Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 5 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: 4P intensive sex training 3

「Sensei, we’re not done yet」

Hironobu turned over her body and pushed in his penis immediately.

「Ku, Nuuuu!」

Youko’s head wasn’t able to follow the sudden change.

The top and bottom of her body changed and the place of stimulation changed too.

Hironobu pierced her with his hard penis and stimulated a different location from earlier.

「Every corner inside is being stimulated! Every place is feeling gooood!」

Hironou firmly gripped her waist as he felt delight from the lovely voice.

Then, he threw down his waist just like that.

「Don’t! Don’t, no good! Don’t tease my insides so much!」

「There’s no way I’m teasing you. Isn’t sensei feeling it too?!」

He moved his hand to her ass.

He then massaged the meaty ass and Hironobu felt aroused from the softness he felt.

「There’s no way I can stop right now as there’s this body that’s too erotic」

「I didn’t become like this because I want too!」

「Then, you have the talent. That’s why you’re a bad teacher for seducing your student!」

Gripping her flesh ass, Hironobu’s penis digged her vagina.

Youko’s body tremble with every piston, It shows how much pleasure she’s receiving.

「Hironobu-sama, it’s unfair to do only Youko-sama. Would you give it to me too?」

「Same here, I’ll be troubled if you forget me」

Firana and Margrit who recovered pressed their body from left and right.

(Is this what they call a feast isn’t it? There’s no way I can go back if I tasted something like this!)

Their bodies are high class. They have individual differences but they’re the same if you look broadly.

They’re slender on silhouette but their flesh is much more than your expectation if you touch them.

Their ripe chest and ass and the hips that moves up and down, it’s so pleasant that you’d want to touch it for eternity.

Right now, Hironobu is being surrounded by three owners of such body.

One is on all fours and accepting his penis, leaking out an unbearable lovely voice.

The two are waiting on his left and right, showing and pressing their body, they tempted him without any reserve.

There’s no way a young man like Hironobu can ignore that.

If it exist then it would be a monk that cut off his worldly desires.

「Firana aside, Margrit-san is quite aggressive isn’t she」

Hironobu’s first impression of her is that she’s a daring general that has no interest in opposite sex.

Right now she’s embracing Hironobu willingly.

「Even I have sexual desire you know. Also, the first one who embraced me is you, so…」

She said it feeling a bit embarrassed, Hironobu laughed and replied.

「Then I can only meet your expectations. The two of you line up with Sensei」

Following my words, the two of them moved next to Youko.

「Oh, you’re going to eat the three of us at once? That’s quite greedy」

Youko had a tone of poking fun but Hironobu answered with confidence.

「The three of you aren’t a big deal」

「Then, I’ll score if you can do it properly」

「Sensei will lose consciousness though」

Hironobu pulled out his penis for a moment then inserted on Margrit on the other side.
「Aaaa! This is it, it’s coming in deep, it’s messing me up!」

Margrit also makes the same womanly voice as Youko and her body is much more mature than Firana.

Additionally, it’s not inferior to a young one thanks to her daily training.

She sometimes strains herself then Hironobu catches the stimulation of his penis being wrestled.

The softness and the shutting comes alternately, his excitement rose a single step.

「Naaaaa~! Please ram me harder!」

Her body doesn’t shake even with Hironobu’s full power piston.

Only Hironobu’s technique of giving pleasure can destroy her.

Right now, the arm with the power that’s able to cut down a demon into half is trembling in pleasure.

「Uu, P-Please wait for a bit」

Margrit tries to stop him as her hands and feet can’t endure it.

Hironobu accepts it quickly and took out his penis.

He won’t if it was one-on-one but there are other beautiful girls waiting for him impatiently now.

Hironobu who felt satisfied with Margrit’s inside went inside Firana on the other side this time.

「I-It finally came! Please feel good with my insides without any reserve!」

「I intend to do that but don’t go down alone okay?」

「I-I’ll do my best…」

Firana sinks herself while saying that then Hironobu nailed down his waist not easing up.

「Hyaaa!? Suddenly there!? You’re mean, uuuuuu!」

It’s normal for her to scream.

The part Hironobu attacked is her weak point that’s been severely trained until now.

When he thrust there, Firana cums in just several minutes.

Hironobu bangs the waist with a rhythm and Firana’s waist and body is already trembling.

「Dwon’t~ That plaish ish no good! Pleash! go on the other place…Hyaaaaaa!」

「Stop speaking selfishly and just cum!」

「Ngiiiiiiiiii, dwon’t~don’t! Cummiiiiiiingggg!」

Hironobu finally stopped moving when Firana’s whole body convulsed in climax.

Then, he inserted inside Youko’s vagina again.

「aaahn~! The penis came back!」

「Sensei, how much points at the moment?」

Hironobu asked then she glanced left and right.

Margrit is panting and Firana is still in the middle of the lingering climax.

「Right, what about 80 points?」

「Then, I’ll earn the remaining 20 points using Sensei」

Saying that, he began to swing his waist again.

The penis scrapes off her vagina, Youko who was made to wait felt pleasure far more than the usual.

「This feels goooood! The penis is being effective after the wait!」

Raising a lovely voice with all of her power, her body convulsed bit by bit.

It doesn’t seem that she climaxed but it seems that she’s close and that state will continue.

「Sensei, wants Ozawa-kun’s semen sooner! Please, cum!」

「Then, tighten your insides more. Else you’ll lose against Firana and Margrit」

If it’s about simply tightening, Firana and Margrit are the winners.

But, Youko’s vagina has a charm that’s different from them.

For example, her folds move much more active than normal, even if Hironobu doesn’t move he feels the stimulation.

「Geez…Sensei will get serious then」

Being the one provoked this time, she was dragged out of the ring.

Youko began to swing her own waist towards Hironobu.

Her appearance has a bewitching aura like a succubus coming out of a story.

(As expected, Sensei’s movements are too erotic!)

He who feels excited with Youko’s silliness continued his piston even more.

「Sensei, I’m about to cum」

「! Come! Inside, inside!」

「I know. But, while we’re at it…」

Saying that, he extended both of his hands on Margrit and Firana that was lying down on the left and right.

「While we’re at it, I want to see the three of you cum at the same time」

「You’re really greedy…! Aun!」

「Hironobu-shama? Hii, iuuuuu!」

「The finger moving inside…is going to make me cum this time!」

Seeing the desperate situation of the two, he strengthened his caress.

He himself too is in a situation where his penis that tasted the three vaginas would explode by accident.

「Cum, I’m cumming! I’m iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!」

「Look at it, me cumming…cum, cumcumcumcumming!」

「Cum, I’m cumming! Ozawa-kun’s penis is making me cuuuuuuuum!!」

Hironobu made the three climax with his piston and caress, pulled out his penis from Youko’s vagina that was about to collapse.

The next moment, semen was fired vigorously and Youko was dirtied with a white liquid.

「Ahn~ Sensei got tainted…」

「My whole body, Hironobu-sama’s…auuu」

「Haahaa…You’ve done it, it’s so sticky」

Each of the three of them have leaked out their impressions, he then stood up and said.

「Then, let’s wash our body in the bathroom. Let’s continue after that, I won’t let you go until morning」

Towards Hironobu who still has a lot of energy, the three of them nodded in expectations