FPD Chapter 103

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A Relaxed Bath


As a medium-sized gang led by an eighth-layer practitioner, the Red Skull Gang has a very luxurious bath.

The bath was just a bit smaller than the bath in the imperial palace. It was located in an open underground space filled with hot water heated by magic. Once you entered the bath, you could see the water vapor floating around and giving the bath a calm atmosphere.

I submerged myself in the hot water and relaxed my body. The water temperature was at the best point, and I could not help but sigh in comfort.

I have always loved baths, even during my first life. I love the way the water feels against my skin and like swimming in hot and cold waters. Nothing is better than a good bath to relax the body.

Unfortunately, not all the worlds I have been in have a good bathing culture. Once, I was reborn in a world where you could only bath on the first day of the week, and taking a bath any other day was considered a sin.

Some people did not bath even once in a year!

As a result, I ended becoming a demon king and was forced to destroy that world’s religion.

What? Are you saying that destroying a religion simply because they did not like bathing is excessive? Tell me that after living with foul-smelling people every day for more than ten years.

Trust me, it’s a nightmare.

Feeling the water against my skin, I smiled wryly while remembering the good old days. Hah… How I miss the days when I was young.

While I was submerged in the water, I felt the door of the bathroom opening. I was slightly surprised, but in the next second, I recognized the presence of the newcomer.

“Raven, what are you doing here?”

“… Can I bath with you?” She asked in a low voice.

I smiled wryly. “Do your sisters know that you are here?”


“I thought so.” I sighed and looked towards her. Raven only had a towel covering her body. She was staring at the ground shyly and her face had turned slightly red. Her gaze darted sometimes towards me, but when she noticed me looking at her, she moved it away.

I sighed in admiration seeing Raven’s petite body. Her body seemed like a delicate porcelain doll. Her small feet moved nervously, and her small chest was partly uncovered due to the towel being too small.

“Come here.” I patted the place beside me and smiled at Raven. Raven put on an excited expression and instantly rushed towards me.

But instead of sitting beside me, she sat on my thighs.

I was completely stunned. You must remember that I’m currently naked, and Raven was wearing only a towel. I just needed to move slightly to transform this situation in an R-18 scene.

Happiness came too soon.

Raven leaned her body on my chest and submerged her face on the water. Her face had turned completely red, and her normally indifferent eyes had turned slightly moist.

I resisted the urge to pierce her and hugged her waist gently.

“Little girl, are you tempting me?”

Raven blushed and closed her eyes, but I could feel her body trembling slightly.

I put on an amused smile but stopped teasing Raven. Even although I was tempted to devour her here and now, I knew that Raven was a little afraid. Moreover, I played enough with Daisy and Andrea in the morning, so I was not in a hurry to eat her.

So, despite the heated atmosphere, the two of us remained silent while enjoying the bath.

A few minutes later, Raven finally opened her mouth.

“… Big sister Akilah… She is a good girl, just a little impulsive.”

I was slightly startled, but soon a smile formed on my lips. “Are you worried that I’m holding onto a grudge against your sister?”

“Mm… I hope you can get along with her.”

“Is it so? Don’t worry then. Although I was a bit displeased about Akilah’s words, I don’t care much about it.”

Raven heaved a sigh of relief. “… Thanks.”

She then put on a hesitating expression and raised her face to look at me.

“… Clark, when we made the contract yesterday, I saw some strange things.”

“Huh? What did you see?”

“… I’m not sure… It was strange. First, I saw someone fighting an army of monsters, defeating them with a sword. Then, I saw a powerful mage defending the world from a giant monster… I also saw a man cursing humanity in rage while he was being burnt and crucified in front of a multitude… I saw a beautiful fox girl smiling gently while a smaller fox followed after her… I saw many things, some that I can’t remember anymore…”

Hearing that, I could not help but fall silent.

For an instant, I could not help but remember my many past lives. My loved ones that supported my dreams, the goals I pursued together with my comrades, the smiles of my wives when they held my children on their arms.

… And their faces when they got older, looking kindly towards me with love and pity.

A powerful feeling of nostalgy invaded me. So many lives, so many things I lost.

… Someone once told me that we, immortals, are cursed.

Cursed to an eternal life of loneliness.

Until the day when the loneliness destroys us.

Even the people that are with me now, I’m not sure how long they’ll accompany me.

Suddenly, a small hand touched my cheek.

Looking down, I saw Raven looking at me with a determined expression.

“… I won’t leave you alone, I swear.”

Raven’s soul sure is special. To think she even read my thoughts.

For a brief instant, I remembered someone else that said the same words.

[… I’ll not leave you alone, dad.]

Thinking about it, I was the one that abandoned her.

… I wonder how is she now.

She probably wants to kill me.

Shaking my head, I looked at Raven and put my forehead against hers.


“… Mm.”

“… Hey Raven, do you want to be my little sister?”

“… I don’t want.”


“… A sister can’t marry her brother.”

I smiled wryly. “Don’t worry, you can be my sister now and my wife later.”

“Is it so? Then yes.”

“Good. From today onwards, you are my little sister.”

“… Mm. Big brother Claus.”

… Hey, when did you learn my true name?”


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