Chapter 12

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Glen approached and grabbed Janet’s left knee, then he lifted it, revealing her drenched crotch.

“You can still choose to become the white slimes’ snack if you don’t want this.” He said.

“No, no thank you. . .” Janet replied, closing her eyes and offering her body.

“Oh well, it’s not like I’m interested in abusing weak humans.” Glen shrugged.

Then he held his still erect penis with the other hand and slipped it into Janet. She got so wet from watching Martha be pounded that it slid all the way in without any resistance. Janet had a smaller build than Martha, so Glen couldn’t get the whole thing inside.

“Is it too big?” He asked Janet.

“Just a little, yeah. . .” She said.


Glen invoked arcane magic and adjusted the size, making it fit just perfectly into the flesh tunnel. Then he started the pistoning. This time, he’d gotten the gist of things, so his dark magic wasn’t going overboard again, and it was giving Janet shaky knees. Though, one of them was being lifted up by Glen.

As the ranger of the team, Janet’s body had quite the flexibility, allowing Glen to bend her leg pretty far upward. This made her into a posture of spreading her legs as far apart as possible; her entire vagina and anus were on full display to the people behind Glen, if there were any.

Glen knew all of her sweet spots from reading her memories, so it wasn’t a challenge for him and his lewd spell to make Janet begin moaning. “Ahh. . . ah. . . harder.” She demanded.

Glen blocked her lips with a kiss and picked up the pace, his Excalibur mercilessly penetrated through Janet’s slippery flesh-walls. Wet noises once again took over the atmosphere of the room as Janet screted more and more obscene fluids. Everytime he thrust in, she would squeeze down, only to be assaulted by immense pleasure. It was numbing her body and making her lose reasons, but she indulged in this feeling.

“Hey, please change the position. . . it’s killing my legs. . .” Janet requested.

“Ah, right. I forgot. . .” Glen realized how long they’d been like this, so he pulled out and moved Janet over to the desk from earlier, letting her sit on it. He then held her ankles and spread her legs before taking aim and plunging his dick back inside. The sensation of being enveloped by warm, raw flesh returned to Glen.

He couldn’t help but breathed a sigh of ecstasy. Ahh, wet pussies are the best, he thought.

Janet leaned back on her hands and presented her widened pussy to Glen. He rammed in over and over, letting the head poke around inside Janet and making her moan more loudly. It was somewhat awkward; the two didn’t talk much; they merely groaned in pleasure, through their wild breaths.

When Janet came, her knees came together as her crotch convulsed violently. “Ohhhh. . . Ohhh. . . Mmm. . . Mmm. . .” Janet leaned forward, looking for Glen’s lips, which he let her have.  For Janet, a kiss after the orgasm had always been like the cherry on the cake, a final touch to her way of having sex.

Glen dropped a hand on Janet head and ran his fingers through her blond hair. He looked into her sleepy green eyes as he resumed the sex. They remained kissing while Glen continued to plough Janet’s insides. Her orgasmic breaths transmitted through his mouth and to his brain.

“I’m cumming inside.” He whispered.

“I, I don’t wanna get pregnant, so please. . . ?” Janet begged.

“Then you won’t get pregnant.” Glen answered, casting another spell on her.

Then he sped up his waist and, after a few more tens of strokes that made Janet scream in ecstasy, came in her. “Ahh. . . ahh. . . mmm. . . it just keeps coming out. . .” Janet could finally catch her breath after having come again in a short amount of time; her entire lower half had gotten all numb and twitchy.

Glen slowly pulled out, made a “plolp” sound, and watched as the stream of semen burst out from inside Janet’s vagina. Satsified, he drew closer, and they kissed some more.

“How’d you like. . . my pussy?” Janet quietly asked between their passionate kisses.

“Amazing.” Glen kept it short so he could taste more of her lips. Since coming to this world, the taste of women had dominated his culinary appetite; as expected of the demise of all heroes and great men.

“How was. . . Martha’s?” Janet asked again.

