Flight, Invisibility, Teleportation Chapter 31

Chapter 31:  Princess knew

「I-I’m tired…」
「Uu…Inside again…」

It was hard to pin down the struggling Seria with so my body is left with fatigue. Thanks to that, my body hurts.
I who finished the act cleaned my body with towel.
Then when I put on my clothes, I spoke to the depressed Seria who is hiding herself in the sheets.

「You, shouldn’t be afraid of my thing anymore」
「That’s true, after the third time I’m already used to it. And when I thought about the first day, other than doing naughty things with me, you helped me, so I understood that you’re selfish. You’re cruel when doing H but, uhm, gentle………」

Seria answered while covering her face. It was hard to hear the last part but she’s just shy.
Certainly, other than the rapist, I’m her benefactor. Though, everything is ruined because of rape.

「I did think hard the day before yesterday. Your appearance while I banging semen in your womb, then fainting is miserable」
「Please don’t say it specifically! I never want that again, also it’s because I used magic…」

The last lines weren’t clear as she’s mumbling in embarrassment. Certainly, it won’t be a tragedy if that magic wasn’t used. At first I intend to stop after I felt good.

「Anyway! You cold-bloodedly murdered people, then raped a lady so you’re the worst person」
「Nevertheless, you saved me and you’re also investigating. If you didn’t help us that time I don’t know what would happen tous… At least it isn’t worse than the current results」
「That’s true」

Lululie would be gangbaned in the place, as for Seria, her virginity would be safe at least. Thinking about it, I’m tolerant as I just took Seria’s virginity. I want you to thank me more.

「My brothers are in dispute, I’ve heard that the castle is divided into two. The only one supporting me are Lululie and Lion. I don’t know what other people think」
「Can you trust Lion?」
「Lion is fine. He doesn’t take any side since he’s too strong, nobody can go near him too. He’s trying to protect his pride as a knight alone. If I would say, he’s an ally of justice」
「The complete opposite of me」

Lion seems to be trusted. I don’t know what this guy thinks in the back, Lion might be just as what Seria said.
That fellow would carry out his ideal. He’s not compatible with me. That’s why he can be trusted.
While nodding alone, Seria turned around slowly and dropped an oversized bomb.

「However, I don’t think that’s the case Other worlder, Ren Kirishima-san」

Time stopped.
I didn’t tell Seria my name when she helped me before. Only those who are close with me knows that I’m from a different world.
Three years ago, when I came over this world and met her we did self-introduction, but my features from those days are already gone. My height grew, my physique grew from thin to something muscular. Also my face changed before I knew it. The only thing remained is my black hair and the no magic.
If I returned on my original world, even my parents won’t recognize me.
The human she meet from three years ago shouldn’t notice. That’s right. This must be a trick question.

「W-who’s that?」
「Do you really think I didn’t notice it? When I first saw you I noticed it already. You changed so much in these three years, but you still have no magical power at all, also your atmosphere when I just examined Lululie was similar. If observed well, your eyes, eyebrows and your voice didn’t change」
「No No No. Why do you remember such a place? We only met once three years ago? Normally you won’t remember small details!」

Does Seria have a perfect memory ability? In a world with magic it’s not strange if it happened, but I’ve never seen someone with that kind of ability until now.
However, I understood that it’s not a bluff. My real nature certainly came out.
To prove it, Seria began to talk about her memories.

「I can’t forget such a strong encounter. When I thought the noisy knight surrounded me, a naked man appeared in front of my eyes. I heard that he was an otherworlder, he told be in detail that I believed that it’s true. I also remember all the stories of the otherworlder that time. I wanted to see him all this time, it’s regrettable that it’s like this」
「W-w-w-w-w-wait a moment. 」 C-c-c-calm down f-for a bit」
「We’ll return as is. Please calm down. The knights of the table would notice1

I breathed deeply just as told. I inhaled deeply once again, then the smell of a man and flower trickled my nosetril. It’s the smell of the semen stuck on her silver hair. Yup, no good, me.

「Sorry, I was confused for a moment」
「That’s not a moment」

She retorted with an amazed look. Strange, are our roles reversed?

