Chapter 10

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When the three adventurers whose lives Glen spared woke up, they had been brought back to the campsite where they met him for the first time, without knowing how.

But having escaped death, they couldn’t feel happier about this.

The three immediately made preparation to return to Lour.


Back in the dungeon, Martha and Janet — the two closet sluts — regained consciousness and found themselves in a gloomy room underground. Before them stood the man whose face they’d seen once before. He was eating a ham and cheese sandwich.

After returning the other three, Glen had taken the opportunity to buy some snacks in Lour.

“Huh? Where are we?”

Martha asked. She was a swordswoman who had short, brown hair and brown eyes.

“Weren’t we eaten by the white slimes?”

Janet — an archer with long, blond hair and green eyes — rubbed her temples.

“You were. Though, I stopped them and let them bring you here.”

Glen plugged in a casual comment, which startled the two adventurers.

“You. . . You are that man from before. . .”

Martha stood and assumed a quick-draw stance. However, she noticed that there wasn’t a sword hanging on her belt. Heck, she’d been stripped right down to her undies.

“Wait! Our clothes!”

Janet also realized.

“Well, I’m the master of this dungeon. You guys invaded and lost, so it’s only natural for me to take prisoners, right? Your comrades did kill some of my white slimes and collected their cores after all. I’ll have to spend my own mana to spawn more, so. . .”

Glen said after finishing the sandwich’s last bite.

“A dungeon master. . . ?”

Martha furrowed her eyebrows.

“Isn’t that just a myth? That unique title hasn’t appeared for a century.”

Janet was skeptical.

“I don’t know much about unique titles, but it’s a fact that I can do this.”

Glen snapped his fingers, and some white slimes from other places in the dungeon were teleported into the room through the link between Glen and the dungeon’s core.

Martha and Janet jumped back upon seeing the white slimes.

“What. . . What do you want from us?”

Martha asked with a trembling voice. A man capable of controlling a dungeon full of white slimes wasn’t something she could afford to be careless around. Even if she was fully armed, she still wouldn’t stand a chance against one of these vicious transforming slimes. Much less when she had nothing on her other than some sexy underwear.

“I want an answer.”

“An. . . answer?”

Janet nervously asked.

“Yeah. I’ll only ask once. Will you choose to work for me or become white slimes’ snacks?”

“Work? What kinda work?”

Martha flinched as Glen’s eyes scanned her body from head to toe. As an active adventurer who was always risking her life killing monster, Martha’s body was in great shape with lean muscles and no excessive fat. She was nowhere near muscular, but she would definitely quality as a sports model.

If it was the old Glen back on Earth, he wouldn’t be able to look straight at Martha in her undies without getting overly excited. However, by now, he had known the taste of a woman. It had become a lot easier for him to handle himself well.

“Other than helping me expand the dungeon, there are nightly duties as well.”

Glen unfastened his waist armour, unzipped his pants, and revealed the Excalibur.

Martha and Janet gulped as their true natures tucked at their hearts. Glen’s instrument of war had been improved by a small margin thanks to the cheat he received. But that alone was enough to sway these two secretly luscious women.

Their eyes met, and they saw the same answer in each other’s eyes.

“We’ll work here!”

Both answered at the same time.

As adventurers, they’d learned to value their lives even in desperate situation. If they gave up, all would be lost. But if they did whatever it would take to stay alive, there might be hope. After all, each person only has one life.

In their case, losing their only lives would equal no more dicks for them to enjoy. If they had a choice, they wouldn’t choose to throw their lives away so easily.

“Good. Now, you. Your name was Martha, right? Come.”

Glen used earth magic to build a chair then sat down on it. When Martha came to him, he gestured her to give him head. Being the closet slut she was, Martha was reluctant to expose her true nature to a third party, even though she’d known that Janet was the same as her.

But in the end, she chose to cling onto her only chance of not being killed and eaten by white slimes and kneeled between Glen’s knees, kissed his dick before licking it.

“It’s. . . surprisingly clean. . .”

She commented while teasing the tip with her tongue.

“Of course. I’m a hygienic man. I cleansed it with holy magic, arcane magic, and water magic. That’s triple sanitation for you. So suck as much as you want.”

Martha was about to take the dick into her mouth, but she suddenly stopped.

“You can use arcane magic. . . ?”

Glen snapped his fingers and a slave collar appeared on Martha’s neck. That moment, the terms of the slave contract magically appeared in her head.

“Yup. And now you’re officially mine.”

Martha touched the slave collar, her eyes showing conflicted emotions. But the fear of death got the better of her. She simply couldn’t afford to die a meaningless death. Not after having escaped so many dangerous situations. Not after having seduced and deceived some of her past comrades just to guarantee her own safety.

If she was killed now — when she was presented the choice to live — all of that would become pointless. Her whole life up until this point would become a joke.

With that in mind, Martha held Glen’s cock in her mouth and gave him an early deepthroat, before even warming up with some foreplay. She’d sucked bigger dicks before, but this one was just enough to not jam her breathing. She thought it was rather pleasant.

Glen watched as his lance go in and out Martha’s mouth. He fixed her hair so that it wouldn’t get in the way. She skillfully stroked it with her lips while holding the base with one hand. Her other hand was dedicated to massaging Glen’s balls.

Her technique took Glen’s breath away — literally.

His breathing turned into heavy panting.

“Kuh. . . I’m coming.”

Martha’s mouth let go of the dick before her hand came right in to jerk it off intensely.

Thump-thump! — The dick rapidly pulsed and shot out white liquid, which landed on Martha’s face just as she had planned for it to. Then she sucked out the remaining bit from Glen’s cock before swallowing it together with the semen she’d licked off her mouth.

“It’s still this hard? How much tonic did you use. . . ?”

Martha stared at the dick that wasn’t going down at all, asking.

“I didn’t use any.”

Glen shrugged as he created a ball of water with magic. Martha gave him a doubtful look while using the water ball to wash the semen off her face.

“Come. I’ll use your pussy next.”

Martha stood and took off her panties, exposing her pubescent crotch.

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