I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Volume 6 Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Sister’s fall to pleasure

After the light of magic settled down, the sister had a sleepy eye there.

「Sister, how are you?」

The sister looked at me and her face reddened in reaction.

「My body feels hot. What did you do?」
「It’s charm. Still, you’re quite strong」
「Ku, such a thing…」

The sister said that while facing the other way but her line is nailed down to me.

She can’t take her eyes away. That’s the proof that the charm cheat is effective.

「It’s useless, the one who accepts my charm does anything I say」

Even the female knights that have their body and spirit forged are hands down.

「But, it seems that your loyalty to the celestial maiden is firm. My power or your loyalty, won’t it be interesting to find out which is heavier?」
「What a vile idea…are men in the ground like this?」

I said it interestingly and the sister spits out.

She was speaking politely a while ago, is this her real self?

Well fine, I’ll ride that.

「Right, if you do what I say, you will lose to the vile human on the surface. Do your best」

I took the sister’s hand and pushed her down on the desk nearby
There was no resistance from her that time.

Her body had already fallen for the charm cheat.

It’s only the sister’s spirit now.

「The three will be on watch and the two will clear up」

They nodded and left.

I can now concentrate on this one.

「Now, would you show me your loyalty?」

I turned over sister’s clothes and exposed the lower half of her body.

Then, there’s a stain seen in her panties already.

「It’s already wet, got pent up?」
「That’s not…hiin!」

When I made my finger trace on top of her panties, the sister leaked out a lovely voiceー.

She might fall easier than I expected.

「If you have it pent up then I’ll release it」

I strengthened the movement of my finger.

「An~ Ahn~! This kind of thing, Celestial Maiden!」

The sister endured while crying out the name of the celestial maiden whom she respected and loved.

But her body is honest.

Her love nectar is already dripping that my finger across the panties are getting wet.

「Don’t! This feels too good!」

It seems that she’s unable to hold down pleasure.

She trembles every time I move my finger.

「Where is the gate that connects to the sky city?」
「I-I won’t say it! I’ll never…aaa!」

Her heart has yet to break.

Well, it’s boring if she gets defeated easily.

I moved to the next stage then took off sister’s underwear

Doing so had a long sticky string of love nectar that was absorbed by the panties from between her thighs.

I can understand how much she feels with this.

It’s on the situation where it won’t have any resistance during insertion.

「Now, should we put in the finger?」

I inserted my forefinger in her vagina.

The insides are drenched with love nectar that when the finger was put in, love nectar was scrapped off.

「Hii! I-It came inside!」
「That’s right. I can feel that sister’s pussy wants it, it doesn’t release my finger」

It became a vacuum as there’s a lot of love nectar, there’s quite a lot resistance.

「I’m going to tease you more」

I kept playing sister’s pussy with my finger.

I pushed my way through her pussy and stimulated various places.

「N, iii, ahiii!!」

Then, I found the location where she reacts greatly.

I pressed it down and emphasized the caress there this time.

「Fuu, ukuu! D-Don’t! I’m about to…!
「Oops, that was dangerous

I pulled out my finger timing sister’s climax.

「Haahaa, w-why?」

Sister who was just stopped right before cumming was unable to endure it.
She looks at my eyes, pleading to continue.

「I’ll continue if you speak, where’s the gate?」
「…! I won’t say it!」
「I seem, then you won’t be cumming」

I said that, then inserted my finger again.

Then I resume the caress of the location from a while ago.

「Hyaaa, Uu, Uuuuu!!」

And when the sister nearly reached climax, I stopped.

I repeated it several times then sister finally raised her voice at last.

「I-I’ll tell it! I’ll tell where the gate is so please let me cum!」

It was a matter of time after all.

「Then, if you tell me about the celestial maiden and the sky city, I’m going to put this in」

I pulled out my erect penis in front of sister.

「Ah, aah, something as big as that!」

Since she felt it with just finger, it’s obvious what would happen if it was my penis.

「Give it! Please give me your penis! I’ll tell you everything!」

There’s not a shadow of her strong manner from a while ago.
But, I’m also aroused so it’s fine.

「Okay, I’m going to put it inside」

I made my penis meet her drenched vagina and pierced it all at once.


Sister’s body twitch in climax when I did that single blow.
Her vaginal flesh stimulates the penis via squeezing and I thought that my semen leaked out unintentionally.

「Hii, haa, This penis feels too gooood!」

Sister’s face is dyed in pleasure.

Violating her while wearing such clothes makes it feel immoral as she’s especially a sister.

The pleasure from her betraying the celestial maiden is rising too.

「Now, tell me where the gate is just like you promised」
「Yes…The gate is concealed by magic on the back of the altar」
「That altar? That’s quite huge」

Looking at it, there’s a big altar in the front.

When you hide it in that, the size of the gate can be approximated.

It seems that it can let the capture unit pass through.

「Now that I know the gate. Tell me about the celestial maiden and the sky city next」
「Ryuu-sama, if I tell you would you be much more intense?」
「…Very well. I’ll violate you until you faint」
「! Understood, the sky city is…」

Thus I obtained the information about the inside of sky city.

Was it because I told her that I’d be much more intense? The Sister told a lot of various things I haven’t asked.

The capture would be easy because of this, we already have this much information after all.

「I understood the city well」
「Yeah, I’m going to violate you with all my might. Hold on tight so you won’t be thrown away」
「Yes! Understood」

Sister coiled her arms on my neck and twined her foot on my waist.

Confirming that the sister is holding me tight, I began to swing my waist.

With all of my power.

It’s a piston that’s set for the queens, no normal woman can endure it.

The sister came after the third swing.

「Nhiiii, cumcumiiiiiinggg!」

She leaked out a sloppy face in climax but her hand embracing me doesn’t separate.

「Just as I told you, I’ll make you cum until you faint」

I hammer in my waist inside her vagina without any mercy while reaching climax.

「Higii! C-Cumiing agaiiiin!」

Sister reached consecutive climax.

My sexual feeling rise with that tightening.

「Hey, cum more! I won’t let you rest」

Before her climax settles, I improved sister’s sexual feeling and further improved her climax.

「Hi, haaaaaaaa!?」

Had she finally lost power? Sister’s legs came off.

I hold it and made her womb receive a heavy blow.

「That’s so deep!? Don’t Don’t! Cumiiing!」

Continuing sex that way, my limit is also reaching me.

「Cumming, I’m going to let it out inside」

Sister barely reacted to my words.

「Ejaculate, semen? Please, please give it inside me!」

I’m going to cum inside her just as she desired and began to sped up my waist.

I quickened my movement disregarding the tightening vagina and I reached my limit and climaxed.

The penis rammed into her innermost part and pierced in.

「Hyaaaaaa! Cum, Cumiiiiingg!!」

I ejaculated too with that as signal.

Then, the semen launched filled her vagina.


Sister was unmoving and exhausted.

She fainted.

With this, I was able to do as I declared.

I pulled while having such thoughts then semen dripped from her vagina and clings to my penis.
Looking at it, I wondered what kind of partner would be the last queen, the celestial maiden is.