I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 5 Part 8

Chapter 8 ★ Olivia can’t endure it anymore

「It’s coming…it’s coming…inside me…!」

Olivia helped me inserting as she twined her own legs on my waist.

Though I want to put it in deeper in a dash but since she’s a virgin, putting it deeper would be harder.

「Ahn, Kuuu! I want you…to put it in deeper…!」
「I’ll put it in a lot…!」

I won’t be able to enjoy your virginity if you rushed me that much.

Putting a bit more power, the penis was inserted to the root.
「Ahiiiiiii! It’s going in deeper…it cameeeeee!」
「How’s it?」
「It’s hard…something hot is inside me…so this is sex with a man」
「It’s much better than a tentacle, right?」
「It’s the best! It’s the best feeling in the world…!」
「Is this the first time from the elf who lived for a long time?」
「…It’s foul to speak of age of women」
「Fuu, you have a point」

She suddenly spoke it cutely.

Though I thought that she’s quite a confident elf, she pouted her lips while averting her eyes.

She seem to look like a small child if she does that.

Well, since her figure is a different thing, it’s the talk about the inside in the end1

「Aaaaa! Good…it feels good…!」
「It’s tightening as expected」

Is this an elf body?

It’s not much different from a human body but the tightening is too intense that I might ejaculate immediately.

It’s a waste not to enjoy this body.

I’m going to taste it without reserve.

「More…pierce me deeper…! Nfuaa! Ooonu!」

Since her clothes originally has a lot of exposure, her chest overflows just shaking her waist a bit.

Olivia has quite huge breasts so the shape is quite good.

Swinging her waist on missionary position, her whole chest shakes back and forth so I can enjoy the sight of her body.

「Penis…it feels good…! It feels gooood!」
「How good is is it?」
「It’s hitting…! It’s hitting deeper…!」

Olivia’s waist is hit strongly.

It was put in so strongly that it made a mark of the glans at the lower abdomen.

I grasp her soft skin as I continue to shake my waist.

「Deep…I’m going crazyyyy! I’m feeling strange…! More, more, thrust it in moreeeeee!」

She avoided me with all her might a while ago now her body changes.

The effect of the aphrodisiac is too amazing, but the hidden lust of Olivia must be amazing too.

Elves live long.

That she turned to love tentacles.

During such an eternal time, she never experienced a man even once.

That must be painful for her.

I can understand why she’s having such a disturbed condition.

「Ahii! Ii! Aaaaaan, kuuuun, Aaaaaaaannnnn!!」
「Does it feel good?」
「It’s the best! If I knew about this kind of things…I…!」
「What would happen?」
「I want it to be inside forever…! It feels too good! Afuaaaaaaaa!」

I can feel Olivia’s vagina convulsing.

It looks like she has reached climax multiple times.

「Your body is perverted」
「It’s because you’re feeling it efficiently」
「It looks like you’re continuing your masturbation」
「How do you do it usually?」
「That’s…that’s…a secret!」
「You think I’d let that pass?」

She understood it quickly.

Olivia answered properly.

「My fingers…I stir up my pussy…」
「You’re not playing with your clitoris?」
「Though I like my clit-chan…I want a stronger stimulation…!」
「It seems that you’re tired of it in a long history. …The other?」
「The tentacles! It feels the best when I manipulate it to tease myself!」
「You pervert」

I stared at her with cold eyes and Olivia’s body trembled.

From the fact that her vagina convulsed…

「Haa…haa…I came…!」

It seems that she came with just my words and stare.

This girl is really a helpless woman.

「You lewd bitch. I’ll make it so you can’t live without my body anymore…!」
「Ah, Nnn! Noo~ Don’t hit so deep repeatedly…no goooood!」
「Shut up. You should just become my meat toilet」
「Meat toilet…?」
「That’s right. You’re just a tool to take care of my sexual desires」
「Ah…even so…that might be good…! Would I feel this good everyday if I become a meat toilet?」
「I’m fine being a meat toilet…! I’m going to become a meat toilet…!」
「Then, accept my semen as the proof」
「Aaaahn! I’m going to cum too…! I’m already prepared to be pregnant!」

I made my last spurt.

Olivia’s big breast shakes and I can see it’s shape getting squashed lewdly.

I ejaculated on the womb of the queen of elves while looking at her breasts.

「Aaaaa! It’s coming in…comingcomingcoming!」
「Get pregnant! You bitch!」
「Aaaa! Cummiiiiing!」


I gripped her waist and poured it deep.

Olivia trembled while bending backward.

「Ah…Hii…. Is this what creampie is?…It feels too good…!」
「It’s the best, right?」
「Itsh amazhing…! My consciousness is about to fly…」

I who released all of my semen pulled out the penis from her vagina.

「I’m not satisfied yet. What about you?」

Seeing my towering penis, Olivia sounded her throat.

Kuku, it seems that she can still do it.
「I’ll be training you this time. Just like a dog…!」


  1.  ま、体つきはかなりのものだから、あくまでも内面だけの話ではあるがな。