FPD Chapter 199

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The Daughter-In-Law too? (1)


After the loud sex session, only Mrs. Lluvia even breathing could be heard in the living room.

My gaze roamed her beautiful body while I smiled. As expected, Mrs. Lluvia was a delicious woman. Although her skin was not as firm as younger women, she carried the charm of a mature woman, and the fact that she was married was another plus.

Now that I shot twice inside her, I felt much more relaxed. Today had been a long day, and a bit of sex was a good way to finish it.

At that moment, I felt a pair of footsteps coming down from the stairs.

Without looking behind me, I knew who was the owner of the footsteps.

I smiled. It looks like today can be even better.

Looking over my shoulder, I saw a black-haired young woman staring at me.

When Clarice felt my gaze, she looked away and blushed slightly.

“Can you wear some clothes please?” She asked.

I smiled and put on a towel I found nearby around my waist. Clarice sighed in relief and walked towards me.

“Miss Clarice, what are you doing here?” I asked with an obviously faked surprised expression.

“It was not to see how my mother-in-law and you having sex.” She replied coldly.

“Sorry about it.” I said amusedly. Clarice looked at me and rolled her eyes. She then walked towards the kitchen. “Don’t worry, I just come to find something.”

I shrugged and sat down on the sofa. Lluvia. Mrs. Lluvia hummed in her sleep and extended her arms towards my leg.

When Clarice saw it, her expression turned weird.

“… Don’t you think that you are doing is wrong?”

“Wrong? Why? Both Mrs. Lluvia and I are doing it voluntarily.”

“But she is a married woman.” Clarice’s tone turned chilling. “This can destroy this family.”

“Well, this family is already almost destroyed. In fact, she is doing it to save her family.”

Clarice fell silent.

As someone living in this house, Clarice was clear about this family’s circumstances. The gambling debts of her father-in-law and husband were too much for Mrs. Lluvia to bear. Every day, someone would come to ask for money or to threaten them to pay.

Due to that, Mrs. Lluvia had seen herself forced to sell her silver cutlery, luxurious furniture, and family jewels; but even after that, the endless pit called gambling continued asking for money.

Clarice had heard our conversation yesterday. She knew the reason her mother-in-law slept with me.


Of course, after hearing her mother-in-law moans just now, she was not sure if money was the only reason.

“… How much money are you giving her?” Clarice asked after a few seconds of silence.

I looked at her deeply and chuckled. “Not enough, but it can help with the most pressing problem.”

“I see.” Clarice nodded.

Returning from the kitchen, she looked at the asleep Lluvia and put on a complicated expression. To be honest, she did not know what to feel at this moment.

Mrs. Lluvia had indeed betrayed her husband, but Clarice felt that her father-in-law deserved it.

But thinking about her own husband, was her situation not the same?

Seeing the complicated expression on Clarice’s face, I curved my lips up. Suddenly, I stood up and walked towards her.

Clarice panicked. She thought about taking a step back, but for some reason, her feet were rooted in the ground.

I walked slowly, observing Clarice’s expression with a smile. When I arrived in front of her, I extended my hand and caressed her cheek.

Then, I leaned slightly forward and kissed her lips.

“!!!” Clarice opened her eyes wide. She reflexively put her hands on my chest and pushed me away.


I just chuckled and looked right into her black eyes.

At twenty-two, Clarice was a beautiful and young married woman.

Her skin was firm, and her long black hair fell until her back. Her face was not stunningly beautiful as Louise or Dina, but she had her own charm. It was a healthy-kind of beauty, like a wildflower growing in spring.

She normally kept an ice-cold expression, so seeing her panicking after I kissed her was something new.

“How was it?” I asked.


I chuckled and leaned forward once more. Before Clarice could react, I was kissing her lips again.

This time, the kiss was longer. Although I did not use my tongue, our lips spent a few seconds connected.

When the kiss ended, Clarice’s expression was a bit blank.

The next second though, she panicked.

“S-Stop, what are you doing?”

“Calm down, it’s just a kiss.” I whispered in her ear. “By the way, I heard your husband has not returned in a long time.”

“H-He is working.”

“Oh? But I heard he lost a lot of money gambling and whoring. Could it be that my information was mistaken?”

Clarice bit her lips with an expression of pain. She then looked at me and sighed.

“Even so, I will not betray him.”

I smiled. “Clarice, you are very beautiful.” I said and moved my fingers through her arms. I could feel Clarice shivering slightly, and her eyes showed a mix of hesitation, guilt, and lust.

In truth, since the moment Clarice came down, I knew she was a little tempted. No, curious.

Otherwise, why did she came to the living room despite knowing what was happening here?

In other words, my skills would determine what would happen after this.

While Clarice was shivering in front of me, I breathed in her ear and kissed her earlobe.

“Don’t worry, it will felt great.”

Then, I kissed her neck.

Clarice’s hand trembled. She looked at me in hesitation. She tried to order her legs to run away, but she felt that her body was as heavy as lead. She could not take even one step.

Soon, she saw how I removed her clothes, starting by her shoulders, lowering her dress gently and exposing her collarbone.

Clarice inhaled deeply. She closed her eyes and bit her lips, asking herself how things reached this point.

However, I was not going to give my prey time to think, to regret what was going to happen.

Skillfully, I removed her clothes. I then removed her bra slowly while kissing her neck.

When everything but her panties was removed, I stared at her naked body and sighed in admiration.

Truly a work of art.

Then, I lifted her in a princes carry and carried her towards another sofa.

“C-Clark, wait, it’s wrong. W-What if Mrs. Lluvia wakes up?”

“Shh, don’t worry. She is deeply asleep. Can’t you see?” I then sat on the sofa and put her on my lap, with her face looking towards me.

Looking at her shy expression, I could not help but steal her lips.


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