FPD Chapter 433

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A Fox and Her Dad


She had a dream.

In her dream, her dad was beside her. Holding her small hand as she slowly descended towards the darkness.

“… Dad, I don’t want to go.” She heard herself to say.

Her dad looked at her and smiled sadly. He caressed her cheek and kissed her nose with so much love that her heart ached.

“Don’t worry, I’m here with you.”

“… Dad… I’m sorry… I-I wanted to accompany you, dad… I wanted to be with you forever … I-I don’t want to die…”

His father sighed and smiled bitterly.

“You already gave me more than one thousand years of happiness. That is enough…”

“Dad… D-Dad… I love you, dad…”

“I love you as well, Emilia.”

Emilia nodded and cried. Tears escaped from her eyes, and her throat became dry.

She wanted to hug her dad, she wanted to kiss him, but her body was too weak.

She had lived for far too long, and her body was already old. Even if she still seemed like a young girl, she had already reached the limits of her lifespan long ago.

In the end, she was not an Immortal like her dad.

And she hated that.

Even although she tried, even although she attempted anything she could think of, she failed in the end.

Immortality was not so easy to achieve.

And now, death had come to bring her away.

To separate her from her beloved dad.

‘I don’t want it…’ She muttered to herself.

‘I don’t want it…’ She said as she saw her father cry when she died.

‘I don’t want it…’ She thought as the darkness devoured her.

‘I don’t want it…!’ She screamed as her soul was being dispersed.








Her soul screamed, bellowed, and struggled. Even in death, it refused to disappear.

It refused to leave behind her lonely dad.

Then, she understood.

The truth of the world that had escaped her grasp for so long.

The secrets she had been searching for so long.

The way to live eternally.

She, Emilia Softley, died, and then found her way to Immortality.

Thus, she struggled.

Using her newfound abilities, she forced her soul to stop dispersing.

Then, she gathered energy around her soul, strengthening her soul to stop it from dying ever again.

But just this was not enough.

Thus, she gathered even more energy.

So much energy that it destroyed her own world in the process, just to recreate her body.

A body, a brand new body, much stronger than her body before she died.

Her appearance, though, was the same her dad loved when she was alive.

Then, after an unknown amount of time, she came back to life.

“Dad…” It was the first word she spoke.

But her dad was not there.

There was nothing around her, only a destroyed planet without any sign of life.

However, she was not discouraged.

Her father was alive, she knew it. Something like this could not kill him.

He was too strong for that.

Thus, she started to search for him.

Through universes, through different galaxies, through different dimensions, searching for a trace of her beloved dad.

Year after year, decade after decade, she continued searching for him.

Finally, after almost one thousand years, she felt it.

A fluctuation belonging to the soul of her most beloved dad.

It was far, far away, but it did not matter. With her abilities, she did not need long to reach him.

Thus, she used her abilities, breaking through space and dimensions, rushing towards the place where she felt her dad’s soul.

And finally, she arrived.

It was a beautiful planet, just like the one where she and her dad lived once, sharing one thousand years of happiness.

Emilia smiled happily and started to search for her father. She searched and searched all around the world. And finally, she reached a small town.

There, a man was living happily with his wife and daughter.

As soon as Emilia saw him, she recognized him.

His face was different, his body was different, and his voice was different, but his aura was exactly the same.

The same calming and powerful aura she remembered.

Finally, finally, she had found him.

Her dad.

It was a bit of a problem that he has married again and even had another daughter, but she did not mind it. Anyway, his wife and daughter were just mortals. They would die before long, and her dad would belong to her alone.

Thus, filled with happiness, she went towards him.

But then, a chilling and overwhelming killing intent attacked her.

It was greater than anything she had felt before. Even although she was Immortal, she felt she was going to die.

At the same time, an ice-cold voice sounded behind her.

“Who are you, Immortal? What are you doing here?”

Emilia’s eyes shook. Turning around, she looked at the person she had been waiting to meet for so long.

“… Dad?”

However, he did not recognize her.

He did not mention her name.

He did not stroke her head as he used to do.

Because, to him, she did not exist anymore.

Her father had forgotten about her.



“Dad…” Emilia opened her eyes dazedly, still immersed in the nightmare she had seen once more.

The same nightmare she had seen countless times.

With sadness in her eyes, she waved her hand, and a figure made of energy appeared in front of her.

It was the figure of the dad she missed so much.

Softly, she touched his cheek, despite knowing he was not real.

“Soon, dad…” She muttered softly. “Soon we will meet again.”

She did not need to wait for long.

“This time, you will not escape from me.”

Because her dad was so close to her.

“… We will be together for eternity.”

Even if that witch tried to stop her.

Even if her dad refused to remember her.

Even if she had to go against the world itself.

She was going to find her dad.

That was her only wish.



Hey Guys, Aidka’s Here!

Something I must clarify about this chapter is that THIS is the first time Emilia meets Claus after she revives. By this point, Claus knows NOTHING about her, not even her name. He forgot it when he reincarnated. He learns her name after this and then decides to remember it when he learns she is his daughter in one of his past lives.

Moreover, there are tens of thousands of years between the events of this chapter and the current story, so a lot happened in between, ending with Claus sealing Emilia.


The two chapters I owe will be posted in the next two days…


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