Dragged into the class transfer Volume 4 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Margrit 1

Hironobu was petrified by Margrit’s words and he wasn’t able to move for a while.,

Though she doesn’t have a useful special ability like the summoned female class, she’s still a general who stopped a myriad of demons.

Her appearance has no valor but only a beautiful woman.

Hironobu thought that he just met a historical person, he heard something unbelievable.

「I want to you to have sex with me」

Hironobu flinched.

「Are you serious?」

「Yeah, that’s right. You can say that this is the purpose of the country coming here」

He’s surprised being told by the subordinate of the countries’ alliance.

Margrit pressed Hironobu/.

「It’s normal to be surprised but it is a serious matter for me. I went this far without having any special ability but we’re being outpushed by the power of the demons」

「Margrit-san is?…」

Hironobu who heard only her brilliant bravery just a while ago can’t believe it.

「The me right now had reached the limit of the growth of my own ability. There’s no other path but your cooperation to become stronger. Of course I don’t mind having my power used when it comes to it」

Towards her desperately begging appearance, Hironobu realized the strength of her feelings.

「I want to defend my country from the demon’s threat. It’s unsightly but I can only rely on you now」

Margrit said that while bowing, Hironobu steeled himself.

「Understood, let’s raise Margrit-san’s status」

「Oh! T-Thank you!!」

When he nodded, Margrit grasped his hand strongly.

「Ah, Ahahaha…」

(Expressing that much gratitude would make me feel strange)

Hironobu feels a bit overwhelmed as she’s the type of person he never met until now.

She’s much more assertive and lively compared to Valeria.

Though she’s the same as the female students that’s using Hironobu for his ability, he has a good impression at Margrit.

Even at the first meeting, courage is definitely necessary for bowing on someone younger than you.

For her who lost hesitation, Hironobu feels her strong thoughts.

「Then, I want to test out your ability since we’re already here」


Margrit proposed after raising her head.

Hironobu isn’t surprised as he already knows that she’s positive from the exchange a while ago.

However, he’s hesitating doing it in the reception room during daytime as expected.

The room assigned to Hironobu is far away from the center so he usually don’t have to worry when having sex.

But, this is the center of the castle. A bit of courage is needed to have sex.

(…Margrit-san bowed her head first, I can’t be insincere here)

「Understood, let’s do it」

Hironobu hardened his feelings and replied.

「Then, let’s begin immediately」

Margrit stood up and sit on the sofa near Hironobu.

「I have some knowledge of what to do but it’s actually my first time. That’s why just tell me if you noticed something」


When she had exposed Hironobu’s penis, her hand stopped.

「Uhm, are you okay?」

「I’m just a bit surprised since it’s my first time seeing this. I’m fine, it’ll get big if I lick this right?」

「That’s right. Please try to lick it first without putting it in your mouth first」

Saying that, Margrit put the penis she’s holding closer to her face.

Then, she stick out her tongue to lick it.

「Pero, peropero…reroro!」

She used the tip of her tongue to poke and have a feel first but when she got used to it she’s caressing all of it.

「Good, keep it up」

(That dignified Margrit-san is kneeling in front of me and doing fellatio!)

Hironobu feels aroused from the situation where the hero of the neighboring country servicing him lewdly.

Her technique doesn’t reach Firana but the fresh excitement heats up his penis.

「Rerorero, chubu!…amazing, it’s getting this big」

Margrit’s eyes are glued on the erect penis in front of her.

「Not yet, hold this in your mouth next. Don’t bite it」

「Umu, Roger. Hamo, nmu, reroo…」

She put it in her mouth just like Hironobu told her and did fellatio.

(She’s doing it properly without biting. But the stimulation is a bit weak)

Was her feeling of not wanting to hurt the penis strong? The dull movement of the tongue gives a phenomenon of ppleasure.

It can’t be helped as this is her first fellatio but Hironobu can’t be satisfied.

(I can’t cum like this…)

He thought so he proposed to Margrit.

「Could you shake your head while having it in your mouth? Also, adjust your tongue so it would hit the tip」

「Ngu, I’ll try」

Margrit nodded and she began to move her head up and down.

「Jubo, jubo, jururun, ngu!」

The movement of her head had become intense as it had a room to spare from being wide open.

Thanks to her body that’s usually moving, her first move was smooth.

She fixed her tongue to make it hit the glans just as Hironobu told her and the stimulation was better than before.

「Aah, That feels good, Margrit-san…」
「Juru, Jurururu!! Then I’m going to do it even more intensely」
Margrit responded from his words.

Then, she speed up the piston further.

「Juru, jubo! Juppujuppu!」

「Uu, Ooo…」

The fellatio with the violent piston is enough to cover the lack of technique.

Hironobu instinctively raised his voice from the pleasure.

Then, Margrit confirmed that her caress is effective.

Not making a mistake in confirming the situation and attacking is her ability as a general?

「Shit, I’m going to cum!」

His arousal had raised instantly from her intense fellatio.

(Margrit-san, I can’t think that it’s your first time from this pleasure…!)

Hironobu reached his limit.


「Cumming, Margrit-san」

In response, she sucked the penis with all her might.

Hironobu can’t endure the vacuum fellatio that’s not there before.

「Nmu!? Nn, Gokugoku, gokun~!」

She was surprised from the semen fired vigorously, then she swallowed it.

She had swallowed everything he let out.

「Is this semen? It’s not as bad as I thought. Also, your thing still looks energetic」

Saying that, Margrit wiped her mouth.

Then she continued to watch Hironobu when she stood up.

「Now, the next is the real thing. I’ll leave the instructions of what to do to you」

Hironobu fired up from her words.

「Yeah, leave it to me」

He said while staring at Margrit.