I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Volume 6 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 ★ Judith Shakes her waist

「How’s it, finally calm?」

I asked Judith who fell on the bed.

「I feel better somehow but you have no right to be worrying about me」

Judith is still blushing from the reverberation in her climax but her eyes had reason dwelling in it again.

It’s because her desire is cancelled temporarily.

But, I’m not so kind to end it with this.

「I see, then let’s examine if all of your lust is taken away」

When I said that, Judith answered in a firm attitude.

「Whatever kind of order you do, I’ll be sure to endure it this time」
「Oh, I’m looking forward to it」

I laughed then lied down the bed.
Seeing that, Judith looked at me with doubtful eyes.

「What do you intend to do? If I step on you would you be pleased?」
「There’s no way I’m making that kind of order」

It’s different if I have that kind of fetish but I don’t.

「But, it may be close to that direction」

Judith looked puzzled.
Well, I’ll make you understand soon.

「Judith, get on top of me. Turn your feet there」
「It’s useless whatever you say…!? W-Why!?」

Judith’s composed expression collapsed.
It’s because her body didn’t resist my order.

「Okay, lower down your waist just like that」
「Uu, stop…Stop it!」

Her shout of resistance has no effect either.
Rather, she obeyed my instructions much more smoother than before.

「That’s! Why! I thought that my lust would be cancelled once you made me climax?」

Judith glared looking back at me then I answered.

「Right, then your lust must’ve revived immediately? You must have a lot in piled up, hahahaha!」
「…You lied didn’t you, For me to do such foolishness…!」

Judith who looks angry continued.

「Don’t get so angry, 」
「Kuu, how cowardly…!」
「However, are you sure about getting angry? If you resist then It’ll get even harsher you know?」

She’s taken aback by my words.
That moment, I have my next order.

「Judith, you’re going to put it in and have sex with me」

Her expression stiffened in surprise but her body moves.
She hold my penis,


Judith holds her final line of defense in order to exceed it.
However, her waist is gradually lowering.

「I don’t want this thing entering me, I definitely don’t want it!」

She desperately tries to resist but the glans finally went in.

Judith’s vagina feels considerably narrow but it somehow went in thanks to her masturbation a while ago.

「Please, stop this…」

However the penis went inside gradually, making her wish futile.

The woman who looked down on me is straddling by herself and having sex with me.

There’s nothing that would feel better than this.

Though the speed is slow and the stimulation is the lowest, I tried to endure putting my hand as it would be spoiled.
If anything, I’d like to have Judith do all of it by herself.

「Uuu, It’s impossible already」

Then, Judith who’s on the limit of concentration finally cut off her resistance.
That moment, her waist swing down vigorously.


The penis breaks through something along with her scream, then it reached the womb instantly.

「Judith…were you a virgin?」

Certainly, from her firm character, she’ll surely protect her even her chastity.

「U, uuuu」

She’s probably enduring her tears from the pain, I heard a muffled vexed voice.

I don’t see her expression but it’s probably a twisted beautiful face.

「It was just put in but would you swing your waist?」

However, I don’t intend to stop even if she cry or yell.

I gave out my next order.

「That’s! It just went in!?」
「Then what? Why do you think I put aphrodisiac in you? Aren’t you already wet?」

Actually, a lot of love nectar is secreted from her vagina a while ago and it became a lubricant.

She won’t be damaged awfully even if I move.

「Now, stop grumbling and begin」
「Yaa, my waist are moving on their own…!」

Contrary to Judith’s will, her waist began to move vigorously.

「Even though I don’t want to feel it!」

The aphrodisiac amplifies the pleasure of Judith so she’s raising a voice of pleasure.
She’ll reach climax before soon.

「What a good view…」

The ass that’s filled with meat moves up and down and nails to my waist.

My penis is naturally stroked and it gave me the best pleasure.

Judith’s vagina is unripe just unlike her outward appearance, it’s shutting tightly.

The unbalance is making me aroused.

「Ah, Judith’s insides feel good. I might ejaculate immediately. Inside, of course」
「Wha, that’s no good! I won’t let that!」

Saying that purposely, Judith reacted honestly.

She turned around and glared at me but her face turned red due to pleasure.

That’s a countdown to climax.

「What about you, you’re about to cum right? Since it’s rare, why don’t we do it together?」
「Who’d…with you…nkuu!」

Judith objects but her waist’s movement got faster.
Just the fast movement of her tight vagina makes me reach my limit too.

「Here we go, take my semen!」
「No, I don’t want to be creampied by such a vulgar maaaaaan!」

My penis reach the limit as Judith screams and semen sprinkled inside her ripe womb.

「H-Hot! No way, did you!? Ah, no good, don’t cum in this situation ! Hyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!」

She trembles as her vagina got pleased with the semen and climaxed.

Forced to climax, Judith’s body bent backward while trembling.

「uu, higu, uuu」

It seems that she really cried.

But, I won’t slack yet. I’ll surely rule over this woman.

「Don’t rest your waist, keep having sex with me as long as you have the stamina」

Judith’s eyes opened wide.

「N-No way…Men should’ve definitely wither after ejaculating?」
「Unfortunately, that common sense doesn’t apply to me. Now, it’s an endurance sex until you fall」
「Don’t moove! I don’t want to cum by being ejaculated on!」

But, her body moves contrary to the person’s will.
Furthermore, the movements has become smoother.

「Did your body begin to remember sex? Your body is raised to be quite lewd」
「Uuu, auuu, hyuuuu」

Judith has no room to answer my question.
Several hours later………

I’ve already ejaculated dozens of time and Judith’s enchanted body reaches climax every time.

That’s the same for her.

「Haahaa, I’m cumming…I’m cumming again!」

Judith who completely fell to pleasure is already coveting pleasure by herself.
Coming to me aggressively and her vagina reaching the end a lot of times, her place is quite tired.

「How’s it, Judith? Mind telling me where’s the treasure?」
「I will…I’ll tell you. That’s why please make me cum…」
「Okay, this will be the last」

I pushed my waist and piston for the fist time there.

「Higuuuuu! My womb’s being lifted!」
「Cum, cumcumcumcumcummiiiinnnng!」

The semen was launched from the penis and filled the womb.
However, the womb can’t be filled anymore so most of it has already leaked out.

「Fu, fuuu, aaaaa…」

Judith who lost power leaned to me.
I caught her and look forward to the treasure of the sky city.