FPD Chapter 244

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The Commotion in the Space-Time Tunnel


“I’m sorry if I interrupted your sweet time with the concubine of your father, Claus. But it’s urgent.”

Headmistress, when you said it like that, it sounds wrong.

Even if it’s true, it sounds wrong.

I shook off these thoughts of my mind and furrowed my brows.

“What happened?”

“… It’s the portal. Something happened.”


“An attack, probably the biggest recently. The old man said that the seal is about to break.”

I wrinkled my brows. Is the situation this bad?

What happened? I have been using the space-time tunnel to train the Red Skull Gang recently, and I have not noticed anything strange.

At that moment, we felt the ground shake slightly.

Evelyn’s expression changed. “Claus, hurry up… Oh right, I think it’s better if you disguise yourself.”

I nodded. Snapping my fingers, my hair and eye color changed to red and the [Recognition Interference] spell was activated. In less than one second, I had changed to Clark’s looks.

After telling the headmistress to call me Clark instead of Claus, we arrived at the room where the entrance to the space-time tunnel was located.

Instantly, I realized the reason she asked me to disguise myself.

Besides the headmistress and the former headmaster, there were around ten other people or so in the room.

Moreover, I recognized three of them.

Teacher Tear, Katherine, and Rose.

“This is?” I tilted my head confused. The headmistress explained noticed my doubt and explained. “This is the biggest attack in many years, so we have to take it seriously. I called all the people that know about this place here. Don’t worry, their loyalty to the academy is unswayable.”

I nodded. Looking closely, I realized that besides Katherine and Rose, the rest of the people in the room were teachers of the academy. Moreover, the weakest of them was in the ninth layer.

“You also told Katherine and Rose about this place?” I asked.

“… This is their first time here. As my disciples, they will inherit my duty one day, so I thought this was the perfect moment to show them this place.”

The perfect moment? When an unprecedented attack is underway?

Headmistress Evelyn seemed to notice my expression because she chuckled.

“I know what you are thinking, but there is no better time than now. The first impression is always that most lasting one. If their first impression about this place is that it’s extremely dangerous and it can destroy the academy anytime, then they will never underestimate the academy’s duty and they will strive to keep the monsters at bay.”

I nodded in understanding. From that perspective, Evelyn was right.

At that moment, the people in the room noticed our arrival. The old man paused briefly when he saw me, but he seemed to realize my identity quickly because he nodded.

“You are here.”

“Teacher, I brought Mr. Clark here.” Evelyn then turned towards the others in the room. “Everyone, it’s Mr. Clark. He is an ally of the academy and a very strong powerhouse. He will help us today.”

The teachers nodded in greeting, nobody suspecting my identity. Well, you have to be crazy to associate a powerhouse with the young prince of the empire.

Someone, however, furrowed her brows when she saw me.

It was Rose.

She was looking at me as though she could but she could not recognize who I was.

Girl, your intuition is very frightening!

I used my mind to strengthen the [Recognition Interference] spell and only then Rose stopped staring. She, however, continued shooting glances towards me occasionally.

“What is the situation?” I asked the old man.

“I’m not sure. I felt something was attacking the seal half an hour ago. I first thought that it was just a normal attack, but I quickly realized this one was different. Currently, the monsters on the other side are attacking the seal crazily. The only reason they have not broken it yet is that I’m using my mana to reinforce it.”

Evelyn frowned. “Has nobody confirmed the situation on the other side?”

The old man shook his head. “We were waiting for you two. You are the strongest, and in the current situation, you have the greatest probability of surviving regardless of the situation the other side is in. The others will follow after you.”

Evelyn’s expression sank. In other words, we were blind.

I was not too worried, though. How bad can be the situation if the monsters have not broken through the seal yet?

But when I was thinking that, the seal and the institute shook again.

My expression changed. Such terrifying energy fluctuations.

Thirteenth layer? No, it’s the fourteenth layer at least, probably higher!

Evelyn also seemed to have felt the same fluctuation as me. She put on a grave expression and looked at me with a solemn look. I nodded equally seriously.

“There is no time to lose then. Teacher, open the seal. Clark and I will enter first.” Evelyn said.

The old man nodded. “Very well. I will count to three. You must be quick. If a monster takes advantage of the opening to cross the portal, the situation will turn grave.”

“I know. Clark, let’s go.”

“After you.”

“Get ready then. One, two three!”

As soon as the old man said three, the seal blocking the portal opened.

Instantly, Evelyn and I jumped inside.

Before we could reach the other side, though, a terrifying force attacked us.

Evelyn’s expression changed. In front of us, a giant red arm appeared and attacked!

“Claus!” The headmistress was unable to wield her mana in this situation and shouted in panic, even forgetting to use my alter name.

I did not hesitate and waved my hand.

[Reality Render, Weakened Version]!

My hand turned into a blade, and my body into a sword. With a swing, the space-destroying wave of sword intent cut through the arm!


A cry of pain resounded in the spatial oddity. Rivers of blood gushed out of the arm, dying everything into a blood-red color.

One instant later, we appeared on the other side of the portal.

Facing a never-ending army of nightmarish monsters.


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