FPD Chapter 198

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Collecting Interest (3)


I pierced Mrs. Lluvia from behind. My hands held her waist and my pelvis slammed her buttocks fiercely.

“Ahnn…~!” Mrs. Lluvia moaned loudly. I felt her lower cave wrapping itself around my dick, stimulating it fiercely.

Mrs. Lluvia was thoroughly wet due to the foreplay from before. Her love juices drenched and lubricated my weapon completely, making it easier for me to move in and out.

With each movement, Mrs. Lluvia’s body trembled. She opened her mouth, moaned, and gasped without any care. I felt my libido shooting up each time I heard her seductive voice.

This time, I did not try to control myself. I attacked Mrs. Lluvia roughly, moving faster and faster, fiercer and fiercer. Mrs. Lluvia received my attacks joyfully, moving her body according to my movements to cater to them.

I kissed her neck while my waist messed her insides. The slamming sounds caused by each movement resounded in the living room and could be heard even on the second floor.

Because she heard I used a barrier to block the sounds, Mrs. Lluvia was not reserved this time. On the contrary, she was much more open than the other women I have had sex with.

Maybe her sex life with her husband was not satisfying already or she was too disappointed with her husband, but Mrs. Lluvia seemed to be enjoying the sex as much as me. I could not find traces of guilt or shame I found the last time we had sex.

*Pak pak pak pak.*

The sounds of our bodies colliding with each other spread to our surroundings. Mrs. Lluvia opened her mouth and closed her eyes, enjoying the pleasure that was spreading to all her body.

“Ahnn…~ Clark… Yes, yes…~”

The charm Mrs. Lluvia emitted was amazingly enticing. It was the charm of a mature married woman. The fact that she was below my body, enjoying my pounding while moaning and grunting in happiness filled me with an incredible sense of contest.

Finally, Mrs. Lluvia’s body trembled fiercely. Her eyes rolled up and her mouth opened in a pleasurable moan that sent shivers in my spine.

The next instant, a flood of love juices left her body. Mrs. Lluvia’s body collapsed, and her face fell on the sofa.

However, I just smirked. Without giving her time to recover, I resumed my movements.

Mrs. Lluvia let out a muffled grunt and tried to say something, but my constant attacks paralyzed her body completely. Feeling my weapon reaching the deepest part of her womanhood, she could not help but cry in excitement.

I enjoyed her body with a smile seeing how she shivered below me, unable to do anything to escape from my grasp. With each attack, more love juices left her lower body, drenching the sofa.

My penis pierced her womb once and again without giving her time to react. In a few minutes, Mrs. Lluvia had her second orgasm.


Once more, her body shivered in pleasure.

But then, she felt my sword moving again.

“S-Stop…~” Mrs. Lluvia pleaded with a lustful and tired voice, but I simply smirked and continued attacking. I pressed my body against her, stopping her movements, and continuing with my thrusts.

“Ahhh…~” Mrs. Lluvia let out an incoherent voice. Feeling my weapon inside her moving fiercely as an inexhaustible beast, let her in extasis.

Her walls wrapped around my penis and her waist trembled with my movements. I used my hands to pinch her nipples while I continued to pound her.

Finally, my first orgasm was approaching.

However, I suppressed it and continued with my thrusts, moving faster and faster while I kissed and bit her back.

Finally, I felt her body tensing up again.

Then with a loud cry, her body spasmed fiercely.

“I-I’m cumming…~”

At the same time, I shot my white seed inside her vagina.

My hot white stuff filled her womb and caused her to moan again.

I enjoyed the feeling of her body spasming and kissed her neck.

“Huff, huff, huf… That was good.” Mrs. Lluvia panted and whispered with a voice of satisfaction. I stood up and pulled my penis out. Instantly, a stream of semen left her vagina and fell on the sofa.

Mrs. Lluvia turned around and looked at me with gentle eyes. Her face was rosy due to the strenuous exercise, and her eyes were wet.

I leaned forward and kissed her lips. Mrs. Lluvia returned my kiss and used her tongue to open my teeth, entangling her tongue with mine.

At that moment, she looked down and saw that my weapon was still pointing to the sky.

“… How vigorous… That is the good of being young.”

“Well, Mrs. Lluvia is a very charming woman. I can’t help it.”

“Sweet talker. I probably would have married you if I were younger and unmarried.”

I smiled without replying. Then, I kissed Mrs. Lluvia’s lips again and used my hands to separate her legs.

Mrs. Lluvia noticed my movements and panicked briefly. To be honest, she was already tired after three orgasms.

However, her strength was lower than mine, and my mouth left her breathless, so she could not even ask for mercy.

One second later, she felt something hot and stiff against her entrance.

She involuntarily let out a muffled moan of pleasure. She was facing another invasion, this time in a missionary position.

I moved my waist up and down while I kissed her lips. At the same time, my hands moved around her body, pinching her nipples and caressing her waist.

When my lips let hers, Mrs. Lluvia gasped.

“N-No, stop it…~” Mrs. Lluvia pleaded pitifully, but I just smirked and put my mouth in her breasts, sucking them fiercely and biting her nipples.

“Nnn…~” Mrs. Lluvia’s body curved up, and her legs wrapped around my waist. She moaned and grunted repeatedly while at the mercy of my constant thrusts.

I did not stop even when she had another orgasm. Instead, I intensified my movements, being as rough as possible without hurting her. Mrs. Lluvia could only moan and twist her body while trying to cope with the incredible pleasure she was feeling.

Soon, a bit of saliva started to drool from her mouth, and her eyes turned blurry. Finally, I felt her fifth orgasm coming.

Thinking that it was already enough, I used all my strength and thrust once, twice, and thrice.

Then, my second shot of the day came out.

Mrs. Lluvia toes curled down. She let out a last, loud moan that resounded in the entire house and closed her eyes. Then she fell unconscious with a smile of satisfaction in her face.

Seeing that, I sighed and pulled my penis out. I watched the beautiful figure lying on the sofa with semen flowing out of her cave and could not help but smile in pride.

Then I looked up to the second floor of the house.

There, I knew that Mrs. Lluvia’s daughter and daughter-in-law were hearing everything.


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