FPD Chapter 207

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Date with Clara


“Claus, is it truly alright?” The girl beside me asked me in a nervous tone.

“Of course, it’s alright.” I chuckled. “We are not doing anything wrong.”

“B-But we should be in the academy now, besides, we left without telling anyone. I-If the saintess realizes I went on a date with you, she will become angry!”

I smiled and held my fiancée’s hand. “She can become angry if she wants. What is the problem with I and my fiancée going out on a date?”

The girl blushed. She then tightened her hand around mine and smiled softly.

Today, I was having a date with my fiancée, Clara, around the capital city.

It has been a week since I talked with Alice. Nothing happened during that time, and I spent the week having sex every day of the week. My main targets were Daisy, Andrea, Lluvia, and Clarice.

Recently, though, I recalled I have not seen my fiancée in a time. So, I decided to pay a visit to Clara.

And that visit ended with I using my ability to travel through space and taking Clara out of the institute to have a date around the city.

Currently, Clara and I were not dressed as a prince and the next holy daughter of the church. Most people would just think that we were two noble children on a date. Only a few people looked at us twice, but none of them realized the truth.

Clara and I visited many places, starting with a small restaurant to eat breakfast and then going to a clothing store and finally the market.

I bought Clara a necklace and put it on her neck. Clara’s face turned red and her eyes were filled with gentleness after that.

It had been a long time since the last time Clara and I were together, so I decided to ignore everything else and focus on the date. I even ignored the people tailing us and just cast a spell to make them faint so they did not interrupt our date.

Finally, after three hours, we entered a café to take a rest.

“… Fuu, I’m tired.” Clara smiled happily. Although she was a bit weary after three hours of walking, she felt happy about being able to spend time with me. “I missed being with you like this, Claus.”

I held her hand tenderly. “Sorry about it, Clara. Don’t worry, I will do something about your situation soon.”

Clara smiled gently. “Mm, don’t worry. I told you I can wait. I’ll wait until you take me out of the church and marry me.”

I smiled and stroked Clara’s head. Clara closed her eyes like a cat and leaned her head on my shoulder.

“Claus, I would like if we can spend more time together.”

“Silly girl…”

“Do you know that the old men in the church have been bothering me a lot lately? They have been insisting on breaking the engagement with you. One of them even insisted on bringing the matter to the emperor. Fortunately, I managed to convince them otherwise.”

“They must dislike me a lot then.”

“They do.” Clara chuckled. “Saintess Safelia even curses a lot when she talks about you. She only curses when it’s about you. She always says that I’m a silly girl for caring about things like love and that you are a bastard for taking advantage of that to keep me tied to you.”

I chuckled. I could not help but imagine the usually smiling saintess cursing. Mm, I wonder how she would react if I tease her.

“… Claus, are you thinking something perverted?”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Your eyes were shining strangely.”

I chuckled and kissed Clara’s cheek. Clara narrowed her eyes briefly, but she then forgot about it and closed her eyes.

“… Hey Claus, you will marry me, right?”

“Of course. I promised it to you.”

“Mm… And what about that girl… Louise Riea?.”

I smiled amusedly. So, Clara also heard about that.

“Are you jealous?” I asked with a smile.

Clara nodded. “A bit. She even dared to kiss you in public. If I kiss you in public, I’m sure the people of the church will become crazy.”

“Oh? So little Clara wants a kiss?”

“… Perhaps.” Clara blushed and gripped my hand.

I curved my lips up teasingly. Then, I leaned forward and pecked Clara’s lips.

Clara was startled, but she just closed her eyes and enjoyed our kiss.

“Happy now?” I asked after the kiss ended.

“… Not yet.” She then looked at me with upturned eyes and bit her lips.

Seeing her expression, I could not help but kiss her again.

This time, our kiss lasted much longer than before.

Some of the people in the café looked at us with interest. Some others smiled amusedly, and a few of them whistled seeing our kiss.

Clara blushed and looked at the ground embarrassed. I laughed and kissed her head.

After we finished our tea, Clara and I left the café and continued walking around the city.

“… Where are we going now, Claus?” Clara asked.

“I don’t know. Do you want to go to any place in particular?”

Clara thought for a moment before nodding. She then spoke in an almost inaudible voice. “… I want to do that.”

I was briefly startled. One second later, though, a flash of understanding flashed on my mind. I then looked at Clara and smiled teasingly.

“’That’? What is that? I don’t understand what do you mean…”

Clara blushed and grabbed the hem of her dress. “You know, the thing we did last time.”

“Last time? I don’t remember?”

Clara turned even redder. She looked at me with teary eyes and a pitiful expression.

But when she saw I was smiling, she understood.

“… Idiot.” She said softly and lowered her head.

I chuckled. This fiancée of mine is truly cute.

Unfortunately, we will have to postpone that for another day.

At that moment, a pair of footsteps sounded from behind us.

“Prince Claus, holy daughter, haven’t you had enough yet?”

Clara was startled. She hurriedly looked behind her with a frightened expression.

There, a young woman was looking at us with an ice-cold look.

Saintess Safelia Ainida.


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