「Let me organize it for a bit. You knew me three years ago. That’s why you noticed my true nature. And nobody knows about me apart from you. Am I right?」
「Yes, that’s right. I don’t understand so I didn’t tell anyone」

I felt relieved.
My real nature shouldn’t be exposed to influential people.
Assassin, thief, peeping tom, lingerie thief, rapist, pervert, a huge murderer, a fake adventurer, lolicon, Cathy’s owner, flying human, and invisible gentleman or a some dangerous title for the human with supernatural power Ren Kirishima. I’m an unknown presence. I think it’s stupid.
But if this comes to light, I would be arrested and would be investigated thoroughly. A torture brainwashing drug medication hell waits for me. Then I would be executed and fall in true hell.
That’s why my life would be over if my secret is handed over.

「Absolutely don’t tell anyone. If you expose me I’ll be sure to take everything important from you」
「Taking my first time is already enough. You too, please don’t take anything important from me. Especially, if you lay your hand on Lululie, I’d really expose you」

Seria spoke with a smile
Therefore, why am I threatened?
I can’t really lay my hands on Lululie. Then, my elf sisters winning over plan becomes meaningless too. It’s a waste not to lay hands on those two beauties.
I think about something. Can I compromise? I need to find my way out.

Should I tell her that Lilith almost got kidnapped? But, doing so she would know that I made contact with the elf sisters. That’s not good. I want to advance my plans in secret.
Let’s keep quiet for the time being. I must answer her with something.

「I-I won’t do such things」
「That’s extremely suspicious. Did you already lay your hands on them? I won’t forgive you if you do」

Seria sent a glare. But, I answered in confidence.

「I didn’t do anything so be relieved. Also I came here every night to gather information so I have no leisure」

I looked at Seria’s eyes and said it clearly. The only thing I can do is intimidation and bluff.
We stared at each other, then Seria broke out.

「That’s true. I’ll believe your words for now」
「Don’t worry. I’m not going to lay a hand on them as long as you’re obedient」
「Jeez, I can’t honestly believe you say such things」

It’s good for the time being.
However, I should take measures when exposed.
First, the king and the two marquis houses. I swear to grab their weakness so they don’t interfere when I capture Lululie. If that happens, I won’t be afraid even if I get exposed. I’ll be free to do what I want.

「You’re thinking something bad again.」
「W-what do you mean?」

Not just Misha, but Seria can also read my heart. Is it really obvious in my face?

「I really wish it wasn’t clear. When you helped me, I was really scared, but glad at the same time. Yet, when it comes to you, you attacked with your greed, then do naughty things, then threatened me. Really, why are youー」

I felt a faint magic from outside the window. The concealment is almost perfect, but as long as there’s magical power, they can’t hide it from leaking. Normal people would not notice it, but my sixth sense perceived it precisely.

「Wait, Seria. ーーMatifa, stop hiding and come out」
「Oh, you noticed even by that much? You prevented Misha’s surprise attack but you have a quite a sharp sense」
「Eh, from where?」

The window opened automatically. Then a beautiful half moon is reflected on the other side. But, Matifa certainly exists on a place where nobody seems to be. I hear her footsteps as evidence. Then, Matifa appeared out of nothing.
Perhaps, it’s a magic that imitates my ability. Her principle is refraction? She doesn’t seem to disappear to substance like me.
Still, that doesn’t change the fact that that magic is a very advanced magic. As expected this girl’s case is different.

「Seria, You were bad there. Since I heard an interesting story, You made me come」
「Matifa-sama, I don’t mind it but…」

Seria looked at me and Matifa alternately. Her eyes are looking for an explanation of our relationship.

「The two of us are acquaintances so don’t mind it. The matter is…let’s see, who’s the mistress?」
「M-mistress? But I’m not going out with him…」

Seria looked at me suspiciously. But, Matifa answered the question faster than I can respond.

「Don’t worry Seria. I can’t be his first so I’m the mistress. In short, I was rejected once. Can you believe that he rejected this cute girl? His penis really had grown」
「Peni…! Matifa-sama, what are you saying!」
「Isn’t that true? Normally one would kneel to propose on a beautiful girl like me. Yet, he refused me. In addition, while we’re having sex on the bed. In addition, he declared to stop the mistress matter. He’s really a cruel man」
「Wha! What does this mean!?」

Seria scowls and presses me with her deep red face. Magical power builded up and a silver colored aura boils. Her angry face is also lovely, but the magical power is no joke. As expected of a royalty. Even she’s 14 years old her magic amount reaches class-B I’m going to die.

