I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world

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I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world.




An ordinary working adult, Miura Ryouta, was summoned to a different world, and was given a charm cheat which he can use to make every woman fall for him.

He used it to travel the world and gather a variety of women to his harem

It’s a story of desire, cheat, and parallel world. The protagonist is basically strong, and is peerless when it comes to sex. (Peerless, when it comes to cumming on women)

The protagonist uses his charm on strong willed women to make them deredere, please enjoy this ero ero.

Purchase Links:

Volume 1

Volume 2

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Miko Aisha

Part 1: Absolute Charm Reward (Direct Link)

Part 2:  If there’s no chair, then you should be fine instead (Direct link)

Part 3: The best offer of about-20 female knights (Direct link)

Part 4: Group Sex with ~20 female knights (Direct Link)

Part 5: Encounter with Miko Aisha (Direct link)

Part 6: World’s logic――The six queens who dominate the world (Direct link)

Part 7: Aisha’s women handling lesson: foreplay Part 1 (Direct Link)

Part 8 : Aisha’s women handling lesson: foreplay Part 2 (Direct Link)

Part 9: Aisha’s women handling lesson: insertion Part 1 (Direct link)

Part 10: Aisha’s women handling lesson: Insertion Part 2 (Direct Link)

Part 11: Aisha’s women handling lesson: Service Part 1 (Direct Link)

Part 12: Aisha’s women handling lesson: Service Part 2 (Direct link)

Part 13: Cheat and Cheat (Direct Link)

Part 14: Strategy Meeting (Direct Link)


Chapter 2: Witch Eunice

Part 1: Witch Eunice’s sexual hobby  (Direct Link)

Part 2: Witch Eunice and the Otherworlder (Direct Link)

Part 3: Witch Eunice and the man who lost his virginity (Direct Link)

Part 4: Witch’s treasure (Direct Link)

Part 5: Negotiation with the Female Knight Leona (Direct Link)

Part 6: Female knight Leona’s Blowjob and semen drinking (Direct Link)

Part 7:  Female Knight Leona and the Use of Charm Magic (Direct Link)

Part 8: Female merchant that rules over Unisys (Direct Link)

Part 9: To the residence of the Female Merchant Yarina (Direct Link)

Part 10: Restraining the Female merchant Yarina (Direct Link)

Part 11: Female merchant Yarina lie down paizuri (Direct Link)

Part 12: Female merchant Yarina’s virginity breaking arc (Direct Link)

Part 13: Training the Female Merchant Yarina: Anal Arc (Direct Link)

Part 14: Melia’s lewd dream night crawling (Direct Link)

Part 15: Cowgirl Meila’s lewd dream (Direct Link)

Part 16:Lewd dream Meila’s confession (Direct Link)

Part 17: The woman eater, Witch Eunice (Direct Link)

Part 18: Witch Eunice’s punishment (Direct Link)

Part 19: The fall of Witch Eunice (Direct Link)


Chapter 3: Empress Elena Ria

Part 1:  Empress Elena Ria’s sexual hobby (Direct Link)

Part 2: Empress Elena Ria is a Hentai (Direct Link)

Part 3: Miko Aisha and bath (Direct Link)

Part 4: Witch Eunice and Lewd Dream Melia coupled Doggy Style (Direct Link)

Part 5: Female Knight Leona and Female Merchant Yarina’s double paizuri (Direct Link)

Part 6:  To Capital (Direct Link)

Part 7: Invasion (Direct Link)

Part 8: Female butler Seria done from behind (Direct Link)

Part 9: Female butler Seria clean up fellatio (Direct Link)

Part 10: Vs Elena Ria (Direct Link)

Part 11: Empress Elena Ria body fiddling (Direct Link)

Part 12:  Empress Elena Ria’s change (Direct Link)

Part 13: Empress Elena Ria’s corruption (Direct Link)

Part 14: The Forza Command afterwards (Direct Link)


Chapter 4: Shrine Maiden Shizuku

Part 1: Treasure 『Future Mirror』(Direct Link)

Part 2: Become a slut! (Direct Link)

Part 3: The miko turned to a nympho (Direct Link)

Part 4: To the pirate ship (Direct Link)

Part 5: Female pirate Bridget (Direct Link)

Part 6: Female pirate Bridget’s Paizuri (Direct Link)

Part 7: Female pirate Bridget’s Cowgirl Position  (Direct Link)

Part 8: Violating in missionary position 

Part 9: Arrival at Japoneru 

Part 10: A slut appeared

Part 11: Eunice’s slut education

Part 12 ★ Shizuku’s degradation

Part 13: Shrine maiden’s treasure and new land 


Chapter 5: Saintess Olivia

Part 1: Saintess Olivia

Part 2: Elf Forest

Part 3: Fairy Yushu Fellatio

Part 4: Hermit crab-position with Fairy Yushu

Part 5: Fairy Yushu cowgirl position

Part 6: VS Olivia

Part 7: Olivia’s escape

Part 8: Olivia can’t endure it anymore

Part 9: Training Olivia

Part 10: Elf, Despair


Chapter 6: Celestial maiden Judith

Part 1: Strategy meeting?

Part 2: Servant’s double paizuri

Part 3: Servant’s double doggystyle

Part 4: Harem Sex with the Queens 1

Part 5: Harem Sex with the Queens 2

Part 6: Aisha’s doggy style

Part 7: The road to the city Sky

Part 8: Sister’s fall to pleasure

Part 9: March to the Sky

Part 10: VS Judith

Part 11: Judith’s forced masturbation

Part 12: Judith shakes her waist

Part 13: The fall of the Sky city

Part 14: The fallen Celestial maiden

Part 15: Return and fresh Start


Final Chapter: Goddess Arianne

Part 1: Goddess and Aisha

Part 2: VS Arianne First part

Part 3: VS Arianne Middle part

Part 4: VS  Arianne Final Part

Part 5 ★ The goddess lost her rear virginity

Part 6 ★ Arianne’s doing a fellatio

Part 7 ★ Dominating the Goddess

Part 8 ★ Twin Goddess double cowgirl