FPD Chapter 219

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The Carmell Family’s Intentions (1)


The Carmell family is one of the three greatest noble families of the empire and the oldest family around. It existed even before the empire was founded.

Normally, they did not involve themselves with the empire’s political situation. In fact, it can be considered as the secret behind this family’s long history. They always try to keep a neutral position, not supporting any particular faction of the empire.

However, I have recently realized that this generation of the family is not planning to keep this neutrality. It could be seen from the fact that the young master of the Carmell family met with Prince Alan, Earl Carlson Riea, and Alice some time ago. However, the proof definitive was when I destroyed the Blood Night Gang and powerhouses of the three families appeared to kill me.

In other words, the three families of the empire are in an alliance with an unknown objective.

I know that the Riea family’s first option is Prince Alan. Empress Lilia is someone of that family, so her son will definitively favor them. Of course, there is the possibility that Earl Riea has other plans, but I’m not sure.

As for Alice and the Ferret family, their plans are definitively not simple. Hell, there is even a god on their side. I would have to be a fool to believe they did not have any intention for the throne.

But I don’t know much about the Carmell family’s plans.

In fact, I know almost nothing about them. So, I think this is a good opportunity to learn a bit about what they are planning.

Well, I doubt they will mention their plans directly, but perhaps I can glimpse something if I pay attention.

I didn’t want to be recognized as the prince, so I used a spell to disguise myself as a rather ordinary man. Susan was surprised, but after I explained to her, she understood.

Before one minute passed, the person of the Carmell family arrived. It was a young man with an elegant bearing and eyes full of confidence.

I recognized him almost instantly.

Albert Carmell, the young master of the Carmell family that met with Alice, Alan, and earl Carlson in Hidden Cave.

A young man and a woman were following behind him. The young man was a bit handsome, but the humble look on his face made him look like a servant. The woman, on the other hand, had an ice-cold face that seemed to reject all the people around her.

Strangely, though, when Susan saw the servant-like young man, she seemed a bit surprised.

Fortunately, she had been learning from aunt Dayana for a while, so she quickly recovered her calm expression and bowed.

“Nice to meet you, young master Carmell. My name is Susan. I’m Mrs. Dayana Quin’s secretary.”

Albert nodded indifferently and looked around the room. Only after almost ten seconds, he returned the greeting.

“I’m Albert Carmell, current heir of the Carmell family. Is Mrs. Quin not here?”

“No.” Susan shook her head. “However, I’m her representative. If you need to tell her something important, I can give her the message later.”

Albert thought for a moment before looking at me. Susan understood his meaning and explained.

“Mr. Clark is one of the board members of the auction hall. Although normally he did not interfere with the auction hall’s businesses, he decided to be present when he heard that young master Albert was here.”

Albert smiled. Although he knew that Susan’s words were just flattery, he felt rather refreshed hearing them.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Clark.”

I returned the greeting politely. The three of us then sat around a table while Susan asked a girl to bring us tea.

A few polite words later and when the tea was served, Albert was straight to the topic.

“Miss Susan, Mr. Clark, the truth is that we are here for a very important and private matter.”

Susan fell silent for a moment and nodded. “Don’t worry. We assure you by the honor of this auction hall that none of the words we speak here will be leaked.”

“That is good.” Albert was satisfied with Susan’s answer. “Then, let me start. Do you know what our family main source of income is?”

“… Military gear.”

“Yes, military gear. Every year, we supply the weapons and armors the army and the city guards use. This business is very lucrative, and fortunately, our family owns more than seventy percent of the market. We even have deals with some other countries.”

Susan nodded. This was common knowledge in the empire. If the Riea family was focused on the military, and the Ferret family was focused on politics, the Carmell family was a family of merchants.

They dealt with many things, including stores, magic items, and food; but their main business was military gear. The military gear of the Carmell family was famous for its quality.

Albert continued explaining. “We sell most of our gear to the empire. The emperor pays us for the gear that his armies wear. To be honest, this is a good business, but recently, we ran into a problem.”

“… A problem?”

“Yes.” Albert nodded with a bitter smile. “You see, not long ago, the emperor reduced his order of gear for almost ten thousand units. Due to that, our family ended in an awkward situation. Currently, we have ten thousand units remaining we need to sell.”

Susan furrowed her brows. She could see where this talk was going.

Albert took a sip of tea and continued.

“We decided to get rid of the remaining gear selling it, and one of our first options iss the Reincarnation Auction Hall.”


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