FPD Chapter 393

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Teaching Nana (3)


“Ahn…” Nana let out a soft grunt of pain and bit her lips.

Closing her eyes, the petite girl waited for the coming pain.

I drove my penis inside her honey cave. The burning hot cock slid inside her easily thanks to the great amount of love juice in her cave, breaking through her hymen in one go.

“Uuu…” Nana whimpered softly. The feeling of a huge object breaking her purity was not something she could endure easily.

Moreover, she knew she had just lost the most precious thing to a woman. When she thought of that, she could not stop herself from spilling tears.

“It’s alright.” I smiled and caressed her hair softly. “Don’t worry.”

“… I-It was my first time…” Nana sobbed softly.

I kissed her tears and kissed her lips tenderly.

“Don’t worry. Everything is alright.”

I did not move immediately. Instead, I waited until she got used to the pain.

Nana had not felt much pain. Much less than she expected. It was in part due to the extensive foreplay, and in part due to me using my mana to reduce her pain a lot.

When I was sure most of the pain had passed, I started to move slowly.

Nana opened her eyes hurriedly and looked at me with a pitiful look.

“… W-Wait… It still hurts…”

I looked at her distressed expression and sighed. Her pitiful look was so beautiful that I was tempted to pierce her fiercely and drown in her body.

However, I wanted her to enjoy the pleasure of her first sex at the fullest. I wanted her to remember tonight for her entire life.

Thus, I leaned towards her body, kissing her cheek gently, and slowly pulling out my cock.

I did not thrust forward immediately. Instead, I whirled gently at the mouth of her honey hole, stimulating her sensitive entrance.

“Uuu…” Nana whimpered again. Her tear-filled eyes closed in panic and she bit her lips.

Each time I moved, she could feel a slight stinging pain attacking her body. Nana groaned and moaned uncomfortably each time.

Soon, however, her lower body started to secrete more love juices, and the pain started to transform into pleasure.

I looked at that and smiled. Then, I slowly slid in.

The walls of her cave were very tight. Maybe because of her petite body or because she was a virgin. I had to put considerable strength in my waist to slid inside.

Nana groaned again and twisted her body, trying to escape from my assault.

I caressed her hair gently to calm her down. Then, I continued moving up and down.

After the initial discomfort, her cave slowly started to feel slippery and smooth. Nana’s expression also relaxed little by little, and her eyebrows stopped frowning.

Gradually, her breathing became quicker.

Nana moaned softly, twisted her hips, and stopped her resistance.

“So good…” I breathed softly on her ear, making Nana blush and look away in shame.

Nana’s face was completely red. Her body tightened around my dick as though she did not want to let go of me.

I gently pulled my meat stick back and then sent it in again fiercely.

“Um… Oh…” Nana groaned. Occasionally, she twisted her body like a baby. Her thigs rubbed against me, bringing us bursts of pleasure.

I felt as though her honey hole was alive. The flesh inside her sacred cave quivered a wriggled each time I invaded her, stimulating my meat stick.

Soon, I stopped moving gently. With each moan of Nana, I moved faster and faster, eventually piercing fiercely her deepest part.

“Uuuuu… Ahgn….”

Nana moaned loudly. Her mind started to turn blank, and her body instinctively started to respond to my movements.

Awkwardly, Nana started to move her hips up and down, trying to increase the pleasure as much as she could.

Her inexperienced movements were charming in their own way. The fact that a virgin girl was being so proactive filled me with pride.

Nana hugged my neck and gasped, letting out small moans from her throat.

I looked at her excited expression and kissed her lips, then, I kissed her earlobe without stopping my pistoning.

Nana’s snow-white skin quivered and her mouth let out an embarrassing moan. Her eyelids shut slightly with an ashamed look.

Seeing her like that, I could not help but tease her.

“Do you like it?” I asked mischievously in her ear.

Nana was unable to speak due to the embarrassment. Instead, her mouth produced only intelligible “Uuuu… Aaaa…” noises.

Seeing her like that, I kissed her neck and accelerated my movements.


With a gasp, Nana quivered fiercely.

Then, her legs twitched and her back curved up.

She had orgasmed.

I grinned and continued moving my waist, not letting her rest despite her orgasm. Quite the opposite, I moved even faster.

“… P-Please… Ahnn… Uuu…”

Nana tried to ask me to stop, but the pleasure coming from our interconnected bodies was like an electric current that interfered with her thoughts.

Her innocent moans sounded very sexy and charming. Every time she twisted her body in pleasure, I found her very beautiful.

I kissed her lips again, sucking on her soft tongue while speeding up the pumping even more. Nana’s honey hole opened and closed, receiving my thrusts with abandon.

At this point, Nana’s body had turned completely mushy. The current her could only endure my attacks helplessly, unable to offer any resistance.

Sometimes, the fact that she had lost her first time like this appeared in her mind, but that thought was quickly suppressed by the unending pleasure.

“Uuu… It feels good… ahnnn… S-Softer… P-Please…”

I snorted and attacked harder instead. At the same time, I brought my mouth to her breast and bit her nipples.

Nana opened her mouth with a long gasp. Her legs straightened out and her body spasmed violently.

“A-Agaiiinnn….” She cried out in pleasure.

Then, love juices gushed out of her lower body, drenching the sofa with a sour-smelling liquid.

When she finished her orgasm, she started to pant tiredly.

I looked at her with a smile of satisfaction. Nana looked back at me with dazed eyes, still lost in the orgasm.

Smirking, I lifted her body and sat her on my thighs, Then, I started to pump again.

“Aahhh…” Nana groaned and hugged my neck. She put her head on my shoulders, giving in to the extreme pleasure.

But then, a sound reached our ears.


It was the sound of the door opening.

Nana’s father, Peter, had returned.


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