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Matifa’s POV!

Yes, this is Matifa’s POV!


Below is just a long story about me, don’t mind it if you’re not a patron or you don’t donate, it’s boring.

I’d like to take this space to say my thoughts about the way I plan to use the donations of my readers.

Before, I actually planned to save up and buy a better PC so I can play games at best quality, recently, I felt that I won’t be able to play that long if I want to keep up with the Translation work, or I won’t be able to translate much if I played long. I can see this as I have 40 games installed in my steam folder right now and Yet I haven’t played since last month. lmao. Of course this includes the increased workload because of the thesis and school stuff. but I feel like I have to abandon one in the future. So, I decided to find something else that I can make use of the donations without disturbing my translation work. I found sites that gives japanse snacks and candies and stuff monthly, namely, Tokyo Treat, Japan Candy Box, and Japan Crate.1, I haven’t subscribed to any of them though.

Why I’m telling the readers what I want if it’s already my money? It’s because I want the readers to know what happens with the money they donated, recently, I bought a secondhand mechanical keyboard and a new phone as a replacement on the windows phone I bought just last august. Those are the big stuffs I remember that I bought with the money, mostly I use the money for food, because food is love, food is life. Still, Patrons and Donators have my gratitude as they keep me motivated to do translation, I’ll keep doing TL as long as I’m interested in doing it, if I get bored, I might want to find a new novel to translate, or take a Hiatus but I will announce them so don’t worry, I won’t disappear without any announcement (Unless there’s an apocalypse or I died or something else that makes me impossible to connect to the internet and tell you people)


That was long. Anyway, TL:DR version: Thanks for the donors and Patrons, hope you keep supporting me.

  1. if you’re subscribed to it, you can talk to me about it, just comment below