Dragged into the Class Transfer Volume 8 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Fairy and Ayaka 2

「Haahaa…Huh, What is going on …?」

「N? Huh, isn’t it Ozawa?」

The two people regained their consciousness in front of Hironobu.

Seeing that, he felt relieved and removed the magic vine that restricts them.

Then, he began to explained what happened until now.

Fairy and Ayaka didn’t believe it at first just like Youko but when they looked at their own body it was clear.

In addition, they can still feel that their body is in heat.

Either way, they understood that it won’t be solved unless Hironobu embraces them.
「Then~? What should Fairy and Ayaka do? Just continue our services?」

Fairy says while grinning.

Since she’s originally a pleasure seeker, she intends to enjoy sex given the chance.

She’s quite daring but it helps that its easier to talk it out, He thought.

In comparison, Ayaka seems to be hesitating.

「What’s wrong? You’re not willing?」

Hironobu says as he put his hand on her shoulder

On the other hand, Ayaka nodded like it can’t be helped.

「I understand. What should we do then?」

Though it seems that she had some resistance from being possessed by the ghost, she can’t endure the heat she’s feeling in her body.

She says so and asks Hironobu.

「Let’s see, I’ll be ravishing you two this time. Get on all fours」

Fairy and Ayaka followed Hironobu’s order.

The two of them turned their ass, their body in heat towards him.

「Ozawa, hurry up…My body feels so hot that I can’t endure it anymore!」

Fairy invites Hironobu by swinging her ass lightly.

It seems that they got aroused further when they became aware that they’re going to be ravished.

She’s inviting lewdly wanting it to be inserted sooner.

「Uu, I also want it sooner」

Seeing that, Ayaka invites him too, not wanting to lose.

It hurts her pride as she’s brought up like an ojou-sama but she’s someone embraced a lot of times already.

She’s making an appeal of being ravished sooner while her face reddens in shame.

「This is beautiful, which one should I do first?」

As he has a margin now that the two have their consciousness returned, he touched their asses and spoke.

Though it’s caressed a while ago, both of them have good feel that it’s hard to cast away.

(Either way, I’ll be tasting both so I’ll go with Fairy first. It seems interesting to tease Ayaka)

Deciding so, he took out his penis immediately

He already ejaculated three times with Youko but he’s still filled with energy.
Then the erect thing pushed on Fairy’s ass meat.

「Aha~ Fairy’s first isn’t she? Great, push it in!」

Fairy enjoys the act even in such a situation.

Hironobu pushed his penis inside her open genital.

Her vagina’s wet with love nectar as she’s in heat so it’s easy to go in.

When he pushed his waist in, the loose vagina usher in with good condition.

「Ahn~ it came in! It’s amazing, it’s hard like iron!」

Fairy is pleased with the strength of the penis ravishing her.

「If it’s good then I’ll be putting it in deeper!」

「Un, come! Pierce my womb!」

Hironobu bangs his waist as she wished.

The glans hits the uterus at the same time the his waist bangs with her ass meat.

「Hyuuuu! It’s coming in, my womb’s being banged…Hahi, nn!!」

Fairy trembles while gasping in pleasure.

She’s enjoying it from the bottom of her heart, her expression’s melting.

Hironobu can’t see it as he ravish her from he back but Ayaka who’s next to her is completely exposed.

「K-Kisaragi-san…looks like she’s feeling so good…」

Ayaka gulps down her saliva as she look at Fairy’s gasping figure.

Fairy’s indecency is exposed as Hironobu ravish her.

「Ayaka, it looks like you want it too」

「U , uu…That’s right. I can’t endure it anymore, it’s unfair that you’re only focusing at Kisaragi-san!」

She looks at him lustfully while saying so.

「Just wait a bit more, this is going good」

But, Hironobu rejected her wish.

Gripping Fairy’s waist firmly, he swings his waist with a good rhythm.

A dry banging sound can be heard every time the waist and ass hits each other, Fairy pants pleasured.

Ayaka can do nothing but look from the side.

「Fuu…It’s tightening good, I might cum like this」

「Haahaa…great, I’ll squeeze Ozawa’s dick even more」

Fairy said and she began swinging her own waist.

Hironobu matches her swinging and the penis goes even deeper.

The sound of banging grows further and the sound of wet love nectar overflowing can be heard too.

With the two indecent sounds put together, Ayaka’s impatience and arousal increased even more.

Then, she was unable to endure it anymore that she began to request it throwing away her shame.

「P-Please! Please screw in Master’s penis inside my lewd vagina hole!」

She seduced Hironobu with the indecent language that was instilled to her before.

Furthermore, she split her own ass.

Then, love nectar drips from her loose vagina.

「Uuu, I’m doing such a thing…」

Ayaka’s dyed red in shame but it sitr up Hironobu’s lust more.

「If you say that much, it can’t be helped then」

「Eeeh~ I’m getting there!」

He pulled out his penis from Fairy who hasn’t climaxed yet.

Then pushed it inside Ayaka’s vagina wet with love nectar.

「Ayaka, if you want it then put it in yourself」


Ayaka nodded and pushed her waist towards Hironobu.

The very wet vagina took in the penis .

「Aaaaah! It came! The penis came inside!」

With her boiling desire stimulated at last, Ayaka raised a voice of delight.

Without taking a rest, she moved her waist towards Hironobu.

「Uwaa, you’re making such a lewd face…Fairy’s getting even more aroused!」

Fairy looks from the side and lines up with Ayaka to seduce Hironobu.

「Since we’re lined up like this, enjoy it more!」

「Right, I’ll make the two of you cum together!」

Two beautiful girls demands in heat. Both of them invites him with their asses.

Hironobu stirs up the vaginas of the girls with his bent erect penis.

「Hyuuuuuu!! It’s stirring deep! Fairy’s insides are already so sloppy!」

「Master! Please use me to ejaculate more…Nfuuuuu! You’re stirring my womb?!」

Their breathing becomes rough and their gasping gradually grows bigger too.

Their vagina’s convulsed, it seems that climax is near.

「Cum, I’m cumming! O-Ozawa! Cum! Cum insiiiiide!!」

Fairy seeks creampie as she tighten her vagina.

「Higu, I’m also cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! Let it out! Cum insiide meeee~!!!!」

Ayaka clamps the penis as if not wanting to let go as she climax.

「Kuh, Here we go! Take it!」

Hironobu reached his limit too from their hard clamping.
「Cumcumcumcuml,my head’s going crazy!!!!!!!!」

「Ohooooooooo! Masteeeer! Cumcumcumiiing!」

He ejaculated a large amount inside the two vaginas.

Fairy and Ayaka who accepted the hot creampie lied lied down on the bed.

Then, the ghost that possessed them rise to the surface just like how it happened with Youko.

「With this, you two are okay…」

Confirming Fairy and Ayaka’s state, he sees that they’re not having problems other than breathing heavily .

Hironobu sat down after confirming their safety.

Then, Youko who’s on the other side of the door has entered.

「That was amazing, it even reached outside you know?」

「Hahaha, did you hear it?」

「But, I’m glad that they both recovered.」

Saying that, she nursed the girls who fell down.
Hironobu looked at them while thinking about the remaining one…Firana.