I made a slave harem using a charm cheat in a different world Chapter 7 Part 4

Chapter 4: VS Arianne Later Part

Though I was blown of by the storm of magic power, I was somehow able to regain balance.

Then, I looked forward.

I thought that she destroyed herself but it seems that she’s in good health.

Rather, I can feel her existence was strengthened.

While I was thinking of the cause, a pair of wings appeared behind Arianne.

White wings that would make you think she’s an angel, it’s wearing the sign of sacredness.

The overwhelming amount of magic feels more than several times the original.

I confirmed the state of my allies but everyone’s looking terribly bad.

They might be feeling strong physical pressure from the magic power.

Though I can move as I have similarly huge magic power, the others seems to be impossible.

「She absorbed the power of the crystals?」

Thinking from the situation, she must’ve gathered the magical power left from the crystals scattered in the room.

Even though it’s broken, it was a tank that collected enormous amount of magical power originally.

If she gathered it all at a time, Arianne would be able to use magic more than her own limit.

「That said, there’s no way you can deal with such a huge amount of magical power」

Then, those wings are something like an additional magic power tank?

Her taste is bad even though she’s a goddess.

Therefore, all of the remaining magical power remaining in the room is poured into Arianne.

When the light in her body has calmed down, the wound Elena Ria has given her a while ago has disappeared.

「Ahaha, ahahaha!」

Then, Arianne laughs loudly as she saw the magical power dwelling in her body

「Amazing, I can do anything with all of this magical power!」

She right now have magic that can’t be controlled leaking out her body.

Actually, it’s not possible for the Queens to move properly because of the strong pressure of the magical power leaking out.

Looking at it, it’s clear that the body is still maintaining the mass magical power in her body.

It’s possible that the magical power is higher than mine.

But I can’t fight directly when I’m daunted by it.

I talked to Arianne with a firm attitude.

「Even though you can’t control that magical power well, you speak so proudly」

She remembered my existence because of my words.

「Then, I’ll kill you first. You should realize the power of a perfect goddess!」

Saying that, Arianne turned her hand to me, then shoot off a very thick beam.

It’s a thicker beam than the previous laser, I can’t prevent this with my shield anymore.

「Then what about it?!」

But, as expected, her preliminary move is huge as she can’t control her power.

Since I jumped back at the moment she charged the beam, I was able to evade with composure.

But, that beam hits the wall on my back.

It vaporized and penetrated until outside the castle.

「This would be bad…Eunice, retreat from the castle」

「Onii-chan…Un, got it」

If I continue fighting with Arianne, this castle might collapse.

Did they perceive that they’re going to be a hindrance by that time? The girls escaped from the open hole frustrated

「Now then, it’s one on one…」

Saying that, a voice called from behind.

「No, it’s two vs one」

When I turned back, Aisha was there.

「Aisha, I thought you escaped with them?」

「I’m going to ask you in return, do you really think I need to?」

Being told so, I looked at her and she doesn’t seem to be worn down like the queens earlier.

「…I see, your magic power was restored」

Aisha used most of her magic power to summon me and came to be powerless but it seems to have restored in conventional time.

But, for he to be able to move in this pressure…

「I should’ve stolen your power, and yet why can you move!? Answer me!」

Arianne threatens as she ask, she had the same thought as me?

「I originally expected that you might attack me. That’s why I sealed a part of my power」

Aisha confesses.

「Then you know that I was going to attack you!?」

Arianne gets angrier as she’s being ridiculed.

「I thought that it was possible but I didn’t have anything concrete. That’s why it was just an insurance.」

Aisha stares back at Arianne.

「I summoned Ryuu with that sealed magic power and recovered it bit by bit. By having sex with Ryuu」

「What’s that…there’s no way you let that man have your body?」

Arianne speaks like she can’t believe it.

She’s always looking down on humans

「That’s right, sex with Ryuu is the best pleasure. Thanks to that, my magical power from my age returned」

「Clinging to a human male for your own revenge, how ugly. Very well, I’ll purify the two of you」

「Ara, it feels really good you know? Arianne who’s still a virgin would never know it though」

「Shut up! My partner has to be a nobler god!」

Saying that, Arianne shoots out the beam to break off the conversation.

「Could you not underestimate me?」

But, Aisha set up a magical shield to prevent it.

「How did it go right now?」

「Because the quality of Arianne’s magic is the same as me, I can neutralize it. But, it won’t hold long because the other side has a higher quantity of magical power」

「Then, should I just bring her down?」

While we’re like this, Arianne gets irritated and continuously shoots down beams.

I guess I have to settle this sooner.

「Well, I’ll do it」

I began running towards Arianne.

「Don’t approach me!」

Arianne shoots out beams to me but it was prevented by Aisha.

Right now, I used Judith’s magic as reference and closed up instantly.

It’s impossible to do the high speed movement like the prson herself but I can move instantly if it’s a straight line.

And Arianne who’s not as skillful in combat as Aisha can’t catch my movements .

「Take this!」

I made a magic sword on my right hand and slashed her.

「guu, don’t think that I’ll be finished with this!」

But, it was prevented by the feather that moved to the front.

For things molded by huge magical power, a sword is much more advantageous.

The usage of the wing produced as a magic tank and the sword for attack is different.

I cut off one wing.

「Agu, how dare you!」

Though Arianne is about to counterattack, Aisha prevented it.

I shoot out magic to support Aisha too.

Both of the attacks jumble and the interior of the room is destroyed one after another.

As expected, I have to start close combat.

I charged at her again to decide the match.

「There’s no way it would hit for the second time!」

Arianne shoot Aisha with a beam as restraint and then wields the remaining wing.

Then, dozens of lifht from the feather rushed to me.

I’d be full of holes if I dive into this…

I released the magic sword on my right hand and created a shield to cover my body and continued the charge.

I defended a number of attacks quickly with the shield then flicked her wing with the shield.

Arianne who had her wing flipped got her defenseless front exposed.

「Sadly, this is the end」

Then, I stabbed the magic sword I made in my left hand on Arianne’s chest.

「! Gaha!」

I used power that won’t kill her, then Arianne fell down.

「Ryuu, are you okay?」

I got up at the same time Aisha was rushing to me.

「Yeah, no problem. Arianne is…」

Turning around, I see her down figure pierced by my magic sword.

She’s not dead but she’s not moving.

My magic sword doesn’t damage the body but the magical power itself.

Arianne who was pierced by it had mass magical power spilling out her chest.

I think she lost consciousness because of the sudden decrease of magical power.

「Did we win?…」

「Yes, that’s right. It’s thanks to you, Ryuu」

Aisha kisses me after muttering.

「I really thank you for getting along with my selfishness」

「I didn’t poke my nose to it so it’s fine, was I able to keep my promise?」

「Yes, of course」

Thus, my contract with Aisha was accomplished.