I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Volume 6 Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Return and fresh start.

Finally warping, I came near the church that connects to the sky city.

I confirmed that Judith and I aren’t injured and I have the treasure, I take a breath.

As expected, humans won’t feel peace of mind unless they put their feet on the ground.

「However, that was a close call…」

I think I did a stupid think when I looked back, but I thought that it was the best time to make Judith fall so it can’t be helped.

Actually, we returned back safely.

「Ryuu! You’re safe!」

Going in front of the church, I noticed Aisha running to me.

「Olivia said that you remained so I worried you know?」

Looking at her face, some parts of her eyes are red.

This is awkward.

I like to make them purr but I don’t like them crying.

I don’t know how should I respond to this.

「Yeah, sorry. I made you worry」
「Do you really get it? Do you know our feeling as we watch the sky city collapse using Eunice’s treasure!?」

Aisha’s unusually emotional.
Though I feel deeply sorry a while ago but the feelings of worry are indescribable.

「It’s not just me, be ready to be scolded by the others too」
「G-Got it.」

In the end, Aisha pushed the restart of the talk.
I returned to the church by following her.

Opening the big door, the Queens are waiting there.
All of them have reddened eyes.

「I’ve done it…」

I muttered instinctively and Eunice pounced at me immediately.

「What 『I’ve done it』!? You really have done it!」

Elena ria nods in agreement.

「That’s right. If my king died, I thought of nothing but following you」

Shizuku’s next.

There’s still some tears floating in her eyes.

「Higu, fugu, I really worried about you…」

Then Olivia also attacked while comforting her.

「There there, wipe your face with this. Seriously, aren’t you too rash?」

Receiving criticism from all of them, my mind still endured it.
「Sorry about that. I won’t be rash anymore, I promise」

The atmosphere finally softened from my words.

「Rather than that, can somebody look after Judith, I’m already tired」
「Then, I’ll do it. Eunice, could you call Seria?」
「Hai hai! Roger」

Elena Ria receives Judith from me and Eunice went to the interior of the church.

「Olivia and Shizuku, could you prepare some food… I’m hungry」
「Then, I’ll personally make a dish」
「Can the Queen make a dish?」

Since she has used that strong magic, I thought of letting others do it.

「I’ve got various from my long life…Ohon! Anyway, leave it to me」
「I can make something easy too」

If she say that then I’ll leave it to her then.

「Then, please」

I ask Aisha as I see the two of them off.

「How’s the residents and the force of the sky city? Were they able to run away?」
「Everyone was able to run to safety. There are some residents who hesitated but they were forced because we can’t let them die」
「There’s no one who can endure that」

They probably don’t want to throw away the place they live from.

All the more for the people in the sky city.

That said, we can’t just abandon them.

「Then, where did those fellow escape?」
「They’re kept on the nearby town temporarily. The numbers too big after all so it’s impossible here」
「Then we have to think about them too」

Even though the residents of the sky city despise the ground, we stole their sole residence so we have to guarantee their residence at least.

Also, it would be smooth somehow if we place Judith as an intermediate.

I feel bad but but it’s necessary.
If I don’t, the world would face extinction.

「But, we’ve finally gathered the treasures with this」
「Right, we can finally open the road to the goddess with this」

Aisha hangs her head as she broods on something.

It’s originally a proposal given by her after all.

With our aim just one step away, she must have something to think about.

「Well, let’s take a break before that. Let’s take a rest at night and then we’ll beat down the goddess after that」
「…Yes, right. Ryuu must restore is energy」

I was taken by Aisha towards the interior of the church just like that.

Next day, I’m accompanied by the queens and we gathered at the chapel of the church.

The gate connecting to the sky city is in front of us but since the other side collapsed, it has become silent.

There’s nothing to say with the appearance but just a huge arc.

Aisha stands in front of it and we’re lined up behind.
Judith recovered overnight just like me and she joined us.

「The road to the goddess can only be opened with the treasures as the catalyst. Can everyone take it out?」

Each of them takes out their treasure from Aisha’s words.

Looking at it again, all of it wears a divine atmosphere.

Aisha receives it and arranged it on the table.

「We have a gate just right so we can connect the gate to the heaven with this」

Saying that, Aisha breathed deeply in front of the gate.

「Then, let’s begin」

Then she began to recite a chant in front of the five treasures.

「――――、――。 ――――、――!」

However, the chant is strange.

I know that she’s saying something but I can hardly hear it.

It’s quite an unknown foreign language that the only thing that resemble is the pronunciation.

But, I think I can’t possibly mimic Aisha.

It’s as if I’m hearing an alien conversation.

Her chant finished for about one minute and the treasures began to shine at the same time.

Then, the lights from the treasure turned to particles and went towards the gate.

The gathered particles rotate like a whirlpool and it kept growing until the treasures were out of particles.

The treasure who finished it’s role turned to it’s original look.

However, there’s no divinity felt there which existed before.

On the contrary, the whirlpool of particles that received the power of the treasures has expanded until it became a gate.


When Aisha recited something at the end, the rotation of the whirlpool stops.

And then the particles connected and a light appeared on the other side of the gate.

「Haa, haa…this is the gate that connects to heaven」
「Aisha, you okay?」
「Yes, this isn’t much. Rather than that, let’s enter already」
「Got it…come with me everyone」

I took the lead and went inside the gate.

The final battle with the Goddess is finally going to start.
Determining to defeat her whatever kind of fellow she is, I set foot on heaven.