Glen pushed her down on the desk and kissed all over her chest. “Amazing.” He said.

“Pft. Haven’t seen a guy that obsessed with pussies like you yet.” Janet said with an amused expression.

“It’s hard to get tired of this. You and Martha would know.”

“I guess, that’s true.” Janet looked at the pitch dark ceiling of the room, leaving Glen to taste her body however he wished to. The dark magic had amplified the pleasure to the point that Janet couldn’t move well after just two orgasms. Even when Glen put his dick in her again, she didn’t have any strength left to open her legs.

“Hey, just. . . don’t kill me with this kinda sex. . . please. . .” Janet weakly said.

“There’d be no point taking you as prisoners if I intended to fuck you to death.” Glen said, burying his face in Janet’s deep cleavage while pumping his hips. His penis was coated in an ever so thin layer of dark magic, so no matter how he ravaged Janet’s insides, she would feel it and come as hard as possible.

However, by now, she didn’t have enough strength to even use her voice — her moans were just heavy panting — and when she and Glen climaxed again, she almost passed out because of the orgasm’s intensity.

Glen created a bed with earth and wood magic, let Janet rest on it after using a healing spell, then teleported to Martha’s room. “Oh? You’re already recovered?” He asked, surprised.

Martha was sitting on her bed, leaning her back against the wall and rubbing her vagina. She seemed to be masturbating while thinking about her future in this gloomy dungeon as a sex slave. Part of this went well with her, since she loved having lots of sex, but the fun of being a slut was sleeping with many different men, so she was unsure how things would go. Though, she was excited thinking back on that intense orgasm she had earlier, which almost fried her brain.

“Yeah, I’m OK now, that healing spell of yours was really something. . .” Martha said, staring at Glen’s naked, muscular body, specifically his daunting dick. The hardness, the size, the veins — together, they would make Martha gulped down her drool everytime she saw it.

“Good. Let’s go over to that other woman called Lisha.” Glen beckoned Martha.

“Lisha? She’s caught, too? Wait, yeah, of course you’d keep her. That chick’s a massive bitch, but damn she’s hot.” Martha walked over to Glen in her birthday suit.

Glen raised his eyebrows. “You seem to know her well; more than just as comrade, I mean.”

Martha sighed. “Yeah, I tried to hook up with her once, but in the end she didn’t let me fuck her.” Martha couldn’t distract herself from Glen’s dick and grabbed it with her hand, then she began jerking him off.

“You’re a giant slut, huh.” Glen enjoyed having Martha massage the glans as she stroked the shaft.

“I, uh, actually swing both ways.” Martha suddenly kneeled and took the cock into her mouth.

“Ah, I see.” Glen stroked Martha’s hair as she was sucking him off.

“Are you disgusted?” Martha asked before swallowing the dick again.

“Nah, this is great, if anything.” Glen had a weird grin on his face.

“Hm?” Martha stopped sucking and looked at him. “Why?”

“‘Cause now I wanna fuck that woman with you.” Glen gulped down his drool.

“What kinda threesome is in that twisted mind of yours?” Martha skeptically asked.

Little did she know that Little Glen couldn’t have thought of such twisted things without the help of the the evil author! Curse him and his obsession for yuri! He’s gonna scare readers away one day, or so this humble narrator would say, but this is MSB we’re talking about! Nothing could be too degenerate here.

“I’ll leave her mouth to you, Martha.” Glen said, snapping his fingers.

“Huh? Wait, what is this!?”

Martha didn’t get it at first, but when she felt the transformation of her clitoris into a big, long cock, she was startled and jumped on her feet, forgetting all about sucking Glen’s dick.

“It has the same type of dark magic on it, so she’ll definitely feel it. It’s part of you now, so you’ll feel it, too.”

“This. . . just got a lot more exciting all of a sudden.”

Martha’s eyes were filled with excitement as she stared as her big, long cock. She couldn’t help but imagine all the innocent young maidens she could violate with a dick of her own. Martha’s vagina below the cock immediately began to get drenched with fluids.

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