Chapter – 11

The gentle rays of the rising sun peered their way through the light curtains and provided a serene light in the room. Their naked bodies were still in each other’s embrace, with Helen lost in her serene dreams wearing a light smile on her lips. The warmth of her body was a temptation, and he was trying his best to not fall for it. He had not held back his carnal desires last night, and Helen was burned out from their prolonged session of lovemaking that had continued for hours.

It was good that she was sleeping peacefully, for it was easier to perform this ceremony this way. He was bathing her in this Aura. The cells inside her body rejuvenated with the energy he provided them. Her immune system was working as best as it was possible for a healthy human. Helen was not a Zeros, and so the rate that which she would age was still the same as the rest of the humans. However, he was able to slow it down by performing this method. It was the reason why she didn’t look like a woman in her mid-thirties but looked like a lady in her mid-twenties. He would try to perform this ceremony after every time he made love to his women, Helen and Marilyn needed it more than anyone else.

Though the ceremony was not taxing at all, the tiredness would wash over him every time he would perform it. He didn’t know much about biology, but his knowledge was a lot more than what some Azeros would normally possess. He had figured out this method in his early teens and had perfected it after gaining some insights from Venessa Zoren. The woman who was prideful, cunning, and heavenly gifted. She would never take a loss from her dealings. And even though their relationship could be said to be rather special, he still had to pay for these insights in a way that pleased her but tortured him.

His brows furrowed as he remembered what she had made him do in return of this knowledge, but then an overwhelming sadness engulfed his heart as he remembered how unfair life had been to her. The sadness was beginning to eat his heart, and his mind was beginning to explore the corner where his saddest memories resided. He willed his heart and restained his thoughts. He didn’t want to let his mood destroy the joy of his family.

Shazan closed his eyes and let his mind explore what was happening inside the house. He was curious about Asaya. He was certain that she hadn’t slept last night. There was no way she could have slept with all that energy brimming inside her. Even after searching for a while, he couldn’t find her, and Ilsa was not present inside the house as well. He was not a sensory type of Zeros, and so the area he could search with his aura and senses was limited. He guessed that Ilsa had taken Asaya out for a walk inside the woods. It wasn’t hard for him to figure out why she must have done so. Even though Ilsa hadn’t realized the change of Asaya last night, she must have seen her Aura at some point in the night. It wasn’t possible for a Zeros to miss the presence of another Zeros for such a long time.

He was lost in his thoughts when he felt her hand sneak down his torso and grab onto his resting member. She teasingly squeezed it and planted a kiss on his chest.

“Morning!” She said. Her mischievous eyes were smiling in satisfaction and expectation.

“Good Morning, Love!” He said and planted a kiss on her forehead. “I am afraid if we continue with our play, I will be late for a meeting.”

“Humph. If you want to make excuses then at least put up a decent one. Since when did you start caring about meetings?” Helen looked displeased at his words. She took her hand off his member and smacked a punch on his chest.

Shazan couldn’t help but laugh at her actions. She never behaved her age when she was alone with him. And her usual understanding persona would vanish, the moment he said something that she didn’t like.

However, right now, he was messing with her. He pinned her under his weight. Her giggles chimed in his ears, and he entered inside of her in a painfully slow manner. She didn’t complain and finally moaned in satisfaction when his glans kissed her entrance of the womb. She locked her legs around his waist and kept her eyes locked with his. She was looking at her image in his eyes. His gentle thrusts were igniting an urgency inside of her, but they melted her heart. She didn’t ask him to go faster; she let him do as he pleased.

“You are beautiful.” He told her and sipped onto her lips.

Her moans were music to his ears, and he knew perfectly well to how to play it. He was familiar with every inch of her body, and he knew perfectly well to when to tease certain chords.

“You are mean!” She did finally complain.

Her misty eyes begged him to take her to the height of this carnal pleasure. And he ignored her all pleas. He had already indulged in his lust last night, and right now, he wanted to make love to her in this very gentle manner.

The blush on her face warmed up his heart, and the mistiness in her eyes melted it. He showered light kisses all over her face. He marked the nape of her neck with his light nibbles. She squeezed his length inside of her and tried to provide him more pleasure. And he resisted it with all the vast knowledge in the art of lovemaking that he possessed.

Her cry intensified his desire. Her trembling body bathing in the aftermath of her orgasm managed to melt his resolve. And he finally gave in to his lust. The room echoed with her moans and her cries that asked him to stop and not stop at the same time. He broke his way past her cervix and erupted inside her womb. And finally, the room was returned its peace.

Shazan hugged her tightly in his embrace as if he feared he would lose her. And her weak arms clung onto him with all the strength they could muster.



He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes. It was perhaps not the best time to bring it up, but he wanted to say his words right now.

“I love you.” He told her.

Helen had perhaps sensed that he had something on his mind. She didn’t reply and gently looked up to him. Her eyes urged him to say what he wanted to say.

“I want you to come and stay with the rest of the family.”

