Chapter 11

July 26, 2018 – Update: I thought long and hard about this series and came to a conclusion that “parody” will no longer be its main purpose. Now, don’t yell at me yet, because I won’t stop making fun of tropes and cliches; it’s just that I lack the skills to do actual satire (or parody). Therefore, this will continue as a gag novel with sex and ridiculous cheats for the MC (much like Living As I Please – the original launchpad of MSB).

That being said, I wish to change the story’s title as well, and I shall leave the decision to the readers. Just comment all the names for this story that you could think of, and I’ll pick the one that I personally find fitting. Thanks a bunch!

Untitled Ⅲ

Martha raised her leg and straddled over Glen’s lap. Her crotch was on full display to him. He could see the thin, brown hair on her mons pubis quite clearly. With a glance, Glen analyzed her body and found no venereal diseases, which made him wonder if such illnesses existed in this world. Considering Martha’s personal history, it was impressive that she hadn’t contracted anything at all.

Glen’s fingers touched her secret crack and found it incredibly wet.

“You could get horny in this situation?”

He asked Martha, smiling.

“It’s a pretty decent dick, so. . . But this situation does make me kinda anxious. ‘Cause of that, to be honest with you, I’m not entirely in the mood for sex. . .”

Martha replied, guiding Glen’s thick rod to her entrance. She began with rubbing the head against her clitoris before putting it in, so she could build up some lust and, at least, enjoy a good sex out of this. And as she’d expected from herself, the sensation of a thick glans grinding against her lips down there got her excited and imagining how nice it would feel to have the whole thing inside.

“I’ll help.”

Glen said then groped her breasts. His fingers grasped and molded them slowly and gently, savoring the softness and the warmth of smooth skin and tender flesh. Glen’s thumbs pressed on Martha’s reddish pink nipples and rubbed the areola around it.

However, they weren’t just random finger movements. Glen was simultaneously applying dark magic to Martha’s body. The spell would put her under a narcotic effect, bringing up her lust.

“Mm. . . hm. . .”

Martha began to feel it more and more. It surprised even herself how easy she was getting turned on, but she wasn’t going to complain. The more horny she got, the easier things would be.

“Let’s see how you feel.”

Glen took his penis from Martha’s hand and pushed it into her honeypot.

“Oh. . . !!”

Martha moaned loudly as she felt it open her up inside. Her raw flesh trembled the whole time Glen’s penis was forcing its way through her wet folds. Martha’s breath shook when it reached her deepest place; she could feel the head pressing against her just above the cervix.

“It went right in, eh?”

Glen commented, his hand having moved down to fondle Martha’s plump butt cheek.

“This, this dick is. . . kinda. . . I dunno. . .”

Martha weakly said. He merely put it in and she could already feel it to the core of her body. Even Martha herself would admit that she was such a big slut. She liked trying new dicks, but to feel it this much from a man who threatened her life, this was a first for Martha, and it baffled her.

“Yeah, I used some dark magic.”

Glen admitted, then he took Martha’s teat in his mouth, sucking it to his heart’s content while groping both the other breast and Martha’s ass. The spell was still in effect, making Martha feel it from her nipples even though she normally wasn’t turned on by having someone suck on them.

Glen’s penis was constantly applying dark magic to her sensitive flesh from the inside as well. Martha was completely drugged without the side effect of addiction.

“Can I move now?”

Martha impatiently asked, seeing as Glen hadn’t ordered her to serve him. At this moment, Martha was itching all over inside the crotch, craving for the penetration. She tried squeezing down, and the cock’s temperature felt good, but that couldn’t satisfy her rising lust.

“Go ahead.”

Glen lightly laughed then nodded.

Martha raised her waist, letting the penis slide out of her until only the head was left inside. Then she sat down with her eyes closed, taking in the feeling of a dick’s sweet penetration.

“Mmh. . . This is it. . . this feeling. . .”

The bulging head dug into Martha’s tender spots on its way back in and sent a wave of goosebumps through her naked body. The twinge of pleasure numbed her entire crotch.

Martha leaned against Glen’s chest and held onto his neck. She rest her face against his as she shifted all focus to her lower half. Martha moved her ass and rode Glen the way she liked best, vigorously. Her vagina was pierced again and again. Each stroke sent a bigger wave of pleasure up her belly.

“Hmm, this’s a great pussy. . .”

Glen gasped in pleasure, commenting.

“Ohh. . . oh. . . mnn. . .”

Martha moaned without holding back and danced on top of his lap. The sound of their genitals smacking against one another kept resounding throughout the gloomy room.

