FPD Chapter 160

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Claus and Iris (2)


The institute had a few abandoned buildings. Those buildings had been used as classrooms or laboratories before, but due to certain reasons, they were replaced by newer buildings.

Normally, the academy demolished those buildings after a few months, but some of them were not demolished and remained abandoned after many years.

And now, a strange noise was coming from one of those buildings.

Iris tensed up. “Did you hear it?”

I nodded. “It probably was a rat.”

“Do you think so?” Iris did not seem very sure.

A few seconds later, we heard the sound again.

It was as though something was shaking.

“I think we must investigate. Do we send Katherine a message?” Iris asked.

I furrowed my brows and closed my eyes. With a brief use of [Akashic Sight], I scanned the entire building.

And I discovered something interesting.

“I don’t think so.” I replied to Iris. “We don’t know if it’s truly something urgent. We better wait until we investigate it.”

Iris thought for a moment and agreed with me. “You are right. Let’s go.”

I nodded and walked ahead.

Iris’s talent in mana was not too outstanding. She was one year older than me, but her strength was just in the fourth layer, the same as my sister Lena that is three years younger.

Of course, my strength was apparently at the same level as her, but I was a special case. Thinking about it, it was time for me to make a breakthrough. Later, I’ll appear as a fifth-layer practitioner.

Iris followed behind me nervously. I feigned I was searching for the source of the sound and looked around the building.

Then, we heard the noise again, this time coming from the second floor.

I looked at Iris and she nodded, so we took the stairs.

The sounds of something shaking started to intensify. We also started to hear human-like noises. Iris turned even more nervous and grabbed a corner of my shirt.

“P-Prince, I think we have to call the others.” Iris had started to turn pale.

“Let’s wait a bit more.” I took her hand to reassure her. “Don’t worry, if something happens, I’ll protect you.”

Iris blushed, but she took her hand off my hand.

Finally, we reached the source of the sound.

“It’s here.” I whispered. Iris nodded. She took a deep breath and prepared a magic spell.

I was amused, but to keep the appearances, I unsheathed my sword silently and grabbed the handle of the door.

At that moment, a muffled grunt sounded in the room.

“… Nnn…”

“Huh?” Iris was startled.

I curved my lips up and pushed the door open.

“Stop, put your hands behind your heads!” I always wanted to try that.

Instantly, the scene in the room froze.

The semi-naked couple inside, and Iris behind me, were frozen.



Well, it was a normal reaction.



One minute later, after the boy and the girl in the room put their clothes again, they stood in front of us nervously.

The couple in the room was incredibly embarrassed, and Iris behind me was even worse. I wanted to laugh seeing her expression of stupefaction after she saw the scene in the room.

“… P-Prince, w-what are you doing here?” The boy forced himself to talk.

I put on a serious expression. “We were ordered to patrol the school grounds to try to find anything abnormal. I was not waiting to find something like this, though.”

The boy smiled awkwardly and the girl wanted to cry.

Iris looked at the pair with a look of shame. “D-Don’t you know it’s forbidden to do this in the school? You can be expulsed!”

The couple turned pale. “P-Please, viceprez. This will not happen a-again.”

Iris snorted. It was obvious she was displeased with all of this.

“You will have to give me an explanation! Come with me to the student council!”

The couple turned even paler. They looked at me with pleading expressions.

If I’m not wrong, one of them is a lesser noble and the other a commoner. If it’s known that they were having sex in the school, both of them could be expulsed.

I smiled and held Iris’s shoulders. “Now, now, calm down. I’m sure that this is not too serious, right you two?”

“R-Right!” Both of them replied immediately.

“See? Besides, many students have sex in school. It’s just that they are not discovered.” Such as me.

Iris blushed. The word sex reminded her of the scene a few seconds ago.

“Even so, they– Mhhhmm!”

I covered Iris’s mouth and smiled at the couple. “Don’t worry about it, guys. We will not tell anyone.”

“Thank you very much.” The couple bowed and sighed in relief. They then held their hands and ran away.

“Remember to choose a safer place next time!” I shouted behind them. The couple stumbled briefly before running again.

When they were gone, I released Iris.

“What are you doing!?” Iris stared at me with a look of complete anger and shame.

I smiled to calm her down. “Just let it go, okay? Something like this is normal.”

“Normal? Normal!? They were having s-s-s-sex!”

I looked at her with a mysterious smile. “Of course it’s something normal. People of our age are curious about it.”

Iris looked at me fiercely.

“What? I’m sure you are curious too. Is it the first time you see something like that?”

Iris opened her mouth but she was unable to reply.

“Oh? Then, are you not kissed anyone before?”

“… N-No, I…” Iris lowered her face in embarrassment.

I smirked. “So you are completely inexperienced.”

Iris did not reply.

A red cloud formed in the beautiful violet-haired girl’s cheeks. Her expression was so cute that I wanted to hug her forever.

So, I decided to take a step forward.

“Well, I don’t mind teaching you.”

Before Iris could react, I had stolen her lips.


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