Dragged into Class Transfer Volume 4 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Hironobu’s daily life

「Aaaaaaa! Hironobu-sama’s penis is going so deeeeeep!」

As the sun rise, a woman’s gasping voice can be heard from a room in the castle.

Hironobu is working hard on sex as usual.

He’s doing Firana right now, she’s moving her waist back and forth aggressively.

「It feels good Firana. The tightening is really amazing…Ku」

Her vagina tightened again that Hironobu raised a voice.

「Haahaa, if it’s for Hironobu-sama then I’m going to make it tighter and even more pleasurable」

Saying that, Firana began to move her waist again.

Seeing her silliness, Hironobu recalls what happened so far.

(After coming into this world, I have lived a life like a different person…)

After making the whole female class his slave, he only had sex regardless of day and night.

The result, A year had passed.

The number of times Hironobu had sex with them would already exceed 1000.

However, they have higher status like another person compared to the time when they come into this otherworld.

To make it easy to understand let’s compare the vice captain of the knights whose the most influential person in this world to the student’s average.
Name: Aizu Aldaton
Sex: Male
Race: Human.
Power: 122
Defensive power: 103
Speed: 111
Magic: 60
Name: Average female student
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Power: 165
Defensive: 155
Speed: 152
Magic: 158

Just like that, they had already surpassed the value of a first class knight.

The capability can’t be judged from the status alone, the demon subjugation this year also repeatedly advances.

They use the power obtained by having sex with Hironobu everyday to defeat the demons.

They’re not match for a thousand but having a force with 10 times stronger than the ordinary is an important trump card existence.

(Shortly we would make alliance with the country near us and the talk about attacking the castle of the Maou had already come out)

Having the demon army overwhelmed, the female class had recovered the territory of the country bit by bit.

Though there were victims on the early days but due to the strengthening of their status by having sex with Hironobu, it came to the point where there’s no one dying anymore.

They’re indeed the strongest group.

(That said, all I’m doing is only sex)

Being able to strengthen their status, Hironobu’s given preferential treatment as the female glass’ master but also the country.

There’s no one questioning him even if he’s just having sex all day long.

It is because they understand that it’s also an important work of Hironobu.

(However, is Valeria okay?)

She returned to the forest which is her hometown to decipher the ancient document of the elves around a month ago.

(If we know the details from the heroes a thousand years ago, there should be some information that would be useful. I want her to succeed somehow…)

Hironobu pushed away the feeling of loneliness and put his consciousness back to Firana who’s in front of him.

「Hora, the movement of you waist dulled. If you’re getting slow then I’ll be the one moving」

Hironobu who’s used to sex in this one year can now control his excitement to some degree.

In short, he can enjoy sex that can be enjoyed.

「Hauuuuu! D-dooont~! I’m going to move properlyyyy!!」

Compared to Firana that’s quite in disorder.

The girls who have sex with Hironobu had grown even lewder due to the effect of the aphrodisiac of the semen they kept bathing.

To answer Hironobu’s words, she moved her waist intensely.

(Having her react to my words sincerely makes me happy)

Even though it’s said that the arousal is caused by the aphrodisiac, it’s Hironobu himself who’s violating them.

He smiles as he makes Firana fall into disorder by his own power.

「I really cant endure this. I’m moving!」

(It’s impossible not to get aroused if you show me that you’re working so hard!)

After all, he wants to move by himself, Hironobu thrust his waist upwards.

The erect hard penis deeply scooped out Firana’s vagina.

「Hyaaaa, iiiiiiii?? I-I told you not to!」

She raised a voice as she can’t endure Hironobu’s attack.

It was effective for Firana who’s having sex with him for a long time.

To compare, it’s like the numb foot being stabbed by the finger.

Her whole body was soaked in sweet pleasure transmits violent pleasure to his penis.

「I-I’m going to cum immediately with thiiiiiis!!」

「Show me how Firana cum!」

Hironobu pushed his waist upwards to see her climax.

The momentum was quite a lot and it was caught by Firana’s vagina.

As this one accepted the penis a lot of times, it won’t break to something of this degree.

However, the pleasure was firmly transmitted to Firana.

「Cum, Cumming! The penis is making me cuuuuuuuum!」

Her insides tighten and it gives the best stimulation to the penis.

(I-It still feels good no matter how many times I tasted this!)

Hironobu thought as he looks at Firana convulsing from the climax.

The beautiful princess Firana moves her waist by herself and came on me.

Seeing that, it’s obvious that his arousal rises.

Hironobu restarts the movement of his waist for his own pleasure.

「I’m still in the middle of cummi…iing! Ukyaaaaa!」

Firana who can’t keep her posture from being numb having her place continuously pierced, she fell down to Hironobu’s chest.

(Uooo, her boobs are hitting me…shit!)

Hironobu’s excitement had swelled instantly from the unexpected feeling of the beautiful big breasts.

「Firana, Cumming. I’m releasing it!」

「Yes! Please release a lot of Hironobu-sama’s semen insiiiiiiiiiiddeee!!」

I gripped her ass and drawn it towards myself in the end.

Then, he inserted his penis on the deepest place so far and pierced it, then ejaculated.

「Ah, something hot is coming! My womb is drowning in semen!」

Firana climaxed again while hugging Hironobu closely on top.


She showered him with kisses while trembling in climax.
The two enjoyed the reverberations for a while then Hironobu stood up.

「By the way, I haven’t checked it recently. Could Firana let me see her status?」

She nods at the question.

「Understood, Hironobu-sama」

She opens her body while being supported by Hironobu.

Name: Firana El Saint-ra1
Sex: Female.
Race: Human
Power: 543
Defensive power: 534
Magic 655

A numerical value several times higher than the female students was shown.

Since I’m having sex much more frequent than the female class students, it should be on this value.

(There’s the part where she’s my favorite but Firana is special after all;)

The female class first thought of being my partner aiming for my ability.

So it’s normal to respond differently to them.

(Also, there’s no person better than Firana)

Then, Hironobu planned going to the room of the scheduled person.

「Take a rest Firana」

「Hironobu-sama is going out?」

「Yeah, I’m going to Sensei」

That’s right, he’s going to the room of Nakusa Youko.


  1.  Name:Firana・エル・セイント?ーラ