It made Janet gulp as she watched Martha’s bum bounce up and down passionately. Martha’s moaning breaths combined with the noises of sex were making Janet a little impatient to go.

In the end, she couldn’t help putting her hand in her panties for some quick comfort. It was hardly fulfilling enough, however. Her slender fingers couldn’t mimic the way Glen’s cock was piercing and ravaging Martha’s meat hole.

Glen watched Martha’s boobs shake right in front of his eyes while sitting back and enjoying being stroked by her insides. He switched between playing with her breasts and her clit to boost the effects of the spell just a little more; he didn’t have the need to break Martha with dark magic.

Soon enough, the continuous waves of pleasure weakened Martha, and she rested her ass on Glen’s lap after one last drop. His glans digging into her deep G-spot made her come a little.

“Mm? You tired?”

Glen asked, continuing to lick and nibble on Martha’s slender neck.

“No. . . this posture and the chair are a little uncomfortable. . .”

As a fairly high-ranking adventurer, there was no way one round of sex could’ve fatigued her enough to cease the lovemaking altogether. But the two were sitting on a chair where Martha had less room to use her legs and waist.

“We’re changing the position then.”

Glen stood and lifted Martha along with him, his Excalibur still buried deep inside her.

Through earth magic, Glen changed the chair into something that resembled an office desk and bent Martha over, letting her point her round and plump behind toward him. Glen pressed his glans against Martha’s lips and smeared her lewd juices before slipping in. The sight of Martha’s vagina hole being pushed open made the cylindrical beast pulsate in excitement.

“Agh! Deep, deeper. . .”

Martha begged.

“Here, have it.”

Glen replied then abruptly rammed his thing into her womb’s entrance.

“Ohh! Don’t, don’t do that. . . I’ll die, seriously. . .”

Martha said, gasping for breaths. Her vision almost went out with Glen’s smack, she thought she’d pass out. The spell was amplifying the pleasure too much that Martha forgot to breathe.

“Ah, crap. I need to lower the dose, this thing is hard to estimate, huh. . .”

Glen carefully adjusted the dark magic he was using on Martha to the bare minimum.

“I-Is this dark magic thing addictive?”

Martha asked out of fear.

“No, it doesn’t mess your brain up like drugs. It’s just a pleasure modifier.”

Glen replied and smacked Martha’s butt cheek with his right hand.

“Mmh. . . Some ass spanking’s kinda nice from time to time. . .”

Martha rested herself on the desk and said.

“Heh. . .”

Glen smacked Martha’s right ass cheek again then started moving his waist.

“Ohh. . . ahaah. . . Took you. . . long enough. . . hmmn. . .”

Martha grasped the desk’s edge so she could push back and get the cock in as deep as possible. The desk ended up rocking back and forth to Glen’s pounding from behind Martha.

When he felt the ejaculation approaching, Glen tuned the pace down a little, but Martha reached back and tapped his leg.

“Don’t slow down now. . . mhmm. . . I’m close. Just keep going. . . ohh. . . please. . .”

She begged.


Glen leaned forward and put his hands on the desk. He picked up the speed and pistoned her with violence. His belly slapped so much against her buttocks that they turned red, as if having gone through much spanking.

“Ah, ah, awhh. . . Yes, yes. . . yes. . . fuck me like that. . . fuck me like that. . .”

Martha panted, soaking into the few seconds just before she would have an orgasm. For quite some time, Martha had enjoyed the ‘last spurt’ where the pleasure rapidly builds up toward climax.

“Guh. . .”

Glen pinned down Martha’s body with both hands and made three last quick thrusts. Heat exploded from his urethra, and semen was sprayed directly onto her womb’s entrance.

“Ah, Ahhhhhh………….!”

Martha’s entire lower half spasmed to her shaky scream. With every convulsion, her nectarpot squeezed down and released more white fluid on Glen’s dick. Martha flopped down on the floor, trying so desperately to catch her breaths that it made her choke.

Feeling guilty, Glen put his hand on Martha’s back and applied a stamina recovering spell.

“Next time, I’ll be more mindful with the dark magic.”

“Hah. . . hah. . . please do. . . my life flashed before my eyes there. . .”

Never in her life had Martha considered the possibility of herself dying from an orgasm. She loved orgasms, in fact, but even Slut Martha wouldn’t go as far as cumming to her death.

Glen teleported Martha to a room he created while she was unconscious and let her rest.

When he turned around to look at Janet, she flinched, her face turned pale.

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