FPD Chapter 417

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Falling Deeper (3)


I pressed down Lilia’s boneless and soft body and enjoyed the joy of her flesh. I went in and out of her sweet and delicious cave while enjoying her reactions.

Lilia’s beautiful face had turned completely red, and her eyes were hazy and unfocused. Sometimes, she wanted to moan loudly, but the last bit of shame was holding her back.

Seeing Lilia’s lustful and sultry expression, I could not help but tease her.

“… How sexy. The emperor is so fortunate. To think he has enjoyed you for all these years.”

“Uhn… Ahn… S-Stop saying that…”

“Why? Are you embarrassed? Well, that doesn’t matter. Anyway, since today onwards, you will be mine only.”

“Uhh… Y-You… I-I’m the empress…”

“Hehe, don’t worry. I’ll be sure to make you happy every day.”

The empress moaned softly and let out a soft grunt.

With a chuckle, I lowered my head and kissed Lilia’s sleek and graceful shoulders. I then lifted one of her legs and turned her body at the side.

In this new position, our two sex organs collided violently, and my dick entered deep into her uterus.

“Ahnn… So good… Uhn…”

Lilia closed her eyes tightly. Her eyelashes shivered constantly, and her entire body was completely red. She then bit her lips and suppressed her moans, enjoying the crazy adultery silently.

Meanwhile, my lips and tongue gently and skillfully kissed her neck and ears, then kissed her shoulders again, and once more kissed her neck and ears.

In the end, I moved my lips towards her plump and sexy lips. Without hesitation, I pressed my lips against hers and slowly invaded her mouth with my tongue, sucking her saliva greedily and playing with her tongue.

Lilia’s grunted and twisted her body in answer, making our sex organs rub against each other more intensely and giving her a burst of pleasure.

When I finally released her lips, Lilia panted heavily before letting out a loud shout.

“Ahn… S-So good…! S-Sorry, husband… S-Sorry… But it’s so good…!”

I was excited by her words. In my excitement, I bit and sucked her neck, creating several hickeys and making Lilia’s body shudder. At the same time, my waist continued colliding against her intimate parts and creating loud *papapa* sounds.

“Ahhh… Ahh…” Small drops of sweat appeared on Lilian’s body. Feeling hot, Lilia panted heavily and tilted her head aside.

Her half-closed eyes and watery pupils were filled with hazy lights, and her beautiful and sexy lips were opening and closing repeatedly with each impact of my pelvis.

“Oooohhh… So good…” Lilia whimpered like a child. The soft groan that burst out of her mouth was truly breathtaking.

I was excited by the fact that Lilia was like this due to me, the person she hated the most. In fact, I was curious about how she was going to react when she learns she is having sex with the child of the woman she hates.

In the end, no matter how much she hates me, she ended groaning under my body.

I continued thrusting my penis inside, soaking it in the love juices flowing out of her vagina. With each attack, Lilia’s body swayed like waves, and her breasts shook lewdly.

“… S-So deep… Uhnn… I-I’m going to die…”

Lilia gasped and grasped the bedsheet with both hands. She moaned and moaned once and again while her beautiful body was being pressed by my crotch.

Suddenly, her mouth let out a loud moan. She then gritted her teeth and pulled the bedsheets strongly.

“S-So good….!” With a loud cry, her body shook violently and her vagina tightened around me once more.

Then, a new wave of love juices gushed out of her vagina, drenching the bed completely.

I grinned and kissed her ear with an evil smirk.

“… You are such a pervert. Look at all that water.”

“Uuu…” Lilia whimpered in shame and closed her eyes in embarrassment.

As the empress of the empire, when had she been treated like this?

Not even the emperor made her so submissive when having sex.

I grinned again and turned her body around, pressing her breasts against the bed. Then, I raised her ass up and thrust inside once more.

“Ohn… Uuu… W-Wait… P-Please…” Lilia looked at me with a pitiful look.

At this point, Lilia’s whole body already felt sore due to the intense exercise. The endless attacks she had been receiving had let her dead tired.

In the end, although her cultivation was not bad, she was a mage and her endurance was unable to compare to mine. Moreover, I had been very intense all this while, so she was completely spent.

She felt that her body was soft, and she could not put strength in her limbs. Even the place between her legs felt a little numb.

But unfortunately for her, I was not done yet.

I chuckled softly and breathed something in her ear.

“I have not cummed yet, remember?”

Lilia opened her eyes wide and looked at me with disbelief.

“… Y-You…”

Before she could answer, I put strength on my waist and slammed my penis deep in her ass with even more strength than before.

“Ahhahhhahhh…” Lilia let out a long groan and shivered pleasurably.

I did not give her time to get used to my attacks, though. Immediately afterward, I started to pound her in this new position, inserting my sturdy and giant meat hole inside her sacred cave.

Lilia moaned again. Helplessly, she put her face on the bed powerless to do anything but receive my attacks.

Once and again, I swung my waist up and down, going repeatedly inside her and letting her enjoy the most intense sex possible. Furthermore, I even used mana to increase the pleasure she was feeling.

The pleasure was so overwhelming that Lilia’s eyes rolled up and a thread of saliva slid down her lips.

She had literally been fucked silly.

“Great!” I grunted and fucked her like that, making use of her hole once and again and nailing her body in the bed. As a result, Lilia’s pink uterus contracted and spasmed intensely, and her plump ass turned red.

Finally, she was unable to resist having another orgasm.

Gripping the bedsheet, she curved her body up and let out an intelligible moan.

At the same time, I got ready to shot my first round inside her belly.

“I’ll cum inside!” I shouted excitedly.

Lilia was unable to react to my words. With a groan, her body twitched repeatedly, and eventually, she collapsed.

At the same time, I shot my entire load inside her.

It was as though her womb was sucking my penis, asking it to impregnate her.

Soon, her womb was completely filled with my semen.

When I was done, I pulled my penis out and smiled.

“That was good.”

Lilia shivered briefly. She felt the heat of my semen in her belly and groaned again. Then, she closed her eyes and started to pant.

Little by little, reason returned to her mind.

When I saw her like that, I decided to scare her a bit.

“I wonder if you will get pregnant after this. That will be very interesting.”

Lilia shuddered. Immediately, her eyes opened wide, and strength returned to her body.

“… Y-You… You should not have cum inside me!”

“Why? It’s much better like this, is it not?”

Lilia bit her lips and fell silent. In the end, she sighed.

“Whatever. You are crazy if you think I’ll have your child. After this, I’ll drink contraceptives.”

She then stood up and went to search for her clothes.

But before she could leave the bed, I grabbed her arm.

“Where do you think you are going? We are just starting.”


“Do you truly think I’ll be satisfied with just once, your majesty?” I asked with a mischievous smile.

Lilia was stunned. But then, her eyes opened wide in panic.

Before she could react, though, I threw her on the bed and pressed her body below me again.

“Tonight, you are completely mine.”



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