FPD Chapter 390

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Chatting with Nana


The moans in the room only calmed down after three hours of intense battle.

The first to give up was Lluvia. After repeating her turn thrice, she collapsed on the bed and fell deeply asleep with a satisfied smile on her face.

Clarice followed in her steps not much later. By the third hour, she was only at the receiving end of the attacks. Even so, she did her best to endure for as long as she could before the fatigue and satisfaction won over her and sent her to the realm of dreams.

When both of them finally fell asleep, it was already midnight.

I sighed in satisfaction while looking at their beautiful naked bodies.

A thick white liquid was sliding out from her lower caves, and their bodies were filled with marks of our intense exercise. Both Lluvia and Clarice had small smiles on her faces, obviously content.

I was happy as well. Enjoying a married wife together with her young daughter-in-law is an enjoyable experience no matter how many times I did it.

I could not let them like that, though. Being careful of not waking them up, I put on their clothes again before carrying Lluvia to her bedroom. Once done with that, I returned to Clarice’s room and waved my hand to cast a spell, cleaning the traces of sex.

It would be bad if tomorrow Lluvia’s husband or son discover Lluvia and Clarice sleeping in the same room with traces of sex all over.

I don’t care about it, of course, but I’m sure that Lluvia and Clarice do not want it.

And even if one day they decided to leave their husbands to come with me, I want them to do it with their heads raised high. Not with them being accused of sluts.

When I finished with that, I returned to the first floor and went to the kitchen for a cup of water.

But when I descended the stairs, I saw Lluvia’s daughter, Nana, squatted on a sofa with a listless expression.

I glance at her briefly before going to the kitchen and downing a cup of water. Then, I looked around for ingredients and started to prepare a midnight snack.

I did not make anything complicated. Just two small a arepas stuffed with cheese and two cups of tea. When they were done, I walked towards the sofa where Nana was seated and sat beside her.

“Want one?” I asked.

Nana did not even bother to look at me. Instead, she hid her head in her arms and remained silent.

I did not ask again either. Shrugging, I started to eat my snacks silently, enjoying the slightly salty flavor of the flour.

I already said it before, but I’m pretty good at cooking. Better than most chefs out there. You learn a lot of things when you live for hundreds of thousands of years, after all.

Even so, I don’t like cooking that much. Probably because no matter how delicious the food is, it will disappear after you eat it once.

Just like the people I met during each reincarnation. No matter how wonderful they are, they will disappear in the blink of an eye.

We remained like that for a while. Nana ignoring my presence and I eating beside her.

Soon, however, she was unable to continue ignoring me.

“… What are you doing here? Get lost.” She finally said after almost two minutes of silence.

“As you can see, I’m eating a midnight snack. I used up a lot of energy just now, you know.”

Nana snorted. “Yes, fucking with my mom and my sister-in-law.”

I smiled wryly. Yeah, it sounds pretty terrible.

I laughed it off with a chuckle and sipped a bit of tea.

“To your knowledge, I don’t feel guilty about what I did.”

Nana glared at me in anger when she heard that.

“So you don’t feel guilty for destroying my family!?”

“But I did not destroy your family,” I replied while shaking my head. “Your family was already destroyed when I arrived here.”

“… Perhaps. But at the very least, my mother still loved my father, and my sister-in-law was loyal to my brother!”

I could not help but look at this girl with an amused smile.

“You are still a kid, huh.”

“… What do you mean?”

“Don’t you understand yet? Even if I don’t appear, something like this would have happened regardless. In fact, most likely it would have been worse than now.”

“Lies! My mother was always loyal to my father before you appeared!”

“You are right. But unfortunately, your father does not know how to protect that loyalty.”


“Do you know how huge the gambling debt of your father and brother was? It was immense. If your family wanted to pay it, they needed to sell this house at the very least. Moreover, your father and brother still continue gambling. How were they going to pay after they lost everything?”

Nana opened her mouth, but she did not know how to reply.

I smiled. “I will tell you. Your mother, your sister-in-law, and you were going to be forced to sell yourselves for money, living a life worse than death.”

Nana’s face turned completely white.

“T-That can’t be…”

“But it is,” I said ruthlessly. “In fact, the reason your mother acceded to sleep with me was to get the money to pay the debt and protect you from that life. Clarice was a bit different, though. She probably was too disappointed with your brother and decided to sleep with me to get back to him. Of course, that was back then. Right now, the reason your mother and sister-in-law sleep with me is completely different. Perhaps there is no love between us yet, but at the very least, there is affection. You can say that I have become something like their pillar of support. The place where they vent their stress.”

Nana bit her lips and fell silent. Soon, though, I could see tears forming in the corner of her eyes.

“… Why must it be like this?”

I sighed and did not answer. Instead, I passed her a cup of tea.

This time, Nana did not reject me. She drank the cup of tea slowly while spilling tears on the sofa.

She then took the remaining arepa and ate it in several big bites.

“… It was delicious.”

“I’m happy you liked it.”

“… Can I ask you something?”

“Of course, do ask.”

“… Why are you having sex with my mother and sister-in-law? You said that the gambling debt of my father and brother could not be paid even if we sold this house… Why did you give us the money then? I don’t know much about the topic, but I don’t think my mother is worth it.”

“Oh?” I could not help but raise an eyebrow amused.

Nana panicked. “Don’t misunderstand me. I love my mom, but… Nobody would give so much money just to sleep with a woman. And although my mom is beautiful, she can’t be considered a stunning beauty.”

I looked at Nana deeply. This kid is pretty observant.

“Little girl, many times beauty is not the most important.”

Yes, sleeping with a married Milf has its own charm.

Just that fact add several points to your mother.

“Is it not?” Nana was confused.

“You probably don’t understand, huh. Well, it’s normal. You are still virgin after all.”

Nana pouted. “Please stop calling me a kid. And even if I’m virgin, I’m sure I can understand if you explain to me.”

“Oh? Do you truly want to know?” I asked with a slightly evil smile.

Nana hesitated slightly, but in the end, she nodded.

My smile immediately became bigger.

“… Very well, I’ll teach you about sex then.”



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