Her eyes had stayed on him when he said those words and then shied away as she rested her head back on his chest. She had said nothing, but he could feel her restless heart. He knew perfectly well what she was scared of, and he wanted to tell her that there was no need for her to be worried about anything. However, even though he was aware of the secret she was keeping from him, he lacked the courage to reveal it to her that he had been aware of it all along. He was not sure how she would take it. And he didn’t want her to question his love for her. They stayed silent in each other’s embrace for a while. It was the first time in all those years that he had brought this up.

“I will think about it.” Helen separated from his embrace and got up from the bed. “However….” She turned her face away from him as she put on her gown.

He was elated at her reply, but then her unfinished words made him frown.


“If I agree to your request, you will have to promise me something and keep it.” She still didn’t look at him and spoke those words as casually as possible. “Promise me.”

Shazan was not sure what was on her mind right now. And he so wished that Serafina had been present here. She had said those words casually, but he had caught the fear her voice tried to mask. He wanted to ask her what she wanted, but he knew she wouldn’t say it right now.

“I promise.” He replied unhesitantly.

Helen only nodded to his words and then walked inside the dressing room. She hadn’t looked at him. And right before she has closed the door of the dressing room, he had caught the shine of a tear rolling down her cheek.

He sighed and then placed his head back on the pillow. His eyes stared at the ceiling. He was not a man who would promise things so easily to people, but he was a man who would unhesitantly promise things to the people he trusted. And in these few weeks, he had made two promises without knowing what they would be. The first one had ended up in Grandpa Kaizuki asking him to marry his illegitimate daughter. He was clueless about what Helen planned on asking him. One thing he was certain of was that she would agree to come to live with him. And he was grateful for that. It would save Helen a lot of trouble with Arianna.

Helen left the room after taking a bath and changing into a dress. She didn’t look at him and left with the words that she will prepare something for him to eat. He lazily got out of the bed and headed to the shower. He took his time, thinking about various things under that cold water. He needed to make up his mind about what he wanted to do with Olivia Angelo. Asaya understood that he was not going to let off those people for what they had done, and so she had tried to tell him that Olivia was not involved in the affair that happened last night. She wanted to convey to him what kind of a person Olivia was. He was already aware of Olivia, but her words last night did make him dissolve his initial plan.

When he left the dressing room after changing into a new suit, he found Asaya sitting on the couch and petting her Persian-Cat lovingly. Bells was what she had named it.

“What’s up?” He asked as he walked to her and planted a kiss on her head.

“Brother, you are leaving?”

“Not now, after breakfast.” He said to her and nudged her nose.

“But it’s Saturday. You don’t have to go.” She questioningly looked at him.

“It’s urgent.” He answered her. He rarely didn’t spend the weekend with his family. “Come, let’s eat breakfast.”

Asaya looked depressed at his reply, but she didn’t force him. She had always been an understanding person.

“When do you plan on telling your mother about your awakening?” He asked her to shift her attention.

“You didn’t tell her last night?” She asked back. Perhaps she had expected him to tell Helen about it.

“Nope. And I would like it if you keep it a secret from Helen, for a while.”

She looked up at him with curiosity, her head tilting slightly.

“Okay?” He smiled at her.

Asaya nodded her head and got up from the couch. She placed Mr. Bells on the cushion before grabbing his hand and leading him out the living room where they will be having their breakfast.

When they arrived in the living room, both Helen and Ilsa were already sitting on the table and chatting about something. They started with their breakfast right after he had taken his seat and Asaya had served him his meal. He observed Helen from time to time but found her not showing any signs to give him any ideas. She was talking normally with Ilsa and Asaya, and would gently smile at him like she always did. Her behavior had lessened all of his worries but had piqued his curiosity. He was aware of what was bothering her, and that she was concealing her emotions, but what he couldn’t think of was what she wanted him to promise her. He eventually put aside his thoughts, whatever she wanted from him, was of no harm to him or his family. He trusted Helen enough to promise her whatever she would ask him.

“Helen, there’s something I want to ask of you,” Ilsa said suddenly, and everyone looked at her.

“What is it?” Helen asked gently.

Shazan caught Ilsa glancing at him and then putting her attention back on Helen.

“Keira and Serafina asked me to tell you on their behalf, that they want you to come and live with the Family. It’s what everyone else wishes for too.”

Ilsa didn’t say anything more than that. She had told her that it was only their wish, and they weren’t going to force her to make any decision.

What was interesting was that Asaya expectantly looked at her mother. It was as if she was trying to say that it was her wish as well. However, the words never appeared on her lips.

For Helen, it was not the first time that she had received this invitation. Over the years, Marilyn, Arianna, and Keira and urged her several times to come and live with them. However, today was the first time Shazan had asked her to do it. And now Ilsa had brought on this subject on behalf of his women.

Shazan didn’t look at Helen and continued with his breakfast. Ilsa found his behavior odd and furrowed her brows when she looked at him. It looked like she would start reprimanding him any moment now. All of them were doing this for him, and he behaved like it was of no concern to him.

