I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Volume 6 Chapter 14

Chapter 14 ★ The fallen Celestial maiden

Before we began our genuine act, I placed my hand on Judith’s head.

「D-Do you intend to use aphrodisiac again!?」

She screamed.

However, that’s wrong.

「It’s the opposite. Right now, I just cut the compulsion magic for you」

In short, I released the effect of my charm cheat.

「Why are you doing that?」

Did she feel that she’s about to be thrown away? Judith asked in doubt.

「It’s to completely capture you. You’ll make an excuse that you were forced later on after all」

That’s right, I have to make Judith fall for me completely.

For that reason, I have to make her surrender only with my technique.

「Since the heat from the act earlier has cooled down, I have to reset it」

Well, since her body is quite lewd so only the heart is needed to be captured.

「Stop saying such foolish things, the city’s falling right now!?」

Judith’s quite desperate.

She’s acting violently to escape from my arm but I hold her down with my muscular strength.

And, I placed my hand on the wall.

I’d be able to react immediately if she tries to move.


Has she realized that I’m in total control? She finally stopped moving.

But, she’s likely to move once she find an opening.

Enough caution is necessary.

「Okay, let’s begin. I played with your breast already, so the next one would be this」

I moved my hand below and touched Judith’s crotch.
Then she reacted.

「A nice reaction, could you continue feeling it like that?」
「D-Do as you like. But, I will never be ruled by a human like you」
「Oh, even though your nipples got hard from the massage a while ago? I already cut my aphrodisiac from that time though」

Saying that, Judith turns ahead.

I smile as Judith’s gradually getting cornered.

And then, I took off her clothes.

Continuing, I slip my hand between her thighs.

「Yup, it’s already wet. Or is it my semen dripping out?」

Well, it’s good that there’s no hindrance in insertion.

I immediately took out my penis and applied it in her vagina.

「Then, I’m going in」

I pushed my waist at the same time I say it.

「…Nn, fuu, haa」

When my penis entered her vagina, Judith leaks out a voice at the same time.

It seems that she’s enduring it for the moment but it seems that the amount she can’t handle has gone out.

I was prepared for the worst no-reaction sex from violating Judith but it seems that I’ll be able to have fun as there’s some reaction.

I gripped Judith’s waist and pushed in deep immediately.

「Ngi! Guu…」

When my penis reached the depths, her vaginal meat welcomes me immediately.

It’s moving as a whole to stimulate and squeeze the penis.

She’s so lewd that it’s unthinkable that she was a virgin just a while ago.

Getting aroused by that, I began to move my waist immediately.

Firmly holding Judith’s waist, my piston has reached deep every time.

Every time the glans hit the uterus, I see her reacting from her vagina.

「Haahaaa, please finish it up soon. We still have to run away from here」
It seems that Judith wants to make me ejaculate quickly and run away.

「What about you? You can’t leave if your legs can’t stand, right?」

I have no problems as I have warp but Judith has no magic which she can use to run away.
She has no choice but to die if I left her to escape.

「Just how unfair are you? Are you not ashamed?」
「I don’t want to be told by you as your womb is leaking out my semen」

That’s right, my semen saved by her womb leaks out from the impact of the piston hitting her uterus.

A puddle of love nectar and sperm is already made on the floor.

「Since you still have a room to curse, I’ll get even more violent」

Saying that, I raised the speed of the piston.

The banging sound made by the bodies hitting each other has become a lewd wet sound.

And I increased the speed of the piston while hearing Judith’s leaking voice.

Her vagina reacts when I attack it violently, and it raises my pleasure too.

「Ku, this is bad. I’m cumming」

Judith’s vagina is better than expected that I reached my limit earlier.

「Ahn, ahn, T-Then why don’t you release it immediately? Also, why don’t you just release all the semen you have?」
「Oh, it’s unexpected for Judith to want a creampie」
「Who asked for a creampie…! No, fine. It’s important that you let it all out inside 」
「Then, I won’t hold back and let it out!」

I didn’t restrain the rising sexual feeling and I released my desire inside Judith.


