I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 6 Part 1

Chapter 1: Strategy Meeting?

After I raped the elf queen Olivia, we returned to Forza Command castle.

By the way, the Elf Queen has been called the Saintess up until now.

Before we invaded the elf forest, the country was governed with an overwhelming charisma.

Her mana is too powerful that it won’t lose to charisma, her character as a queen would’ve been complete.

Well, in the end she has degraded from a tentacle attack lover to just a bitch as a result.

Making the saintess fall, the treasures I have so far is now four.

Eunice’s crystal, Elena Ria’s Avar Bain, Shizuku’s future mirror and Olivia’s silver bow.

If I’m able to capture the celestial maiden then I’d go to the place where the goddess is afterwards.

The road that I will advance is just a bit more.

We already entered the final stage.

So to talk about the next plan, I was waiting for Aisha butー

「Ryuu, I’m entering」

With the sound of a knock, I heard Aisha’s familiar voice.

Just the right time.

「Yeah. I was waiting. Enter」

Saying so, Aisha opened the door and stepped in the room.

Then she sat on the chair next to me, she purposely brought the chair.

「Did I make you wait?」

Then, Aisha next to me asked.

On the other hand, I waved my hand to tell her not to mind it.

「I was just recalling the elf forest. I didn’t wait. I was worried because you were a bit slow」
「Fufu, as expected of Ryuu. You can understand a woman’s heart」
「I’m honored to be told that by Aisha」

We made a light exchange but the comfort isn’t bad.

Surely there’s some sense of security from someone I’m used to work together and have mutual trust.

Coming up to here, the contract with Aisha will be acomplished.

Firing up, let’s defeat the goddess of this world.

「How should we do the next attack?」

I immediately talked to Aisha about the strategy.
I like having not much excess collusion than needed.

「Tell me a bit about the place where the celestial maiden is」

Though I remember hearing about the celestial maiden, I haven’t been given detailed information yet.

Me who transferred into this world don’t have much knowledge in here.

In that sense, Aisha’s presence can also be called a lifeline.
She has the details of the queens after all.

「The celestial maiden is ruling the city floating in the sky」
「As expected of a Celestial maiden’s name, the city is even in the sky」

I’ve already experienced fantasy greatly up to now but it now comes to the city floating in the air?
Though I heard it from the talk, it has become fun now.

And it seems that the opponent is lacking.

「The sky city is a city-state from it’s name it seems」
「Yes, it’s expected to have less population than the queens on the ground」

Aisha answered my question.

「Then, does the sky city have some weapons?」
「No, I don’t think it is」
「Then, there should be no worries attacking it from the other side」

Should we do the usual side attack?

The other queens became desperate and when you count that we’re invading a unprotected sky city, it would be easy.

「When it comes to it, then there should be no worries on invasion method」
「The cky city has a special gate connected somewhere on the ground. I don’t know where it is though…」
「I see, as expected there seems to be no defect in design from being able to go in and out when they can fly in the air」

If it is so, then we would be able to advance easily.

Though we don’t know the place of the gate, I already have ruled the queens on the ground.

If I use their power, we should be able to search for the gate leading to the sky city.

In the same way, the sky city should also be found.

No matter how much power that Queen has, It has become impossible to conceal the sky city floating from the ground.

Now that I’ve heard about it, I can work out on a detailed strategy.

「Leave the location for me to think, let’s talk about the others」
「Got it, what’s next then?」
「The strategy to capture the sky city. Let’s go simple this time」
「Simple…what do you mean?」

She asked me with great curiousity glance

「First, we will warp to the sky castle then immediately go to the sky castle」
「The long distance warp in the area of the sky castle may not be possible though」

Does the celestial maiden has some kind of interference.

The possibility can’t be ruled out.

「Then, we would continuously short warp just like the time at Japoneru」
「That’s true. There seems to be no problems then」

It won’t have any problem with it anymore because there are measures.

「Arriving at the sky castle, we could climb it. Perhaps, the guards will come out there」
「Yes, it’ll be a fight when it comes to it」
「But, with Eunice’s demon army and Elena Ria’s knight troops then there should be no problem then. We already kick in numerical advantage」

For one country, we will invade with strength of two countries.
Since the soldiers on the other side would be women, I’ll just use charm cheat when it comes to it.

Also, I think the power of the demon army and the knight troops would be enough

As long as the Celestial maiden doesn’t have absolute military power, I won’t lose.

「If something happened that’s out of expectations, we’ll just adapt to the situation」

As long as there’s magic, you’d be able to solve most things.

Also, the queens with the Celestial maiden as the exception are on my palms.

Though the match is already decided coming up top here, getting cautious won’t hurt.

「You have any other questions?」

Since I finished talking about my strategy, I asked Aisha.

「It’s fine. I hope that it all goes well」
「Of course. We have gathered the treasures steadily without problems up until now. The next one should be fine too」

I nodded lightly while affirming it.

「Should we tell everyone right away?」

Aisha tilted her head a bit.

「No, before thatー」

Before I spoke out, there was a sound of the door being knocked.
The timing is good for everyone to be gathered.
There should be no problem if we can capture the celestial maiden in this manner too but.


Someone called me out from outside the door.

「Excuse me. Ryuu-sama」

「I’m sorry for butting in the middle of the talk. Master」

Entering the room was Succubus Melia and the female butler Seria.

「We have completed the preparations. It seems that you were talking about something so we will come back when you have finished」

Seria said when she saw me and Aisha, and tried to go out of the room bowing.

「Wait, you already have it prepared?」

I spoke to hold them back.
The two people who tried to go out of the room turned back.

「Yes. Everybody is already waiting」
「Got it, we just finished talking…the strategy meeting had ended. Let’s go there」
「Acknowledged. Then we will accompany you」

Coming with Seria to guide us, Melia said so.

Melia and Seria guided us to the place and I stood up from my seat.

「What do you intend to do…?」

Hearing Melia’s words, Aisha asked suspiciously.

Speaking of which, I haven’t told Aisha.

「The harem sex with the queens I collected as partner」
「…Harem sex?」
「Yeah. After coming back from Forza command, everyone is asking to have sex with me」

Coming out of the room, as I walk out the hall I use to walk to, I append what’s on my mind.

「I might as well do all of them at once. So I thought of doing an ogry. Looks interesting right?」

I can do harem play no matter how many times.

「…Got it. Take care」

Aisha said it while sighing.
I didn’t hide it in particular but it seems that she’s unsatisfied.
Did I make a mistake?

「My bad for not telling you so I’ll make up this time」
「Oh, do I seem unsatisfied?」
「Clearly. That’s why this is my dependability」

Saying that, Aisha’s mood seems to have improved.
Then, I finally left the room.

Aisha had seen us off the room and I faced the destination and walked in the hallway.

As the castle is as wide as ever, we had walked a few minutes to get to the destination.

Then, the two people had turned towards me when we arrived.

「Master, it’s here. Please enter」

It seems that the queens are waiting inside the room.

Seria knocked the door and opened it.

Seeing the door gradually open, I’m anticipating what kind of play we will do.