I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 7 Part 2

Chapter 2: VS Arianne – First Part

「Ahahaha! Very well! Come at me!」

Even in a many-to-one situation, Arianne doesn’t have her composure destroyed.

While we’re in battle pose, she’s not even standing up from her chair.

「First move will be mine!」

Seeing that the opponent won’t move, Elena Ria pushed forward.

She’s the best Queen in battles, the strongest swordsman who you can only catch her afterimage at best on short distance fights.


Elena Ria cuts down the distance in a blink of an eye then fires a stab with great speed.

Furthermore, the tip of the sword exceeds the speed of sound, as evidence, I heard the wall of air breaking too.

The sword technique that can cut me down if I fight it upfront is approaching the goddess.


But, Arianne doesn’t defend.

The next moment, the sword pierced her chest…or so I thought.

「Do you really think that merely thrusting would be effective on me?」

Arianne caught the sword without moving a finger while still sitting down.

Of course, the tip sticks to her beautiful silk-like skin.

But, it doesn’t advance a single millimeter from the point of contact.

「Kuh, what did you do?!」

Elena Ria’s sharp observation power turned to Arianne.

Normal human would be unable to move, even so, she’s not paying attention.

「There’s no need to tell you, right? Rather than that, it’s an obstruction if you keep it sticking to me」

At the same time, an explosion happened between the two.

Elena Ria who’s at close range was blown off.

「Elena Ria!」

I instinctively shouted, but she took a defensive stance before she was flung against the floor and got up immediately.

「Sorry, I was careless There’s no problem with my body」

Even Elena Ria cannot completely avoid an attack from the distance, there’s some light flame fanning and trace of burn on her clothes and hair.

But, it seems that there’s no wound on her body.

「I failed to make the preemptive attack but the other side doesn’t have any intention to move. If so, we should throw all of the firepower」

Olivia says then steps forward.

The three did the same.

「Hmm, everyone’s coming out now. Then, should I make a counterattack too?」

Saying that, she swing her arm.

Then, the whole large room began to vibrate.

I thought it was an earthquake for a moment but it’s different.

When I moved my glance in search for the hypocenter, I saw innumerable crystals with a height of a human set in the wall of the room.

「Hammer magic on those crystals before it begins to move!」

Perhaps, that’s the armament of the Queen or something.

If so, then I’d better decide the game before it was used.

「Leave this to me. The Goddess will be taking my magic!」

Olivia took out her bow then placed magic arrows.

Both the bow and arrow are seen farther than the impromptu thing that was used during the fight with Judith.

「There’s no escape from my dark arts. It’s useless no matter how strong the defense is」

Shizuku takes out a talisman from her breasts then began to recite something.

I heard that dark arts is not disturbed by physical defense unlike magic

Then , Arianne should be hurt too.

「Ahaha, my magic hurts you know~!」

「I will blow everything away with my wind!」

Contrary to the Witch, Eunice shoots out her magic directly.

Judith’s an all around and can go as a vanguard and rearguard.

Though she’s inferior from the two in pure skill, she still boasts strength that’s separated from the normal magicians.


Together my words, the attack of the four people was shot.

First was an arrow Olivia shot out.

Olivia who’s originally using a shooting weapon had her strengthened arrow breaks through the speed of sound lightly then pierces Arianne’s face.

Her defense instinct kicked up as the attack goes to her face, the Goddess raised he right hand to guard.

On the moment the arrow made contact with her palm, an explosion occurred.

「Tsk, a shallow one」

Olivia clicked her tongue, did she feel the response?

The following attack strikes before the smoke clears up.

This time, Judith’s wind magic and Eunice’s fire magic attack at the same time.

Eunice’s blazing rock falls from the top and bullets of invisible wind covers the shape from the blind spot.

「Crush her!」

「If you think that you can beat me up easily, then you’re making a huge mistake」

Arianne replied to Eunice then raised her left hand this time.

Then, a muddy stream emerged from the space in front of her and crushed the rock.

She can summon something that strong with just a swing of a hand? As expected of a Goddess

「No way!? I even did my best!」

「There’s no way I’d receive such an easy to understand attack you know? It’s obvious that you use water to go against fire…」

Saying that, Arianne cut it off.

The wind magic that approached from the blind spot exploded.

Having developed a large amount of magic than expected, Arianne took attacks from almost all sides.

「Tsk, an unfair technique…but, this much won’t give me a scratch you know?」

Judith’s magic turned the luxurious chair into pieces but it didn’t reach Arianne herself.

I thought that there’s something stuffed in the chair but it just broke that easily.

Arianne lost her chair and stood up, but she’s clearly displeased.

「Haa, I really don’t want to stand for too long as my legs swell. I have to end this sooner」

The Goddess says that but sadly, we’re still not done attacking yet.

「…I’d be troubled if you forget about me!」

When Shizuku finished reciting her long incantation, she let go of the talisman and it burns mightily.

「Fire! Curse this person!」

At the same time, Arianne’s feet bursts into flames.

The thermal power is like an incinerator, we’re far from her and yet the heat seems to burn us.

Inside the flame, even if they don’t take damage, the oxygen in their lungs would be burned down and they would suffocate.

「Kehokeho! That hurts! My goodness!」

With the fire that doesn’t seem to let ash remain, Arianne appeared unhurt.

Looking at the traces of burn in her clothes, it doesn’t seem to be that she’s uninjured, but it’s almost similar to no damage to herself.

「The arrow and fire from a while ago hurts but one attack is impossible」

Saying that, Arianne shows the right palm that caught Olivia’s arrow.

Certainly, there’s some blood showing that the skin was penetrated.

But, it’s too small for a damage for her who took it directly for the first time.

Looking at it, Olivia’s face distorted.

If a single attack with centralized power does it this way, I don’t think we can attack normally.

「Look, it’ll just come back」

Furthermore, when she clasped her hand and opened it, what we saw is a beautiful skin without any dirt.

A single bow with all the power recovered in an instant.

「That’s it? Should I be going this time?」

Four huge crystals developed at last and it’s floating around her.

「First would be a tryout」

When Arianne snapped her fingers, the crystal formed a line.

And just when I think the top shined, it poured in laser like rain.

「Dammit, is this magic?」

I developed a shield using my mana.

It should have kept a good thickness but it dissolved from the direct hit of the laser.

Though Aisha and Elena Ria are hidden in my shield, the other four are at their limits and unable to move.

If this continues, we’d be penetrated sooner or later.

That said, I understand that it’s useless to attack the person herself.

I can’t have barehanded defense even for a goddess.

Something, there must be something I can use.

「Fufufu, what’s wrong? If this continues I’ll be torturing you to death」

I ignored her fannning and thought about my measures.

It’s mortifying but it’s just as she said.

I have to think of a breakthrough plan faster…

While I was doing that, the shield’s consumed steadily.

It doesn’t seem that there’s not much time left before the deadline.