I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 6 Part 4

Chapter 4: Harem Sex with the Queens 1

After I did Melia and Seria from the back, I came back to the dressing room.

I removed the dirt from when I did the two of them using magic.

Is there a meaning to bath if you can clean your clothes with magic? But it’s precisely because it’s possible in the bath./

It’s a situation dependent thing.

Well, that doesn’t matter.

The thing in the bath was just an apetizer.

「…Now then, let’s go to the main dish.」

I put my hand on the door knob of the dressing room.

I’m not wearing any clothes.

I’ll just take it off after coming.

Then, I opened the door energetically.

Then I opened the door, the four nude queens are already waiting.

「Onii-san! Let’s do it already!」
「I’m already tired of waiting. My king」
「I want you to violate me right now…」
「You came. Let’s begin already」

The queens waiting for me in the room are Eunice, Elena Ria, Shizuku and Olivia, each of them said that they were waiting.

Certainly, I had stayed in the bathroom for a bit long.

This girls probably are looking forward to the Harem Sex that’s about to begin.

「I made you wait. Should we begin?」

I’ll do them until they’re satisfied.

Of course, until I’m satisfied too.

「But it might be too much to do all four of us at the same time… Let’s see…Let’s do it by twos」
「How should we group?」

Shizuku asked.

「First would be Shizuku and Olivia」
「That’s wonderful」

When I talked to Shizuku and Olivia,

「Why. Why not us first?」

Eunice asked.

「The more you’re willing to wait the better the recoil is. Wait for a bit」

It might be a slight excuse.
Well, the feeling of being buried on four women bodies isn’t bad either.
I will firmly taste all of them.

「Nn~…Got it」
「What about Elena Ria?」
「Of course」

Now then, let’s go with Shizuku and Olivia first.

「…You’re going to dress me like a dog again?」

Olivia’s eyes seems to be expecting something.
Speaking of which, we did a play using a dog ears and tail.
Olivia who can’t be satisfied by normal means seems to be addicted in dog play.
But, that’s the end.

「No, there’s no ear nor tails today」
「I’m tired already」

If we do that play all the time, the freshness would disappear.
Doing different every time is the essence so it’ll only be occasional.

「Umu…I see」
「That’s how it is. It’s not that I’m tired of you so don’t mind it」

Olivia looks disappointed but she nodded on my follow-up.

「Still not yet? Please fuck me already」

Unable to endure the talk, Shizuku came to interrupt from the side.

Still, her behavior is interesting.

Compared to when I first met her, she’s now a completely splendid slut.
It’s a suitable member of my Harem.

「Right, the talk has become long」

It’s useless to talk here so I’m going to enjoy the bodies of the queens.

「Come here」

They’re already naked so their rich chests bounced.

「Shizuku will be the first one, come to me」

I said and lied down on the huge bed.
It seems that it can accommodate five people at the same time but the limit for having sex freely would be three people.

「Yes, with pleasure!」

Shizuku feels glad as she can have sex with me.
Her cuteness corresponds to her age if you look at her but that’s it.

「Then, I’m going to take in the penis immediately」

Saying that, Shizuku held the penis with her hand and put it inside her vagina.
Even her appearance is clean, her inside is a big pervert.

「Naaaa, A penis after a long wait is amazing! I’m going crazy already!」
「Hey hey, you just put it in」

Saying that, Olivia drawn her body into me.

「It can’t be helped, it’s been a while since we had sex」
「Olivia too?」

I asked her while rubbing her chest.
She answered while having her chest is being massaged.

「That’s right, I’m already wet just thinking of you putting it in」
「I’ll do you a lot after Shizuku」

Shizuku shakes her waist greatly while I was talking to Olivia.

「Ahii, nn, Nnn!」

Her expression is melting away, she can’t be called the same person as her usual.
But, this Shizuku is the real one.

There’s no grace as a Shrine maiden that protected the treasure.

「You’ve become quite skillful, do a bit more and I’ll ejaculate」

Saying that, Shizuku’s eyes sparkled.

「Is that true? I can finally get Ryuu-sama’s semen!?」
「Yeah, that’s why move your waist more」
「Yes! I’ll make Ryuu-sama feel good, please ejaculate a lot!」

Thanks to her weight helping the piston, my dick easily reaches her womb.

But, that’s good too that Shizuku grinded her waist even further.

「Ku, the stimulation…」

I accepted the sensation of Shizuku’s daring movement of waist and the arousal increased.

「Fuaa, fuiiii! Penis is going too deep, I’m about to cum!」
「You’re the one doing it. But, me too…」

I who was about to reach the limit begins to move my own waist too.

「Ahyaaa! The penis under is thrusting and piercing meeeee!」

It became a trigger, Shizuku’s vagina tightened as if squeezing semen out of my penis.

「Not yet, just a bit more…」

I began my last spurt to ejaculate too.

「Hiiii! Cum, I’m cumming! The penis is poking and making me crazyyyyyy!!」
「Cumming, Shizuku!」
「Hahiii! Pwease rewease Ryuu-shama’s shemen inshiiideee!!」

I ejaculated the sexual feeling I endured.

「Inside, Something hot is coming inside! Cumming, Cumming agaiiin!」

Shizuku trembled from the climax.

I supported her body and laid her down on the bed.

「Now, next would be me」

Turning around, Olivia had been waiting

「I want you to do me as much as I waited」

The Saintess that’s filled with air of superiority from our first meeting is looking at me with enticing eyes.

That feels great.

「Okay, Olivia would lie down on the bed sideways」
「…Like this?」
「That’s right, and I’ll do this」

I lifted one of Olivia’s legs and put it over my shoulder.

The vagina is completely exposed this way.

「We’ll get different pleasure from usual if I do you in this position」

Saying that, my penis that won’t calm down went inside Olivia’s pussy.

「Ngi! The penis came all the way inside suddenly!」
「This, the feel from the inside is different from the usual…」
「Au, the penis is different from the usual?」

That’s right, since the insertion posture from missionary and doggy style is ninety degrees, the pleasure from this direction can be usually felt.

「Aaffuun! Also, it’s deeper than usual!?」

The posture where I’m holding her feet makes the penis go in deeper.

Olivia shakes her waist and it feels quite pleasant.

Her charming breasts shake every time I strike her waist.

「How’s it, Olivia? What do you think about this new position?」
「I-It feels too good that I can’t think of anything else!」

Olivia’s vagina convulsed just as she described.

It’s hard to play with this vagina. I have another Idea.

I stared at the huge breast of Olivia that she’s in front of me.

「That’s right, I wonder if it feels good when you’re attacked here too」

I stretched my hand on Olivia’s breast.

「Ahn~ Fu, I’m feeling it when you’re playing with my breasts!」

Her big breasts is beyond imagination.

Then, I attacked her by fiddling the nipple that’s on the top of the mountain.

「Ahn~ This is impossible! I’m cumming!」
「What a hopeless girl. Then at least we cum together」

I moved my waist violently to get pleasure.

I moved selfishly without minding Olivia and the sexual feeling rises.

But, unable to bear it, Olivia lost.

「Ah, Ah, Cumming! I’m cumming from the penis poking me!」
「I’m cumming too! I’m going to pour it inside!」

In the end, I thrust in my penis inside Olivia’s vagina at full force.

Then, I ejaculated while rubbing the penis in her womb.

「Higuu, the semen is flowing into my womb!! Cumming, Cumiiing, cumming, cumiiiiin!」

I poured semen inside Olivia on the last minute, getting up while breathing roughly.

Now, that’s half. There’s still two of them
The harem sex with the queens still on the half.