FPD Chapter 403

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Another Step Forward


“How did this happen?” I asked Raven with a curious expression.

Raven lowered her head with an embarrassed expression.

“… It was an accident…”

“An accident?”

“… Yes.” Raven said timidly. “I only wanted to see if I could form a connection like ours with big sister Marana and big sister Akilah, but then, it turned like this…”

My expression could not help but turn strange. Just that?

I looked at Ysnay and saw that her reaction was similar to mine. She was looking at Raven as though she was a weird animal.

“… Truly, some people’s talent makes one ashamed of oneself.”

I nodded in agreement.

Yes, the only way to explain it was that Raven was very talented in this kind of soul connection.

I had noticed it already when I first formed the contract with Raven. Back then, I noticed that Raven made use of the uniqueness of her soul to slowly learn the laws of the cursed daggers bound to her.

But this… This is on a completely different level.

It was beyond using her bond with me to learn my laws. No, she managed to use our contract and modified it to form a completely new bond.

Although it is weak and far inferior to my contract, it’s still amazing.

Taking that into account, I thought of one possibility.

Certainly, I think Raven’s soul’s uniqueness is the key to share my Immortality with others. However, until now, I was not completely sure of the next step.

After all, it was not as though I could dissect Raven’s soul to learn the source of Raven’s uniqueness.

And even if I do it and I succeed, modifying other souls to make them as unique as hers is a completely different story.

… But, what if I don’t need to do that?

What if instead of finding a way of copying Raven’s uniqueness, I use her like a host soul through which I share my Immortality with other people?

Yes. I can use my soul as the source of Immortality, and Raven’s soul as a hub for contracts. And from there, I can connect both of our souls to the rest of my women.

The most I think about it, the most viable it seems.

Moreover, I’m confident in creating a system like that in just one or two months. I’m an expert in souls after all. These kinds of contracts are too easy for me.

The only reason I need a one or two months is to make sure the contracts are as perfect as possible.

With this, I’m a step closer to my long-searched goal.

Now, I need only to find a way to maximize Raven’s uniqueness and make it able to share my whole way to Immortality. That is not easy, of course, but it’s much easier than before.

Sensing the excitement through our contract, Rave looked up at me timidly.

“… Big brother, is everything alright?”

I laughed loudly and held Raven’s cheeks, planting a long kiss in her lips.

“My little kitten, you are a genius!”


“Hahahahahaha! Great! You deserve all the kisses in the world!” I then continued plating kisses on her lips, nose, forehead, cheeks, and head. Raven turned so red that she seemed like a tomato.

However, she was relieved that I was not angry with her due to what she did.

In fact, she was so happy when she felt my excitement that her cat tail started to wag like a dog.

“My little kitten, you are the best!”

“… Mm.”

“You are cute, strong, and even smart. I’m sure there is not a better kitten than you in the universe!”

“… Mm!”

“Hahahaha! I love you, Raven! How can you be so cute.”

“… B-Big brother, you are embarrassing me.” Raven blushed and lowered her head. But despite her words, her tail was still wagging happily.

Seeing us like that, Ysnay rolled her eyes.

“The two of you, stop showing off your love in front of me. I’ll become jealous, okay?”

Raven blushed even more. But I did not care about Ysnay’s words and planted another kiss in her lips.

Ysnay was exasperated. She then looked at me and her expression turned complicated.

When she saw how I spoiled Raven, an envious look appeared on her face before she shook her head and sighed.

“… Congratulations, Willian.”

“Thanks,” I said genuinely happy.

Ysnay looked at my obvious happiness and did not know how to feel.

On one hand, she was happy by the fact I was closer to my goal.

But on the other hand, she was sad because she knew her chances had become even slimmer.

Once I make my dream a reality, her opportunities would vanish completely.

“… Perhaps, this fate as well.” With a bitter smile, Ysnay sighed.

She then turned around and left the office with a downcast expression.

I watched her each movement carefully, warier of her than ever, and ready to attack her at any moment.

I knew what this meant for me, and I also knew what this meant for Ysnay.

Thus, I was even warier than her than before.

Now that I’m so close to my goal, I can’t be too careful.

Ysnay probably felt my wariness and that was the reason she left.

“… Big brother, is anything wrong?” Raven asked me when she saw I suddenly fell silent.

I shook my head and smiled at her.

“It’s nothing. I was just thinking about what reward to give to my favorite kitten.”

Raven blushed and lowered her head.

But after a few seconds, she looked up at me with puppy eyes (although she was a cat) and grabbed my shirt.

“… Then, can I sleep in your room from now onwards?”

I was briefly startled. But then, I smiled.

“Of course. Whenever you want.”



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