“He has already talked about it with me,” Helen answered and appeased Ilsa rising agitation. “And I agreed.”

Her answered surprised Ilsa, but Asaya was ecstatic when she heard her mother say that. She stood up from her seat and rushed to her mother. She wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed on her cheek.

“Thank you, Mother.” She said and buried her face in her neck.

Helen affectionately smiled at her daughter’s display of her feelings.

“We will come to the Palace in a few days.”

“We will prepare a welcome party! Just the family.” Ilsa happily said and nodded her head. “Wait, I will let the girls know about it.” She left the room to make a call.

“Thank you!” Shazan said as he looked right in her eyes. “I love you!”

Helen blushed as his words. Her daughter was hugging her at this moment, and Shazan had so brazenly expressed his feelings to her. It was not the first time he had done so, but even after all these years, her heart still fluttered whenever he did so.

“Brother” Asaya blushed as she looked at him. “Were those words for me as well?”

Shazan was surprised at her words. Perhaps it was because she was very happy that she had not restrained herself. She was always too shy to express her feelings.

“I love my little bird a little too much.” He smiled and answered her.

“Mhm..” Asaya shied away from him and buried her face back in her Mother’s neck. It seemed like she was unwilling to let go of Helen.

Shazan couldn’t help but laugh at her actions. It was just too adorable. And it was then that he had caught a glint of happiness in Helen’s eyes.

“You don’t have any questions?”

Shazan looked at Ilsa who had been quiet all this time. They had left after their breakfast and were on their way to meet up with Caius and greet Michael Angelo. He had expected Ilsa to ask him at least something after they had left the house, but she stayed quiet and nestled against him on the backseat.

“What do you want me to ask you?” She lazily said.

“I don’t know, I am just surprised that you aren’t raising any questions,” Shazan said. “You did see her Aura, right?”

“I did after she asked me to teach her how to control her awakened senses. I took her on a walk and helped her calm down.” Ilsa looked up in his eyes. “I always wondered how her eyes resembled so much as yours. And when I saw her Aura, I think my mind went blank. It was something in front of all of us, but we never realized it.”

“So you figured it out?”

“Not right then, I still wasn’t sure. It was Serafina that answered my queries. She knew about it.”

Shazan frowned when he heard her say this. It made sense how Serafina knew about it. She could read the minds of people. Even though he had never revealed it to Marilyn, she figured out everything about Asaya long ago. Rysar was a werewolf. Werewolves possessed the ability to smell the bloodlines of people. And of course, there was Helen. Serafina might have picked it up from reading their minds at some point. He couldn’t help but palely smile. She knew about it but never questioned him. He was certain that she wanted him to reveal it to her himself. And so she never raised this topic.

“You are in trouble, you know?” Ilsa sighed and brought his mind back to attention. “You kept it a secret from all of us, even from Arianna. Others can take it, but Arianna won’t forgive you easily. I am sure that she must have had questions too at some point in time. After all, Asaya and her have a lot more features in common other than just the eyes. However, she must have never thought that you would have any reason to hide anything from her. I wonder what she feels like right now, the best friend she always considered as her sister, the girl she grew up with, actually had the same blood as her in her veins.”

Shazan knew that he had done something that had hurt Arianna, and had upset the rest of the family as well. Even after the tragedy that had taken place, he had allowed Helen and Asaya to stay away from the rest of the family.

“What do you think Arianna must be feeling right now?” Ilsa asked and gravely looked at him. “The fact that you kept it a secret from her makes it all something we should be worried about when we should have been happy about it. I don’t know what I am saying anymore, but yes, Arianna needs you right now. It must be a shock to her to find out that she isn’t your only younger sister. You two have a younger sister, even if she’s a stepsister, Asaya is a Silverstein. And you kept it a secret from the person you trust the most in this world. Why?”

Her words were jumbled up, and they were mixed in with the things Serafina might have said to her. And he realized why she wasn’t asking him any questions. Serafina had asked her not to, but she had ended up asking it anyways.

‘Why?’ He didn’t know how to answer it to her. No matter what, he was in the wrong here.

“You don’t need to say anything.” She said and placed her lips on his. She took a deep sip and smiled brightly. Her eyes looked right in his as she said her next words. “No matter what, we all Love you. Everything will turn out to be fine.”

Shazan gratefully nodded to her and wrapped his arms around her.

“Thank you!” He whispered in her ear and buried his face in her neck.


They stayed silent for the rest of the ride and finally arrived at their destination.

“Master, we have arrived,” Rysar said as he stopped the car in the parking of Roxen City Hotel.

“Let’s go.”

The expression in his eyes had changed. They seemed to be too bored with the life surrounding him, and his voice sounded devoid of any emotion. Yes, this was the Black Prince that the Azeros revered, envied, feared, and despised. The Black Prince who was the Supreme Zero of The Wise Blood Order.



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