Dragged into the class transfer Volume 8 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Possesed Youko 1

「Was the aim is to create a surprise attack so it was quiet until now? He’s good at thinking even though he’s just a ghost」

Hironobu advances in the castle while speaking in frustration.

He fell from the collapsed floor but he landed well somehow and he didn’t get any injuries.

He thought of moving from the basement but the ghosts attacked one after another.

The ghosts are cut down thanks to the sword Fairy has strengthened then he’s finally able to come back to the first floor.

「Now then, let’s hurry up and join Firana. I’m worried what happened to them after that」

Hironobu wasn’t able to see the situation as he was dangling from the hole.

However, looking from the ghosts knocked down, he understood at least that it was a surprise attack.

He hastens as he’s worried about Firana and the girl’s bodies.

「If I turn here, the room from a while ago…」

When he turned to the corner, he saw a shadow of a person.

Looking at it closely, it was Youko.

She’s walking in the corridor towards Hironobu with unsteady swinging body.

「Sensei, are you okay…Sensei?」

Hironobu tries to go out and speak to her but Youko doesn’t respond.

He thought that it’s strange, then she looked up.


Youko who saw Hironobu raised her voice suddenly.

Then, she suddenly attacked Hironobu.

「Kuh…Sensei, please come back!」

There’s no way he can cut her down so he grappled her barehanded.

Howeve , Youko who’s a magic rear guard is at advantage against Hironobu who’s completely a support

He was pushed against the wall with Youko’s power.

However, Hironobu realized that Youko’s still living when they touched.

(I don’t want to think about it but dead people’s body should be cold)

The body of Youko transmitted to his hand is warm

He felt relieved for a moment but the disadvantageous situation still hasn’t changed.

「Sensei, please release me…shit, is this impossible」


Hironobu concluded that Youko completely lost her sanity.

「Is she being possessed by that ghost? You got me, I don’t know how to exorcize you know?」

It might be different if they have a Shinto priest in there like in games but unfortunately, he doesn’t have any companion who has that power.

While he’s hesitating on what to move, Youko made a move ahead.

While holding Hironobu to the wall, her hand stretched to his pants.


She laughed thinly and took off his pants.

「Wait, Sensei! What do you intend to do?!」

She has already stacked up naked bodies with Hironobu a lto of times but it’s it’s unthinkable in the current situation where it’s unknown when a ghost would come.

But, Youko still picks up the penis without care.

Then she began to stroke it slowly.

「It’s dangerous in this kind of situation」

Hironobu looks left and right as a ghost might come and attack but fortunately, there doesn’t seem one.

Meanwhile, Youko continues the handjob.

The movement is worse compared to her original technique but it’s intense.

It seems that she’s moving a pump to draw sperm from the testicles.


They are in a situation but Hironobu can’t stop the pleasure.

The breathing gradually became rough and he put his hand on Youko’s shoulder and endures it.

Youko percieves that Hironobu’s getting aroused.

Even if not sane, it was someone he had sex a lot.

The body remembers how to make him feel pleasure.


「Sensei, Kuh, that’s…」

While Hironobu’s confused, Youko worked on her own clothes.

She opens her jacket and took off her blouse and bra.

The magnificent soft meat appeared from the bottom.

The enormous breasts that exceeds the level of big breasts is pressed against Hironobu.

「Sensei, this is dangerous…there’s no way I would be able to endure…」

Hironobu who naturally loves big breasts had his penis erect from Youko’s breasts pressed against him.

With it’s exposed state, it’s pushing out to Youko just like a spear.


Youko covered the penis in front of her with her enormous breasts.

Hironobu’s thing is quite a good size but Youko’s breast is bigger.

「You can even do Paizuri?…Are you really still not conscious?」

Hironobu said that but Youko doesn’t stop.

「Even going this far instinctively, I don’t know whether I should feel happy about this…Kuh」

He’s pleased with Youko’s service but he can’t see his way out.

He’s feeling sense of guild from feeling pleasure in that but he doesn’t have time to think about trivial things when he’s being attacked.

He’s at his limit from enduring her service while being cautious of the surroundings.

「Ahー, Uu…」

Youko moves her chest while leaking out meaningless voice.

Her technique is poor because she’s not conscious but the penis is powerfully wrapped.

The enormous breasts that’s originally indecent moves violently, and it’s arousing even just by looking.

「It’s not like Sensei but, this is fine as it is…」

Youko’s an erotic technician that’s impossible to imagine from her usual serious look.

However, she’s attacking like a virgin in the act right now.

They’re in such a situation but Hironobu gets aroused from the gap.

「If you pack it tightly and rub it that much, I won’t be able to endure it」

It’s one of the finest enormous breast so just putting power on it feels good.

The penis got even harder and it’s twitching.

Did she feel it? Youko moved her enormous breasts even more intense.

「Kuh…Are you really unconscious?!」

Hironobu’s enduring it firmly but Youko’s attack becomes even more intense.

The precum overlows from the penis and thus her valley that slides increases the pleasure even further.

The enormous breasts strokes the penis while making lewd wet sounds.

「Ooaah? uuu…」

Furthermore, saliva drips down from her open absent minded mouth and falls down her cleavage.

The lubricant increased and the pleasure from the paizuri has grown.

Youko forces her enormous breasts with all her might but the wet cleavage slides it.

In the middle of the breasts moving intensely, the penis won’t be safe.

It swells as he’s unable to endure any longer.

「Sensei, it’s impossible to hold anymore…cumming!」

Hironobu reports while breathing roughly.

Those words didn’t reach Youko who lost her consciousness but the movement of his penis transmitted it..

Youko knows what will happen and made the movement of her breasts even more violent



The penis climaxed violently, semen dashed out from the tip.

White liquid jumped out like a fountain and it hits Youko’s face.

「Uuu…Ngu! Aaa!」

At the same time , the hot sperm sprinkled on Youko’s hot body.

「Haahaa, Sensei came too?」

Hironobu looks down at Youko while breathing rougly from the stimulation of the climax.

Then, Youko looked up noticing it.


「Sensei, can you understand me now?」

「Yes of course. But, why are we in this state…Auu!」」

He’s pleased that she had returned to her consciousness, then Youko crouched down.

「Sensei, what’s wrong?!」

「My body, my body feels hot…here, I can’t endure it anymore」

Youko holds her abdomen while breathing roughly.

That’s where the the womb is located.

Youko’s body is in heat.

「Could it be that when you attacked me…you were possessed and made extremely aroused by the ghost?」

It was a wild guess but Youko returned to her consciousness when she received Hironobu’s ejaculation.

They’ll likely to return to normal if satisfied sexually.

「Ozaawa-kun, please…please put your penis inside Sensei~」

Hironobu nodded at the indecent demand.