FPD Chapter 335

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Akilah’s Fall (1)


Mm, I wonder where Akilah is?

Closing my eyes, I felt her location.

Then, I raised an eyebrow in surprise.

The brown-haired beauty sure is fast. She just ran away from the infirmary, but she is already so far away.

Could it be she is afraid?

Very likely… She probably is escaping from me.

However, escaping from me is not so easy.

I stepped across space and moved ahead of Akilah. Then, I waited for her while leaning my back against a wall.

When Akilah reached the place where I was waiting for her, she froze.

“Miss Akilah, long time no see you.”

“Y-You… W-What are you doing here?”

I shrugged. “Waiting for you, obviously. You see, I felt a bit pained when you just left like that. Could it be that you already forget me?”

Akilah’s face turned red between embarrassment and fury.

“S-Shameless bastard! Y-You were doing t-that thing with that woman!”

I smiled in amusement. “I was. Unfortunately, someone had to come to interrupt me.”

A sneer appeared on Akilah’s face. “That is good. I’m happy to know that I saved a woman from being harmed by you!”

… Woman, who do you think I am?

Some kind of sexual freak enemy of women?

… Well, that is not exactly wrong, but–

Curving my lips up, I glanced at Akilah’s bountiful body.

“Well, you saved that woman. But at the same time, you harmed the interests of your boss. Miss Akilah, don’t you think that deserves punishment?”

Akilah was stunned. Instantly, her mind was filled with scenes of the last time I ‘punished’ her.

Involuntarily, she used her arms to cover her breast and jumped back like a frightened puppy.

“W-What do you want!?”

I smirked and licked my lips. “I think you already have an idea.”

Akilah’s face turned pale. Instantly, she turned around and started to run.

But how could she be faster than me?

With a step, I appeared beside her and grabbed her arm, and with another step, I brought her to an empty room nearby.

Then, I released her.

When Akilah saw the place where we appeared, her eyes opened wide and her body trembled.

Then, she turned towards me with a pitiful expression.

“… Please…”

God, I love bullying this woman.

Not every day you can see and twenty-six-years-old woman with this pitiful expression.

I shrugged and caressed her cheek. Akilah shuddered and moved her face away, reluctant to have contact with me.

I sighed and put on a feigned expression of disappointment.

“Miss Akilah, you know I don’t like disobedient women, right? Besides, you need to receive your punishment.”

Akilah’s eyes were begging me. I could feel her body trembling, in fear of what was to come.

However, there was also a stubborn pride in her eyes. Telling me that she was not going to endure this kind to humiliation.

However, I did not care.

After all, I had a trump card against her.

With an evil smile, I hugged her body softly and put my mouth on her ear.

“Have you thought about my proposal of last time?”

Akilah shuddered softly.

“… What are you speaking about?”

I smirked. “You know what I mean, Akilah. It’s about your beautiful big sister, Marana.”

Everybody in the Red Skull Gang knows that Akilah admires her big sister, Marana.

However, the reality is a bit different.

Akilah’s feelings for Marana go beyond just simple admiration.

They can better be described as love.

Unfortunately, her love is unrequited.


“Just think about it, Akilah,” I said like a devil whispering in her ear. “If you and Marana become my woman, the three of us can sleep together, then, you will be able to enjoy your sister as much as you want.”

Akilah fell silent, thinking my words and hesitating about if falling for the sweet temptation.

But soon, she gritted her teeth stubbornly.

“Why should I share my sister with you!?”

I shrugged. “Do you have another option? I don’t think you have made any progress with Marana recently, right?”

Akilah fell silent, unable to answer.

I chuckled and moved my fingers through her clothes, caressing her smooth skin.

“You are such a beautiful girl, Akilah…” I let out a soft sigh that made Akilah shiver. “I wonder how it feels if we–”

“… Stop it.”

“Sure, sure.”

Moving away from Akilah, I stared at her beautiful eyes for a long while.

Then, I clapped.

“Well, It’s time to start the punishment.”

“… What do you want?” Akilah forced herself to say.

I thought for a moment before speaking up.

“What do you think about starting where the last time punishment finished?”

Akilah bit her lips with an ashamed and embarrassed expression, but soon, she sighed and nodded despondently.

Then, she started to remove her clothes, one by one.

She was very slow, hesitating and struggling with each garment she took off. But I was patient. Anyway, she can’t escape from my grasp.

Eventually, she will fall into my hands.

It took Akilah five minutes to take off her clothes completely. She was as slow as she could.

But the wait only made everything more exciting.

My gaze roamed her body, examining each inch of her firm skin.

Her tones muscles were like a work of art, and her brows hair gave her a heroic air. Moreover, her expression of unwillingness increased my sense of conquest.

When Akilah was completely naked, she glared at me as though she wanted to devour me alive.

“Done. Is it enough?”

I grinned. “Enough? What? Did you think your punishment would be done with just this?”

Akilah was startled. “But last time…”

“Last time was last time, but today is different,” I said and removed my pants and underwear. Instantly, my proud sword appeared standing up in all its glory.

Akilah’s face turned stiff.

With shaking eyes, she glared at me with rage and a bit of fear.

“You… W-What are you planning?”

“What do you mean? Obviously, I need to find a way to let my desires out. After all, you destroyed my opportunity tonight.”

“Never!” Akilah refused instantly. “You are dreaming if you think I’ll give you my body!”

“Mm, how troublesome…” I said, putting on a feigned troubled expression. “What are we going to do then? I can’t leave it like this.”

“Think of a way to resolve it yourself!”

“Yeah? But I have a better idea.”

Akilah took several steps back instinctively. She knew my idea was definitively no good for her.

I, on the other hand, was staring at her like she was a helpless lamb.

“Even if you won’t give me your body, I’m sure there are some other ways you can help me.”


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