s unfortunate~! I’m here too!」
「Witch Eunice!? Ku…!」

Shizuku and Eunice had surrounded Olivia beforehand.

Even for Olivia, she can’t fight the witch and the Shrine maiden’s mana at the same time

「Don’t joke with me! Who do you think I aaaaaam!」
「Oh. You can still go on?」

Olivia’s movement is sealed due to Shizuku’s barrier.

Yet, she tried to break it with brute force.

Though Eunice is supporting, this might get dangerous if this continues.

「King…I am here too」
「I know. …Stop Olivia’s movement」

Elena Ria approached Olivia

「Stop…stop it…!」

The queen of elves had her face twitch, it’s seen that she’s scared.

「Didn’t I make a vow! To create a peaceful world! It’s necessary to have humans and elves cooperate…!」
「There’s nothing wrong in what you’re saying… But, it isn’t us who make the world」
「My King…Ryuu-sama You should just leave everything to him」
「I…I…there’s no way I’d to that…ーーAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!」

Elena Ria used her mana and made the barrier stronger.

Olivia that had current flowing in her body fell limp and kneeled down on the spot.

Now then, should I go to the queen of elves?

「Stop it…don’t come…stop it…!」
「Sorry, I can’t think of anything else but fucking you」

Her scream echoed, I grabbed Olivia’s head and invoked magic.

「Reveal the lust you hide within」

It’s an aprhodisiac that I used to Elena Ria, an even stronger one is placed in her body.


  1. The queen of lewdness