FPD Chapter 164

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Rose’s Strength


As an institute created mainly to teach magic and combat arts, it was normal for duels to be allowed.

The institute forbids fights between students, but if two students have a dispute, they can speak with a teacher and request a duel. If the teacher agrees, the duel will be fought in the institute’s arena and the teacher will supervise the duel to make sure that nobody dies or is gravely injured.

The noble students proposed a duel against Joseph and Rose, and they accepted. Of course, Rose and Joseph could not fight all the nobles by themselves, so two of the nobles would represent the group and face them.

What came as a surprise was Alan’s request for a duel.

He said that the way the student council and the students’ guards treated his subordinates went overboard, and he requested a duel to search justice for them.

Everybody knew that it was just an excuse to take revenge for the humiliation he suffered just before, but nobody mentioned it.

Of course, neither Katherine nor the proud Dina refused the duel. Instead, both of them seemed eager to fight.

So, we moved to the arena.

The information about the duels spread very fast, probably because the noble students spread it in purpose. However, none of us cared. In truth, with the exception of Joseph, and maybe Iris, everybody else here was confident in getting the victory.

When we reached the arena, a crowd of students was already seated in the stands.

Joseph was a bit pale. He was not confident that he could win, but he was not going to hide like a coward now that he was challenged to a duel. Even if he lost, he was going to fight proudly.

At that moment, the headmistress looked towards us.

“Very well, who will go first?” She asked.

The nobles looked at each other and two of them stepped forward.

“We wish to fight first, headmistress.”

Evelyn looked at them and nodded. “Very well, Rose, Joseph, step forward.”

Joseph and Rose nodded. Contrary to Joseph, Rose was very excited. She was looking forward to battling two strong enemies. For her, this duel was an opportunity to improve her abilities.

When the two groups were in front of her, Evelyn frowned and asked something.

“How are you going to compete?”

“Two vs. two.” The nobles said almost immediately. “If they lose, they have to apologize publicly, and if we lose, we will apologize then.”

Evelyn looked at Joseph and Rose to ask for their opinion. They nodded after thinking for a bit.

“Very well.” She nodded. “All of you know the rules. No killing and no maiming the opponent. If I see any of you trying to harm your opponent maliciously, I’ll intervene, and believe me, you will not like it. Also, I hope that today’s conflict ends here. If I learn that any of you searched revenge after the duel, you will have a very serious chat with my fists!” Evelyn fixed her gaze in the two nobles when she said it. She feared that the nobles would try underhanded means to harm her students if they are defeated.

The nobles nodded frantically with pale faces.

“Very well, then. I wish luck to all of you. Now, get ready for the fight.”

“”””Yes, headmistress!”””

The arena was a place specially prepared for duels between students and even teachers. It had a capacity of five thousand spectators, and today it was almost full. Students and teachers had rushed here to witness the duel after they heard that the three committees were participating.

A magic barrier surrounded the arena, protecting the spectators from stray attacks. The barrier could stop any attack below the eighth layer.

Simply the fact that the academy could activate this kind of giant barrier without worrying about the cost spoke volumes of the academy’s wealth and strength.

Joseph and Rose stood in a side of the field, and the two nobles in the other. For the record, the two nobles were called Freddy and Jason. Unfortunately, they were not as scary as their names.

Both of them were fourth-year students, and Joseph was a fifth-year student. Judging by that, Rose was severely disadvantaged. After all, she was just a freshman.

However, I was very confident in Rose. After all, the hero is supposed to grow after defeating all the obstacles in her path. Four or five years of difference are nothing in front of people like her.

When both teams were ready, headmistress Evelyn floated to the center of the arena and looked at them.

“Are you ready?”

The two teams nodded.

“Very well, then start!”

When the headmistress finished speaking, one of the nobles insta-casted a spell.

Fire magic, [Fire Rain]!

A magic circle appeared in the sky and unleashed a rain of fire that assaulted Joseph and Rose. The fire spell attacked the pair indiscriminately, aiming to eliminate them in one blow.

Moreover, the other noble unsheathed a sword and charged towards Joseph and Rose with the intent to attack if they survive the rain of fire. It was obvious that although they were confident, they did not underestimate the enemy.

The coordination between the two fifth-layer nobles was flawless. It was obvious that they were experienced in fighting together. They were worthy of being fourth-year students.

But just as I expected, they underestimated the hero.

Suddenly, a flash of sword light lit up the arena.

The rain of fire was cur into two, and the flames were extinguished. The sword intent hidden in the sword light was so overwhelming that it seemed to consume everything.

Then, Rose appeared in front of the sword-wielding noble.

Her sword drew an arc in the air before she passed him. She then stopped briefly before appearing in front of the magician.

Brandishing her sword, she cut through everything in front of her. The fire shield, the spell the magician was preparing, and the defensive robe he was wearing. Her sword sliced the air and cut him.

Then, she sheathed her sword and turned around.

The two nobles opened their eyes in fear. They stood in place as frozen statues, completely stunned.

They could not understand what happened. In fact, most of the people observing the fight were unable to understand what happened.

However, the ones that understood could not hide the seriousness and astonishment on their faces.

Only when Rose returned to her side of the field, the nobles moved.

And instantly, blood spurt out of their bodies.

Rose had cut their tendons in an instant, cleanly, and without dirtying her sword. The fight ended after with just two stroked of her sword.

I could not suppress a sigh of admiration. Unexpectedly, this girl had broken through to the sixth layer.


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