I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 6 Part 7

Chapter 7: The road to the Sky City

Information about the sky city is being gathered while we’re taking a brief rest.

There’s some found about the floating city among them.

However, the location of the gate which leads to the essential city isn’t clear

「I wonder if it will take longer?」

I muttered while looking over the documents gathered in my room.

Still, there’s no sign of the queen on the sky city moving even if I’m ruling all the queens on land.

I think they normally should take action as I take down the queens in succession.

「Is she careful or arrogant? Or she doesn’t care about the surface?…I can’t guess it」

There’s only a few number of human who came in and out and the information isn’t collected, Aisha doesn’t also know the details in the sky city.
It’s no joke if we rushed to a trap, I want some detailed information…

「Waiting for information is irritating」

We’ve been advancing pretty good until now, getting stuck makes me mad.

「…Should I practice magic to kill time?」

The door opened first when I said that and was about to go out of the room.

「Excuse me master!」

Since she came in without knocking, they clashed as they can’t avoid it.

Though they didn’t fall down, it was still dangerous.

Furthermore, another one entered the room.

「Hey Leona! You don’t have to hurry…Aah, What did I tell you?」

Yarina was following her.

It ended without becoming a domino accident.

I arranged my clothes and let the two come in.

「Leona, what makes you hurry?」

I talked to them after giving them a seat to calm down.

「Yes, actually, I have obtained information about the gate that leads to the sky city」
「Oh, that’s good. I was waiting impatiently here」

Actually, that’s the reason I’m going out.

「Then, where is it?」

Yarina is the one who answered the question this time.

「The edge of this continent. That’s why the communication was delayed」
「Yes, it’s on the opposite direction of the Shrine Maiden’s country. There’s also no human who can warp casually like Ryuu-sama」
「Is that so? It can’t be helped」

I always use it so I forgot that it’s not easy to use.
「Then, why is this information fast?」
「We used human wave tactics. There’s no way to escape with either physical or magic either」

Because it took a country to mobilize, it would be strange if it’s not found.
However let’s move immediately if the location is found.

「Let’s move ahead of time. How are the preparations of the military unit for capturing the sky city?」
「The demons and the knights have already began preparing. But the number is large so the sortie will be done tomorrow morning」
Leona answered.
It can’t be helped as there’s a thousand in number after all.

「Then we’ll go to that gate. We’ll confirm ahead so we can make smooth progress」
「Understood, master. How will you select the personnel?」
「Let’s see…Yarina will be the guide, Elena Ria and Olivia should be fine as guard. I’ll leave the command and preparation of the capture force to Leona」
「Roger. Then, I’ll be calling the two」

Afterwards, the two were added and the four of us headed to the gate at the edge of the continent.

We have reached a miserable country town by warp.

「Is the gate connecting to the Sky City in this place?」
「Yes that’s right. It’s said that there’s a church at the outskirt of the town」

Yarina answered Elena Ria’s doubts.

Well, this can’t be found in ordinary means.

We advanced while being guided by Yarina.

Then we arrived at the destination which is the church.

「It looks old but it’s firmly made. It’s much more splendid than the houses on the town」

Just as Olivia said, it looks inappropriate along with the houses on the town a while ago.

I opened the three meter big door and entered.

「You, wait!」

But I was stopped by a voice from the side.

Looking at it, there are two women wearing a nun’s habit.
「Don’t stop us, we have some business with the church」
「No good, this place is closed to public」
「Is the church off limits? Was there an accident?」
「I can’t say that. Anyway, go back」

The girls are stubborn

「…Don’t be absurd. Elena Ria」

Elena Ria who’s behind me immediately dashed out and the two were knocked down and tied up.
They weren’t given time to counterattack.

「It got even more suspicious that there’s a guard. Let’s go in」

I took the three and entered the church.

「Hey, is there someone here!?」

A person appeared inside when I called out.

「Oh, who are you?」
「I’m Miura Ryuta, you can call me Ryuu. The ones on my back are my companions」

Saying that, she looks surprised.

There’s no man in this world that can take a woman as attendant.

「I’ll get straight to the point. Is there a gate that connects to the Celestial maiden’s sky city here?」
「…Yes there is」

Though her expression became fierce, she answered my questionー.

「I can’t see them outside but where are the girls?」
「They’re safe, I just apprehended them」
「Is that so? Though there’s a gate, we can’t let you pass if you have no permission from the celestial maiden. Please release them and return」

She refused with a clear and calm tone.
She’s got some nerves of steel.

「Whatever you say, we’re going to the Sky City. Could you let out the Gate?」

Saying that, I approached the sister.

「Or do you want to be eliminated by our force?」
「Even if you’re four, I don’t think that those who can’t even kill those two and bound them can win. However, I won’t confess whatever torture you do」

The sister remains in her firm attitude.

「Then, if the celestial maiden knew that her people was wounded, she’ll defeat you without fail. That’s why I recommend you to go back before it’s too late」

I see, she has the absolute confidence of being the top.

It seems that the celestial maiden is quite trusted.

I’m looking forward to meeting her.

「Oh, defeated without fail…you say?」
「There’s no way to escape from the sky city」
「Let me return those words to you」

The sister frowned her eyebrows as she can’t understandー.

「Why do you think we were able to come here? The gate in the ground that’s been hidden until now?」
「…That’s by coincidence?」

I laughed at the sister who returned unconsciously.

「Hahaha, you don’t know anything!」
「What’s so funny?」
「I’m ruling all the queens on the ground. What’s left is the celestial maiden on the Sky City」

The sister’s eyes popped out.

「No way, there’s no way the Queens would lose to a man like you」
「I’ll show you the evidence. The two behind me are the Former Empress and Former Saintess」

The two of them stepped forward when I mentioned them.

「Is that true!?」

The majestic appearance of the girls are above ordinary so the sister realized that it’s true.

「You get it now right? The Sky City has nowhere to run」
「Is that so? The queens on the surface…」

The sister looked down but looked up immediately

「However, ruling all in the surface doesn’t mean that you can win against the Celestial Maiden that’s ruling in the sky. The result will be the same」

I thought that she’d be confused from my talk but it seems that she have yet to doubt the victory of her master.

「I respect you for going that far. You really are trusted by your people1

But, no matter who my opponent is, nothing will change.

「Then, I’ll show it to you. The power that ruled the surface」

Saying that, I activated my charm magic like usual.

Now, Sisterー. How far can your loyalty go?

I am looking forward to the development.


  1. He’s talking to the Celestial Maiden I guess