I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Volume 6 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Aisha’s doggy style.

After I have finished the four Queens, I left the recovery to Seria and Melia and returned to my room.

Though I was a bit in loss since there’s no guide, I still managed to reach my own room somehow.

「Fuu, doing four at the same time and they’re all queens, it’s quite tiresome」

I use much more than the usual stamina if the charming queens are my partner.

When I entered the room, I unconsciously stopped walking.

「You, why are you still here?」
「Oh, I’m going to ask you back, why I can’t be here?」

Surprisingly, Aisha is still in the room.

She’s sitting on the chair, drinking tea elegantly.

「No, you can suit yourself. But, you’re here all the while?」

I think it’s been several hours since I left the room.

「Right. By the way, it seems that you’ve enjoyed yourself with the queens」

Oh, could she be jealous?

I intended to make a follow up before I went out of the room.

Looking at her, Aisha is watching me intently.

Though it seems expressionless, she’s angry if you look further.

「…Don’t get so angry. There’s no way I can leave the Queens on estrus right?」
「I do get that. I’m also a woman after all」

Aisha said, but her mood doesn’t seem to be okay.

Her reason and emotion are different I guess.

「It can’t be helped」

I approached Aisha and took her hand to stand her up.

「What are you…Kya!」

I threw her down to bed just like that.
「W-wait Ryuu! What are you doing!?」

The panicking Aisha fell down.
「If you keep looking sulky then I thought of making you gasp hard」

Aisha’s face reddened.

「That’s unfair! Saying something like that」
「But, you don’t seem to hate it」

She resisted momentarily when I threw her down but she stopped when she heard my words.
Though there are a lot coming out of her mouth, she’s not hateful from the bottom of her heart.

「Because, I don’t think having sex with Ryuu is bad. That’s why I’m telling you that you’re unfair」

Saying that, she stopped putting power from the hand stopping my arm.
Confirming that Aisha won’t resist, I try to take off her clothes.

「Wait, at least I’ll be the one taking off my clothes」

But, Aisha stood up while saying that.

I threw her down again.

「It’s man’s arousal to take off a woman’s cloth. Just be obedient and lie down」

I said while restraining her and took off her clothes piece by piece once again.

「If that’s what Ryuu says」

Aisha became obedient and let me do it.

Though her clothes are extremely non-existent, it still has a wide margin from being nude.

Aisha’s big breasts appeared as I slowly removed her clothes.

The size seems like I’m peeling the skin of a melon.

「Don’t look at it so much…」
「What? Embarrassed?」

I think Aisha won’t be embarrassed with just this but…

Then, she moved impatiently and spoke out bashfully.

「Being seen by Ryuu makes my nipples erect」

She’s really lewd.
Also, I think that the degree is getting extreme recently.

「It gets harder if I do this right?」

I licked the exposed nipples.

「n, Au…that’s, going to get hard immediately」

Aisha raise a seductive voice.
That’s right, this is much more like you.

「Haahaa, I also have to prepare Ryuu」

While I was caressing her nipples, Aisha got up.
Then she sunk her head between the cross-legged me.

「I can see that it’s hard even from the top of your clothes. I’ll ease it immediately」

Aisha quickly took of my clothes while sayinng and kissed the exposed penis.

「Chu, Rerorero…it’s getting even bigger.」

Seeing Aisha’s beautiful nude body already made it half erect but it now got fully erect.

Though it’s a soft fellatio with no intensity, I get aroused enough if Aisha does it.

There’s the sense of security as she’s with me from the start.

I feel that I can relax with her more than any other women.

「That’s fine already. Get down on all fours and turn your ass towards me」
「Doing me from the back? I’m glad. Are you going to be violent like a beast?」
「I’ll make you release a gasping voice from your mouth right away」

I put my erect penis on the entrance of her vagina and thrust in my waist.

「Ahn, Ukuu! Your big thing is coming in…Aaahn~!」

The penis immediately went inside Aisha.

The penis smoothly inserts her vagina with a powerful swallow.

However, once it went inside, it tightened.

「Very well, As expected of Aisha.」
「Haaa,nnn, does it feel good?」
「Yeah, it fits perfectly into mine. Doing it this way will make me cum soon」

Actually, even if I don’t move, Aisha’s pussy stimulates my penis.

So, the stimulation is sure enough to make me ejaculate without moving my hips.

「But, that’s half-kill…」

Even if I feel good, it won’t be a joke for Aisha.

「…Please, move your waist, make me cum with Ryuu’s cock!」

Being silent for a while, she finally pleaded.
She’s breathing roughly, it’s already her limit.

「Then, I’ll do as you wish」

Just as Aisha wished, I began to shake my waist.

However, I started at max power.

Reaching the depths, my waist is driven until it strike Aisha’s ass.

「Ah, Hiin! This is, it’s too strong from the start!」
「I’m doing only as you wished. Didn’t you tell me to not hold back and make you cum?」
「Because, doing it so suddenly…Ahn~ It feels too good! I’m going to break!」
「I’ll fix you if you do. That’s why be at ease and cum!」

To make Aisha cum, I further increased the speed of the piston.
Aisha’s body trembles from the violent attack.

「Don’t, it’s impossible already! CumCum, Cummiiiiiiiiiiinnnnggg!!」

Feeling the sign of climax, I nailed my penis towards her womb and finished her.

「Cumming, I’m cumming from Ryuu’s diiiiiiiick!!」

Aisha climaxed and her whole body trembles in pleasure.

「Haahaa, T-That was amazing. I thought I would faint…」

Aisha who can’t maintain her posture collapsed.

However, only her waist remains.

「Aisha, I still haven’t finished yet.」

Saying that, Aisha trembled.

「P-Please wait for a moment. I still have to regain…hii!」

I began to move my waist without waiting for her to finish speaking.

「It’s my turn to enjoy it this time」

I moved selfishly without minding Aisha.

I bang my waist greedily and violently, enjoying the feeling of her vagina.

Aisha goes well with me.

I’m moving properly and the stimulation given to my penis is irresistible.

「Ah, Ah, I can’t feel my waist!」

If I don’t hold her waist it would probably collapse too.

I continued to piston and felt my ejaculation rising.

「I’m about to cum Aisha」
「Nn, Haa! Come! Put Ryuu’s semen inside me!」
「Yeah, I’m going to fill you up until you’re full!」

Not being able to suppress the climax anymore, I cover Aisha.

Then, I played with the clitoris that’s been untouched so far.

The moment I touched it, Aisha who said that she had lost the feeling of her waist jumps up.

「A, aaaaaaa! Cumming, cumiiiiiing!!」

Her vagina shuts tightly and stimulates my penis violently.

Then I ejaculated as I can’t endure it.

Byuu! Byuubyuurururur!!

Just as I declared, I had filled her womb with a large quantity of semen.

「Haa, haa, Are you satisfied now, Aisha?…Aisha?」

I looked at her as she’s not responding, she fainted.

「…Can’t be helped」

She’s going to catch cold if I leave her like this so I covered her with a blanket.
Then I began to drink the beverage Aisha prepared for me.