FPD Chapter 210

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Thirteenth Layer Again


I was seated cross-legged in the space-time tunnel. Around me, hundreds of monster bodies lay dead. Each body had been killed after a sword strike on its neck or heart. I did not use two strikes for any monster.

The chaotic mana of the space-time tunnel rushed into my body. With each second that passed, enough mana as to make a normal human a twelfth-layer powerhouse entered my body.

However, after all that mana was compressed and purified, the amount of mana that I absorbed was reduced by ten thousand times.

Of course, even that mana was an overwhelming amount.

I remained seated for a long time until finally, my body shook.

The next second, I opened my eyes.

An overwhelming power surged out of my body. My will was projected into the space-time tunnel, freezing the chaotic mana and turning all the bodies on the ground into dust.

Taking a deep breath, I put my will back in control. I then examined the mana inside my body.

“Finally, back in the thirteenth layer.” I sighed.

The injuries caused by the universe’s laws were worse than I thought. I took until now to finally recover one layer of my cultivation.

But that was not the worse part. If you looked into my soul, you could see a very small crack. The crack was incredibly small, as small as a hair, but no matter how I tried to heal it, it would appear again in the next second.

That was the aftermath of going against the universe’s laws.

According to my observations, I will need a little bit of time for my soul to come back to normal.

Currently, it was morning. A few days have passed since my date with Clara, and nothing interesting has happened since then. I took advantage of this rare period of peace to finish some things I had been postponing.

I finished preparing a cultivation technique for the rest of my women except Mrs. Lluvia and Clarice. I gave one to Dina, Lena (although she has not become my woman yet), Andrea, and Louise.

Mrs. Lluvia and Clarice do not look like people interested in cultivation, so I’m not sure about what kind of cultivation technique give to them.

I thought about giving them the same cultivation technique I gave to Aunt Dayana, one that cultivates automatically even if the user does nothing. But I need to cut a fragment of my soul if I want to make the runes needed for that technique. And to be honest, I have cut my soul a lot lately.

Even with my incredibly powerful soul, cutting my soul repeatedly is not a good idea. At the very least, I want to wait until my soul is completely healed to do it again.

I also gave a cultivation technique to Marana and Akilah and prepared one for Claire, but I will have to wait until I met her again to give it to her.

After I finished checking my body, I opened a portal on the space-time tunnel and returned to my room in the academy before taking a bath.

Once I was done with that, I took a look at the documents in my bed.

It was the information I asked Akilah to get. Information about strange murders in the capital.

To my surprise, I found more information than I expected.

According to the information in the documents, the number of murders has risen greatly in the last month. Many of these murders happened in strange circumstances, and the culprit has not been found until today.

But some of the cases have been resolved. Strangely, when they caught the culprits, the culprits said they did not want to do it, and they did not know why they killed the victim.

Sounds familiar, right? Yes, it’s just like Steven.

I thought about visiting the people mentioned in the reports, but unfortunately, none of them was still alive. Some of them had been executed by homicide, and others had committed suicide a few days after they were caught.

However, this information helped me to confirm a theory I had.

The person behind this isn’t targeting the institute. No, this is happening in the entire capital, perhaps the entire empire.

So, what does it mean?

It means that the goal of the person behind this is definitively not small.

Well, I suspect it’s the work of another immortal, and no immortal will do small things… Except me, who goes around stealing married women and sleeping with pretty girls every day.

But hey, the people I’m sleeping with include the eldest daughter of one of the three greatest noble families of the empire, the manager of the greatest auction house, the church of order’s holy daughter, and one of the emperor’s concubines. Plus, the headmistress of the imperial institute, two princesses, a hero, and the fiancée of a prince are some of my future targets, so…

Mm, from this angle my actions are not as small as it looks, huh.

Nice, me.

I finished reading the information and stood up. It was already time for classes, and Daisy was surely waiting for me.

I put on my shoes and left my room. However, I felt a fluctuation of mana at that moment.

Curious, I extended my senses towards the origin of the fluctuation. But at that moment, my expression changed.

Could I be so lucky?

Instantly, I teleported away.


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