Dragged into the Class transfer Volume 4 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Margrit 3

Though it’s the start of the transferred leadership, Hironobu doesn’t want to end it like that.

Of course, it’s not that he’s unsatisfied by the act earlier.

He felt impressed for the first timer Margrit to move her waist aggressively.

(Sex feels fucking good but…)

For a man who handled a lot of acts in a year, he felt that he wants to not be the receiving side all the time but also the attacker.

He saw that she still has room to talk to him after the act, he thought of making a strong woman like Margrit to cum by herself.

Following his desire, Hironobu stretched his hand on the panting Margrit.

「What are you…ngu!?」

Facing her first climax in sex, Margrit can’t keep her posture as expected.

She noticed Hironobu’s acts but she was thrown down without stopping him.

He made Margrit sit on the sofa and sits on his knees in front of her.

Then, he opened her legs.

The body that usually undaunted when gripped can’t put on power after climaxing.

The status is much higher than the appearance.

At first the status can’t be guessed by the eye but his influence is thanks to the sex reward ability of his.

Hironobu right now is stronger than he looks.

「Margrit-san, sorry but that’s not the end」

He said that while putting his erect penis inside her vagina in a flash.

「Naaaaa!? It came in again…!」

「That’s right, I can’t be satisfied with just one time after all」

Then, he began to swing his waist.

He pistons his penis in no way inferior to Margrit’s intensity.

She won’t lose to Hironobu when it comes to moving the bodies in that meaning but he’s much more skillful in sex.

For a man who knows and carried out various positions, he can make the best attack for an ordinary partner.

The vagina is attacked by the semen remaining inside by the violent movement of the hips.

「Ahn~ Nuu! I just came so please let me take a rest…!」

Margrit seems to be able to recover from the confusion.

Though she asks Hironobu to restrain himself, he shows no signs of stopping.

「Why…Ah, cummiiing!」

She felt that he suddenly changed from the gentleman from a while ago.

Margrit feels strongly confused rather than anger.

「Why? It’s because I want to violate Margrit-san. I’m not having sex all year round just by obligation you know?」

Hironobu persuaded the bewildered lady.

「Then, the purpose of you strengthening your companions by sex is to enjoy it too?」

「No, I also want to defeat the Maou. I just have an ability that’s useful and that fits my taste」

Margrit asked in a hurry. Hironobu answered calmly.

「Also, I’m a man. There’s no human who wouldn’t attack the defenseless Margrit-san you know」

Being told that she’s charming, Margrit blushed from something other than pleasure.

「Should I say thanks? I don’t get it, ahahaha!」

She tries to laugh to get away but she can’t see any hidden embarrassment from Hironobu.

(She’s unexpectedly cute in some ways…)

Seeing an unexpected expression from Margrit who talked to the King gallantly, he felt satisfied.

However, his mind may be satisfied but his body wants the woman in front of him.

Hironobu drives a stronger piston than a while ago.

「Fuaa, iuuuu! No good, I’m cumming again…!」

Margrit screams from the attack that started again.

The body that’s not used to sex yet receives the pleasure given that can’t be controlled.

The woman who had her head receive the pleasure directly is being repainted into one color.

「Hyaa, aaaa, oh, Ouuu!!」

「That expression’s good. Let me see more」

Hironobu smiles at the spectacle of the strong minded Margrit collapsing in pleasure.

(It is too pleasurable…My back feel shivers)

Leading someone that’s standing on the top feels good.

Hironobu is drunk in that sense right now.

「Aaaaaa! Don’t! Cumming, I’m cummiiiiing agaiiin!」

Her body climaxed as he can’t endure the simultaneous stimulation given to her.

But still, Hironobu didn’t stop moving.

Rather, he’s enjoying the body of Margrit that reacts too much from the pleasure given.
While enjoying the convulsions of her vagina in climax, he searched for another place.

「Haahaaa, ahn~! T-That place is…!」

Margrit’s confusion isn’t strange.

Hironobu’s hand is reaching for the chest she’s embarrassed with.

He grabs the big chest on top of her clothes.

「This wonderful size is so rare」

Hironobu spilled out voice of admiration to that feeling.

The bomb breasts that can’t be held with just one hand has the softness transmitted from being massaged on top of the clothes.

「Don’t do that. I’ll feel it if you touch it!」

「Then it’s no good if it’s not groped」

「Wha! I told you not to…nhyaaaaaa!!」

Hironobu slipped his hand under her clothes and massaged her breasts raw.

He pulled the tip of the hard nipples at that time.

Margrit raised a scream and bent her back.

(…Could it be that it got sensitive from being untouched so far?)

He though, so he pinched the nipples to confirm it.

「Ahiiii! I can feel it…good, aaaa!」

Margrit climaxed repeatedly and made her body twitch.

(Fufu, this is great)

Hironobu pulled out his hands then took off her clothes quickly.

Though Margrit doesn’t like her breast to be seen, she can’t resist due to her repeated climax.

When he took of all of her clothes, her breasts is something that’s definitely called explosive breasts.

「Big is great after all, It’s a waste to conceal your breasts」

He said as he enjoyed the fresh raw breasts with both of his hands this time.

The breasts that had a flabby texture is so big that it overflows on the opened fingers.

「Isn’t my breasts too big?」

He shook his head.

「No way. I can fondle this everyday」

「What? I’m the only one having this size. I thought that it was disgusting」

She breathed out in relief.

「If you say like that then do as you please. I’m glad to make you happy.」

「Then, I won’t hesitate…」

Hironobu got permission. He slouched forward and sucked her breasts.
「Auuu! Doing it like a child…Uhiii!!」

「Rerorero…even Margrit-san, aren’t you feeling it?」

Immediately after he separates his mouth from her breasts, he began to attack her vagina using his penis again.

Different from what’s so far, he’s making a violent piston to make his parter climax.

「Kafuu! Ah, Aaaaaa! A-again! Cumming!」

「I’m also cumming this time so let’s do it together…!」

Hironobu who can’t endure it rubbed her breasts with both of his hands in the end.

「Hi, iiiiiiii! Cum, cumcummiiiiiiinnnnggg!!」


The penis explodes from the tightening of the climaxing vagina.

The semen is discharged and it entered Margrit’s womb.

「Ah, aaah…something hot is filling me in. I might get pregnant if you let out this much」

Feeling slightly flaccid after the climax, Margrit happily said that.

「Well, when that times comes then it will…」

Laughing to pass it off, Hironobu stood up.

「Well, we have to deal with this first」

This is the reception room.

They went to have sex on momentum but it’s bad to leave it just like that as expected.

Afterwards, Hironobu was the one left to clean it alone instead of Margrit who can’t move.

By the way, Margrit was pleased when she confirmed that her status raised.