「Wait, suppress your magic. You’d be found out」
「Don’t worry. I strengthened the barrier when I entered the room. Both the sound and magical barriers are perfect. Nobody would notice even if you cry or suffer. You can persuade, beg for your life, or resort to force, suit yourself. Yeah, that’s right. If you’re going to use force, add me」
「Thanks but no thanks!」

Matifa sits on the bed nonchalantly and crossed her legs. She’s smirking as she pretends to be a mere speculator. This Witch!

「I’m asking what does this mean. Ren-san. Did you involve others after all? You did lay your hands on women other than me!?2

Shit. The relationship I build might collapse in an instant. Why did I rush in to this bloodbath?

「Wait, calm down Seria. Don’t listen to Matifa. She’s a witch. She’s just disturbing and amusing herself」
「Matifa-sama doesn’t tell a lie. You did lay your hand on Matifa? Even though she looks like a small child!!3

Certainly, her appearance on the outside is 10 years old. If I laid my hands on her I won’t escape from the Lolicon slander.
However, hearing the word ‘child’ Matifa felt offended. Shit, she’s also becoming grumpy.

「S-she’s a respectable lady. A man wouldn’t be able to refuse if invited by such a beautiful woman like her. I didn’t have the right of veto. It can’t be helped!」

Rather, it was me that was played with! I’m the victim! I want to cry those, but I read the mood as expected.
The pressure of the two beautiful girls are fearful. The unpleasant sweat flowed on my back. I want to run away right now.

「Then you admit that you laid your hands on her? You’re the worst4 Can’t you just leave me along and make Matifa-sama happy!5
「Oh, Seria you said something good. That’s right, you. Make me happy」

Seria raised her fist and made a fist figure repeatedly. It might be childlike, but her magic is in murder class. Will I die if she swings downwards? A red fruit splits open and this room would become a spot of a bizarre looking murder case? You get it?
Since I don’t want to die from such a thing, I stand and hold Seria’s arm with all my effort. However, I was no match for her power and was pushed. I still manage to induce the power, I held the joint and forcefully stopped the movement of her arm.
Then the aftermath of Seria’s magic was stopped somehow. The magic burst out without hitting, then the wind blew away for several meters.


I fixed my posture and fell on the floor soon enough. It’s a shame that I can’t use flight ability in such case. If my body can’t take off, I can’t use it.

「Seria is bold. If you made a wrong stop he’d be dead. No, Should I compliment him for stopping it without running away? Well, we have to adjust the next thing well. He doesn’t have magical power after all」
「Eh, uhm, yes, I’m sorry…」

Matifa rebuked Seria, Seria apologized obediently.
The bottom of the carpet is soft and fluffy. I who got off with a light bruise had my body lifted somehow.

「You get it right? I can’t keep up with you as I have no power. I can’t win against Matifa on arguements, so I’m not a partner you can’t defy. Matifa’s words are correct but that’s not all. Matifa invited me, then I refused her. Although we had a relationship in body but that’s the same for us. It’s an adult relationship just like you thought」
「Err, that’s…」

Seria looked at me confused. Matifa stood up and walked to me while laughing in satisfaction.

「Well, let’s leave it like that. Seria, what this one is saying is true. He refused my temptation. But that’s because I’m lonely, so I had him accompany me. That’s why I’m not a mistress nor a lover. In addition it’s just one day. You don’t have to worry about my body. This is much durable than you think」

Matifa used healing magic when she touched me. The back pain goes away in an instant. When the treatment ends, I clenched Matifa’s hand and stood up.

「Uhm, I’m sorry. I overdid it…」
「Don’t mind it. I’m used to this much」

Seria’s mind seems to have settled too. I escaped the dilemma for the time being. I though I would die.

「Well then, let’s go to the main subject」

When I and Seria settled, Matifa butted in. Seria and I confirmed with a nod and Matifa continued her words.

「Ren Kirishima, is it true that you’re an otherworlder?」

Shit. It was revealed on the person I never wanted to reveal. I might really die.


  1. What’s with this role reversal?
  2. Seria is jelly
  3. Kono lolicon! Ren no bakaaa!
  4. Why aren’t you satisfied with me?
  5. Ren no bakaaaa!