FPD Chapter 320

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Start of a Nightmare


Two hours later, Lilia woke up.

The first thing that entered her sight was an unfamiliar ceiling. Lilia was briefly confused, but an instant later, the memories of last night surfaced in her mind.

Instantly, Lilia’s face turned pale.

“Oh, goddess… What have I done?”

She, the empress of the empire, had not only slept with a completely unfamiliar man, but he had also ejaculated inside her several times.

For an instant, Lilia’s face was filled with fear. What was she going to do if she gets pregnant?

No, even if she is lucky to not get pregnant, if someone learns of what happened tonight, she will die!

While Lilia’s mind was in chaos, a voice reached her ears.

“So, you are finally awake.”

Lilia was startled. When she looked beside the bed, she found me seated there with a smile.

“You… Bastard!”

I chuckled. “It looks like you are in a bad mood. And to think that last night you were begging me to continue.”

Lilia’s face turned red. She gritted her teeth and looked at me with a gaze filled with rage. At the same time, her body leaked a bit of killing intent.

To Lilia, last night was something that should not have happened. And the best way to wipe off that mistake was to kill me.

When I felt her killing intent, I clicked my tongue inwardly. This woman sure is ruthless.

With an amused smile, I stood up from the bed and walked towards her.

“What? Are you thinking of killing me to hide what happened last night?”

“… What are you speaking about?” Lilia put on a startled expression, but I could feel her killing intent increasing.

Mm, it’s time to shock her for a bit.

“Don’t worry, your majesty. I will not tell anyone about this.”


Lilia’s opened her eyes wide. One second later, her face turned ashen white.

“You!!! How do you know!?”

I shrugged. “Well, your disguise is not enough to fool someone like me.”

Lilia looked at me fixedly before taking a deep breath. Then, her expression returned to normal.

The killing intent, surprise, rage, everything disappeared.

Instead, only the ice-cold empress remained in front of me.

I smirked and walked in front of her. Before Lilia could react, I leaned forward and kissed her lips.

Lilia was startled. She tried to struggle away from my kiss, but when she realized that struggling was useless, she just closed her eyes and enjoyed the kiss.

Quickly, her body started to turn hot. The body that I had tamed last night started to respond to my advances again.

When I moved my lips back, a thread of saliva was connecting our mouths.

“Calm down, empress.”  I smiled mischievously. “We spend a great night last night. There is no reason to become hostile to each other now. Besides, you don’t need to worry I will not guard your secret. I don’t want to lose my head so soon.”

Lilia panted briefly and did her best to calm down her hot body. “W-Who are you!? You must be someone important if you even dare to sleep with the woman of the emperor!”

“My name is Clark,” I replied. “And I’m the person in charge of the Red Skull Gang, the greatest gang in the capital.”

Lilia furrowed her brows. “The Red Skull Gang? I know about it, one of the strongest four gangs that replaced the Blood Night Gang… However, don’t you think you are exaggerating by calling it the strongest gang in the capital?”

“Well, you will know soon if my words are true or false,” I said nonchalantly. “It’s already almost morning, empress. I enjoyed my night with you, but if you don’t return to the palace soon, someone will suspect something. Oh, right… Take this.” I said and passed a card to the empress.

Lilia was startled. “What is it?”

“A proof of identity,” I spoke up calmly. “You were a wonderful lover last night, so if you want to spend another night with me or if you have a favor to ask for, you can go to the Red Skull Gang’s headquarters any night and show them this card. They will take you to me.”

The empress’s expression turned ice-cold. “A favor? Why would I, the empress of this empire, ask for a favor from someone like you?”

“Hahaha, you should not underestimate me, empress. I’m more powerful than you think. Well, I need to leave now. I hope you don’t make the wrong decision and choose to become my enemy. Oh right, don’t worry about your servant. One of my men put her to sleep last night, so she knows nothing.”

After saying that, I left the room.

With this, this part of the plan is done.

Now, I just need to wait for my stepmother to bite the bait.

I’m sure that she will eventually do it. She will not have more options.

And once she comes back, she will be unable to escape from my clutches.

Stepmother, oh stepmother…

I’m waiting for our next meeting.



Later that day–

The empress and Hope returned stealthily to the palace.

During the way, Hope apologized to the empress for falling asleep. And as she expected, Lilia did not blame her.

“… Then your majesty. Are you feeling better? I told you it was a great place, right?”

Lilia fell silent. For an instant, memories of the craziness she did last night appeared on her mind.

Lilia hurriedly shook her head. Just by remembering that, she could feel her body turning hot.

“It was a good experience, although with some troublesome consequences.” Lilia nodded. “Thank you, Hope.”

“It’s my duty,” Hope replied respectfully, but her eyes twinkled with amusement.

When Lilia returned to her room, the first thing she did was to take a bath and change her clothes. Although she had taken a bath in the establishment, she could still perceive a faint smell of sex in her clothes.

The bath was not very calm, though. When the maids were cleaning her body, the memories of last night involuntarily returned to her mind. Lilia heaved a sigh a closed her eyes, trying not to think about it anymore.

“… I must be crazy.”

Soon, Lilia left the bath and changed her clothes. Lilia stared at her reflex in the mirror and could not help but notice that she seemed much more refreshed.

“It looks like last night’s stunt worked huh.”

With a bitter smile, she left the room accompanied by her two personal servants and walked towards the dining room.

In the way, though, she was intercepted by a guard.

“Your majesty.”

“What is it?” Lilia asked coldly.

“T-This…” The guard replied with a stutter and showed an object to Lilia. “Someone gave me this not long ago and told me to pass it to you. For some reason, I had the feeling I had to do what he told me.”

Lilia was confused. She received the object and looked at it confused.

It was a rock. More accurately, a magic stone.

A few seconds after the magic stone fell in Lilia’s hands, a flow of information instantly entered her brain.

Lilia was frightened and tried to throw the stone away. But an instant later, she froze. Then, her eyes got covered with tears.

And suddenly, she let out an enraged and despairing screech.


Her mana surged outwards and turned into ice. The poor guard in front of her was instantly engulfed by it and died tragically.

However, Lilia cared nothing about a nameless guard.

Instead, she was reminding the message in tears.

[We have your son, Prince Bryan. Don’t worry, he is alive. But if you tell someone about this or we realized that the forces of the empire or the Riea family made any strange movement, we are going to kill him.

[If you want proof that he is alive or you want to know how to save him, wait for our next message.

Sincerely, the Immortal Soul.]


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