Cheat Parody

Glen Sommer was invovled in a generic reincarnate-to-otherworld death by truck… and bird poop. He then received cheat powers from a generic goddess who was hired to do the generic job, simply because isekai authors have created too many universes for true goddesses to properly handle!

And now, Glen’s journey begins…… but will it be generic?

I recreate many cliches in this parody-ish novel in order to make fun of the cliches. If you’re not a fan of such a thing, or fourth-wall gags, then you’re probably in the wrong place.

And This is an Original Story, not a Translation.

— Table of Content —

Chapter 1 – Every Isekai Death Ever

Chapter 2 – The Protagonist with a Cheat

Chapter 3 – The Generic First Enemy

Chapter 4 – Pact of Servitude

Chapter 5 – First Contact with Humans

Chapter 6 – Stargold and Dragonsilver

Chapter 7 – The High Class Section

Chapter 8 – Untitled 1

Chapter 9 – Being Raided

Chapter 10 – Untitled 2

Chapter 11 – Untitled 3

Chapter 12 – Untitled 4

Chapter 13 –