Evil Prophet Chapter 17

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Once Sarah opened her mouth Mark moved his tongue inside her mouth and began furiously moving it around and kicking every part inside her mouth after which both of them began pressing their tongues against each other.


Despite being a virgin who couldn’t wait to let loose on Sarah’s body, Mark in his body had the blood of a True Succubus, so there was no way he’d be clumsy, on the contrary everything he did was pushing Sarah further and further into obscenity as she felt more and more turned on.


The way Mark would glide his hands through her public hair, run his hands down her thighs and let his fingers slightly brush past her pussy lips and asshole, pinch her hard nipple while simultaneously twist the other one, slap her ass cheeks, grasp the back of her head and press it even closer to his, every action Mark took made Sarah realized how boring her sex life was till now.


Her usual sex life till now only consisted of her husband stripping her naked after which he would squeeze and suck on her breasts till he was satisfied which was followed by 3 minutes of his small dick penetrating her pussy and cumming inside softer which he would end up falling asleep right on top of her body.


However now a single touch from Mark’s hand made Sarah feel much more pleasure than she ever experienced in her whole life.


Letting out small loans once in a while, Sarah moved her hand down and found Mark’s huge dick which was pressed between both of their bodies on her stomach. When she touched it Sarah almost gasped from how big and hot it was.


‘Won’t this dick split me in half if it enters me?’


Despite feeling a little scared of how such a huge dick entering her would feel, Sarah in no way thought of asking her Master to not fuck her.


Just as Sarah was about to start giving Mark a hand job, he stopped her and pulled her by the hand and arrived near the knee high table.


“Bend over it slave.”


Feeling a little tingle on her pussy when Mark called her such depraving words, Sarah obediently did as she was told.


Getting on her knees Sarah rested her arms on the table and tried to turn around, but Mark didn’t let her as she pressed her head and body down so that both of them would rest on the wooden surface.


Looking down at Sarah who was bending over on the table and squishing her tits against it while still arching her back so that her ass would be present to him to easily use, Mark felt satisfied at how sensible his slave was.


“Ever had such a huge dick inside you Sarah?”


Saying so Mark began rubbing the head of his erect dick against Sarah’s hair covered moist slit, during which he raised his hand up and brought it down slapping her ass leaving behind a furious red handprint on her ass.


“Aaaaa! No Master. I’ve never even had any dick even closer to the size of yours. By far your dick is the biggest one I’ve ever seen.”


Just like every man, Mark also felt satisfied when Sarah complimented about how big his dick was. So he once again slapped her ass causing both of her ass cheeks to now have red hand marks on them.




Despite not knowing why her Master was spanking her Sarah in now way tried to move away and only screamed a little from the pain.


Running his hands over the slap marks on Sarah’s ass cheeks Mark felt her tremble slightly from her touch causing him to feel even more satisfied with how Sarah was.


Feeling the wetness against his dick Mark was now sure that Sarah’s pussy was wet and ready for his dick to penetrate her hole.


Kneeling behind Sarah, Mark after aligning his dick head right at her pussy’s entrance, bent over and whispered is Sarah’s ear, “Get ready for the fucking of a lifetime.”


Along with that Mark used all the strength he had and in one single swoop pushed his dick completely inside her steamy wet and hot hole causing Sarah to scream out from a mix of pain and pleasure.




For a woman like Sarah who only had sex with a single man with a small dick her whole life, at the split second she couldn’t understand anything else and could only scream as sweat began forming all over her body.


The moment Mark’s monstrous dick skewered into her body, Sarah was sure that it went further past what a dick was supposed to enter, and broke past the pussy ending and was dangerously close to hitting the end of her womb!


However since she was unable to loo down Sarah wasn’t able to see something which probably would’ve scared her out of her mind, due to how huge Mark’s dick was not only was it long, it was also so thick that a huge bulge could be seen on the outside of her body from her pussy till her belly button.


Just based on how full her body felt from Mark’s dick inside her, Sarah felt like she couldn’t even properly speak and only roughly breathed and screamed.


“How is it bitch, feel full?”


Even in this situation Sarah still felt a tingle in her pussy when Mark was calling her names, however because she was unable to reply Sarah ended up nodding her head.


Similarly Mark was also lost in pleasure for a period of time as he felt his dick penetrate not one but two walls, he immediately understood that he had already crossed the boundary of her pussy and was now inside her womb.


‘So this is what a pussy feels like…’


Regaining his senses Mark felt how Sarah’s pussy was furiously leaking more and more juices so that his dick would’ve enough lubrication, so he slightly smirked as he withdrew his dick till only the head was remaking inside her body.


And then once again rammed it inside her leading to another loud but not as the previous one scream from her, however this time he didn’t stop and continued pulling out and pushing his dick in slowly until Sarah finally stopped screaming in a rough voice and started moaning loudly.


By now due to how wet Sarah’s pussy was there was no longer any need for Mark to continue slowly, so he started picking up his pace. At the same time he also used his hand to grasp her hair in the form of a knot and began pulling it like she was an animal.

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