I ejaculate as my penis press against her depths and I massage her chest to obtain the bliss.

I prioritized my own pleasure than than making Judith fall that moment.

I enjoyed the small reverberations and swing my waist violently again.

「Uga! You just came, and yet!」
「It’s your turn to cum this time, Judith. I’ll cherish you so much that you won’t forget this current situation」

Saying that, I began to move my waist violently again.

Her hot vagina that has accepted the ejaculation had made it easier for my penis to move than a while ago.

It being a good thing, I stir Judith’s vagina absurdly.

「Iii, u…nn!」

Judith leaks out a lovely voice as she can’t endure it anymore.

「It feels unbearably pleasant right? Just leave your body to the pleasure, don’t endure it」
「N-No way! I am…Aku!」
「Look, you’re at your limit already. It’ll be easier if you just become obedient」
「I-I am the celestial maiden ruling the sky! N, ahi!」

I strengthened my offense as I thought it only needs another push.

Gripping Judith’s waist again, I nailed my penis continuously aiming for her womb.

I tortured Judith with a strength that’s like a battering ram to break a castle gate.

With my severe torture, her womb which has the elasticity to push back my penis has become loose already.

「Don’t attack only the deep parts! I won’t be able to endure it anymore!」
「That’s right, just accept the pleasure. Submit yourself to me!」

Every time I pierce deep, her womb gets loose.

Finally, the glans sinks in.

「N-No more, this feels too goooooood! There’s no way to endure th…nhyaaaaa!」

The pleasure reached the maximum tolerable amount? Judith’s lovely voice is like a broken dam.

「Penis, penis feels good! Please stir up my pussy more!」

She’s been enduring until now, but she’s shouting vulgar words that’s unimaginable from her appearance.
I instinctively smiled from that appearance.

「That’s right , I’m ruling all the queens. And, the last one will be the goddess…!」

That’s right, the goddess is the only remaining if I rule Judith.

The goddess is finally within my reach but I have to make Judith surrender completely for now.

So she won’t resist ever again.

「I’ll make you cum. So swear your loyalty to me!」
「Y-Yesh!~ Cumming, I’m already cumming!」

Judith’s vagina is astir.

I felt it before, it’s the sign of her climax.

Then, I’ll going to plow her with the momentum just like that.

I swing my waist with a piston that never lost its momentum.

「Ihiiiiiiii! Cumming, cum, agiiiiiiiiiiii!?」

Judith’s vagina shut tightly when she climaxed.

Though I’m receiving such a strong stimulation, I’m still swinging my waist.

「Damedamedamedameee! I’m dying, I’m dyiiing! I’m dying from cumming!」
「Either way, you’re going to die right? then isn’t it better to die from cumming?」

Paying attention to the surroundings, there’s a sound of something collapsing as well a vibration heard.

The power of the treasure has become weak and it doesn’t have the power to let the city float anymore.

And, As the city keeps falling, it began to break down at the same time.

「I-I don’t want to die! But the pleasure doesn’t stop!」

Judith noticed as she screamed but she doesn’t separate her pussy from my penis.

「I’m about to cum too. Judith, let’s cum together!」
The vagina forcibly tighten as the result of the piston of the penis and I was in the state of near climax again.

I can’t run away after coming here.

In the end, I stab my penis on the deepest part and glued it to her womb.

And then, I stir my waist and stimlulated her.

「Iiiiiiiiii! Cumcum, I’m dying from cummiiiiing!!」

Bikun! Bikun!

She’s acting violently like a fish out of water.

I ejaculate as I hold her down.

Semen is poured inside her womb.

「Hi, ha, ooo…」

Judith’s expression has no hint of intellect as she climax.

I felt satisfied on her completely fallen expression.

However, the sound of breaking down has approached nearby at the same time.

「That was dangerous, I don’t have the intention to die, and I also don’t intend to let the queen die」

I carry Judith and secured the sky gem treasure.
At the same moment, the collapse progressed quickly.

「Sky city? That’s a shame」
I warp as I say that and the city has completely collapsed and fallen to the ground.