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Safelia’s Hesitation (1)



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“W-Why… W-Why are you doing this to me?” Safelia looked at me and asked with confused eyes. “W-What do y-you want from me?”

I could feel her body trembling slightly. Currently, she was very confused. She could not understand why I was proposing this to her right now.

“… I-Is what you have done to me until now not enough?” Safelia asked again. “Is all the pain you have caused me not enough? I-I don’t want to betray the church.”

I sighed. This woman’s loyalty to the church is truly great.

Even now, when she knows the goddess is only using her, she still persists in her loyalty.

But if she continues like this, her ending will not be good.

Because being loyal to the goddess means being my enemy.

For a moment, my expression turned complicated. Should I try to convince her? Or should I simply continue using her as I have done until now?

In the end, I decided to let it to her choice.

Whatever she chooses, I’ll respect her decision.

Slowly, I moved my hands below her habit, caressing her soft skin, and stroking her beautiful body.

Each time my fingers touched her skin, Safelia felt like an electric current ran through her body. Her body could not help but react to my touch.

Safelia bit her lips and closed her eyes. Feeling her body’s reaction to my touch, her mind was complicated.

She felt complicated by the fact she was anticipating what would come next.

“… I want you.” I finally said, breathing softly on Safelia’s ear.

The saintess quivered and lowered her head. At some point, her body had turned hot. She felt uncomfortable with the habit she was wearing and she wanted nothing more than to take it off.

When she realized her shameless thoughts, she wanted to die.

She was the saintess of the Goddess of Order. The fact she was harboring such perverted thoughts made her ashamed of herself.

I chuckled and kissed Safelia’s ear softly. Safelia replied to my kiss with a groan before twisting her body in an attempt to escape from my grasp.

But I held her tighter, pressing her body against mine. This way, I could feel the warmth of her body closely, and Safelia could feel my breathing touching her neck.

“… S-Stop…” Safelia whispered with an embarrassed voice. But there was no way I was going to stop. Instead, I held her chin with my right hand and kissed her lips.

“Hmgh!” Surprised, Safelia opened her eyes wide and tried to move her lips away, but I held her tightly, pressing my mouth against her and sucking her lips fiercely.

I tried to invade her mouth with my tongue, but Safelia kept her lips tightly closed.

Seeing that, I smirked and licked her lips once and again, sealing her mouth with mine and waiting for an opportunity.

Finally, Safelia could not help but gasp slightly and parted her lips for a brief moment. Using that opportunity, my tongue hurried inside her mouth, passing her teeth and meeting with her tongue.


Startled, Safelia hurriedly tried to use her tongue to push my tongue away, but instead of that, both tongues tangled together, creating slurpy sounds that resounded in the room.

I grinned and hugged her neck, holding her head in place tightly and holding the kiss for as long as I could.

I tasted Safelia’s mouth just like that, enjoying her awkward kiss and tasting her saliva.

Finally, when I felt Safelia’s face was turning red, I separated my lips from hers, creating a bridge of saliva connecting both of our lips.

Safelia gasped and breathed heavily. She then looked at me with a grudgeful look.

“… W-What are you doing?”

I smirked. “Well, the goddess asked you to seduce me, right? I’m just helping you.”

“… H-Huh? Right, I need to do this… Yes… That is the reason I’m doing this… It’s not that I want this…” Safelia suddenly muttered to herself.

I looked at her in amusement. This woman… Could it be…?

Mmm… This is going to be interesting…

Grinning, I kissed her lips again and looked straight towards her eyes.

“… Miss Saintess, what do you think about me?”

Safelia’s expression was dazed. But she soon looked at me firmly and gritted her teeth.

“I hate you.”

“Is it so?”

“Y-Yes! I-It’s is your fault I-I’m like this… E-Even m-mother goddess must think I’m tainted…”

“… Really? So you hate me that much, huh.” I nodded. But suddenly, my right hand moved down her body, reaching the place between her legs.

As soon as my hand reached there, it was drenched by a sticky liquid.

“What is it then? Doesn’t it look like your body wants me?” I asked playfully while stroking Safelia’s slit.

Safelia shivered. Her legs almost gave in, and her mouth let out a soft groan.

“N-No… I-It’s only because t-the god-goddess asked me to… Ahn…~”

“Really? I don’t think so, though. You should forget that goddess. Become mine, Safelia. Become mine.” I whispered in her ear seductively.

Safelia shivered. I could feel her reasoning giving in, and her faith starting to waver.


“N-No!” A look of determination suddenly appeared in her eyes. “E-Even if the g-goddess gave up on me, I’ll not betray my faith! I’ll follow her orders!”

This girl…

She is more stubborn than I thought.

“I see,” I said to Safelia and then separated myself from her. Safelia sighed in relief when she saw that, thinking that I had decided to stop.

But my next words shocked her.

“Undress,” I ordered.

Safelia was stunned.


“I told you, undress. The goddess told you to seduce me, right? Well, start by undressing.”

Safelia’s expression froze. Her eyes shook slightly and her mouth opened and closed.

She wanted to reject me, but when she thought of the words she said just now, she could not.

She just said she was going to follow the goddess’s orders.

In fact, I could easily make use of the slavery seal in her mind to make her undress. However, I did not want it. I wanted her to do it completely by her own will.

Safelia bit her lips. She looked at me with a pleading expression, but when she saw I was not planning to change my mind, she could only start to take off her clothes.

Slowly, she slid her white habit down her body.

Her movements were shaky, perhaps due to the shame and embarrassment she was feeling, but she did not stop until her clothes were completely gone.

Once she was completely naked, she used her arms to cover her most intimate parts and looked at me angrily.

“I-I’m done.”

I nodded and observed Safelia’s body carefully.

It was not the first time I observed her naked body, but once more, I could not help but think it was perfect.

Safelia’s breasts were of the perfect size, and her slender waist seemed ideal to be hugged by me.

At the same time, her headstrong black eyes and long black hair gave her a look of pride and purity unique to the saintess of the Church of Order.

I ogled her body until I was satisfied. Then, I looked into her eyes and put on a playful smile.

“Come on, take off my clothes now.”

“… W-What?”

“Don’t you want to seduce me?” Once more, I used the same trick.

Safelia hesitated slightly, but in the end, she nodded.

Walking towards me, she slowly took off my clothes, starting with my shirt.

Finally, when she took off my underwear, my little brother sprang up in anticipation.

Safelia’s body shook slightly when she saw it.

“W-What next?”

Safelia looked at me and asked.

“What do you think?”

With a small smile on my lips, I sat on a nearby chair.

Then, I patted my lap, telling Safelia to sat there.


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