FPD Chapter 507

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Rose’s Awakening (1)


A few minutes before midnight, Katherine, Rose, Lina, and I were seated in the living room with our weapons ready.

We were waiting for the attack of the daemons. As for why we were waiting here instead of on the walls of the fort, it was because it would be suspicious if others realize we knew about the attack beforehand.

I’m sorry, but I’m not in the mood to explain anything to General Liko.

We were not the only ones here. Aunt Dayana, Aunt Sera, Andrea, and Ysnay were here as well.

Aunt Sera and Andrea were pacing back and forth through the living room anxiously, worried about the coming battle. Aunt Dayana was lying tiredly on a sofa with the excuse she was tired from the travel (She was tired after we played nonstop for almost three hours instead), and Ysnay was reading a book silently.

“Claus, are you sure about the attack?” Aunt Sera asked at that moment.

“I’m sure, aunt. Don’t worry, it will be probably just a probing attack. The daemon general must be anxious to investigate the capabilities of the reinforcements.”

Aunt Sera nodded softly, but her expression was still anxious.

It’s normal, though. Aunt Sera knows nothing about my true abilities. She at most thinks I’m a talented swordsman.

Mm, I should find a chance to tell her about my strength later.

Just at that moment, a loud metallic clang resounded through the room followed by the loud shout of a soldier.

“Enemy Attack!”

The sound of the bell and the shout of the soldier woke up the entire camp. Less than one second later, the entire camp erupted in noise.

I looked at Katherine and Rose beside me and nodded at them before looking at Lina.

“Lina, you stay here to protect Aunt Dayana and the others.”

“Leave it to me, cousin.”

With one last nod to Lina, Katherine, Rose, and I left the house and hurried towards the walls.

As soon as we reached the walls, we saw General Liko giving orders to the soldiers with a grave expression.

The general seemed to feel my gaze because he turned towards me at that moment. But contrary to my expectations, he just frowned before ignoring me and returning to give orders.

I raised an eyebrow. Mm, what was that?

Are you not going to start implementing your plan to kill me?

… Or could it be, is your plan not related to this battle?

I narrowed my eyes for a brief moment before shrugging. Well, I don’t need to worry about that now.

Instead, I led the girls to the walls.

Currently, a great number of daemons were rushing towards the walls. They were like a river of lives trying to sweep away the fort.

However, Fort Mist was not so easy to take down. Several magic arrays and magic circles glowed around it, strengthening it and stopping any attack coming towards the fort.

Occasionally, one or two powerful daemons would jump from the ground trying to climb the forty-meters-tall wall, but the rain of arrows and rocks coming from it took down most of them.

And even if one of them managed to climb the wall, several powerhouses would step forward to face them.

Even so, the number of daemons powerhouses climbing the wall quickly increased. Initially, only one or two managed to climb it before being killed. But before long, the number of daemons on the walls increased to ten! And then to twenty.

Moreover, each daemon that managed to climb the wall was at least an eighth-layer powerhouse!

Katherine and Rose turned toward me at the same time.

“Claus, we are going!”

“Claus, I want to fight!”

“Okay, be careful.”

The girls nodded. Then, without hesitation, both of them rushed towards the fray.

Meanwhile, I continued observing the battlefield calmly.

Mm… Just as I expected, this is just a probing attack.

The daemon general is using it to get a rough measure of the size of our forces. That way, his strategies will be more accurate.

Of course, if Fort Mist shows any sign of weakness during this probing attack, it will quickly turn into a true attack.

While I was observing the situation, a powerful flew up from the daemon camp and rushed towards the battlefield.

It was a middle-aged daemon. He stopped in the sky over Fort Mist, looking down with an arrogant expression.

I had seen him just a few hours ago! He was the daemon general!


With a shout, he extended his hand, creating a whirlpool of energy that descended towards the fort.

But instantly, an even stronger presence appeared in Fort Mist, releasing a horrifying killing intent that crushed the whirlpool into nothing!

“Ogloes! How do you dare to attack the fort in my presence!?”

“Hahaha, so you are here, Anson! Come and fight me!”

“As you wish!”

The next second, a figure flew up from the fort and clashed with the daemon general.

Soon, the two of them started to fight fiercely.

I whistled while looking at that. Truly a nice sight.

But the fact that the Daemon General and General Anson are the only beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses on the battlefield means that my speculation is indeed correct.

This is nothing more than a probing attack.

Sigh, it looks like nothing interesting will happen tonight.

At that moment, I felt a presence appearing beside me.

It was Ysnay. She was looking up at the battle with a smile on her face.

I raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“What are you doing here?”

“Well, I was bored inside and I thought it had been a while since the last time I was alone with you. Plus, something interesting is about to happen.”

I blinked. Something interesting?

Quickly, I scanned around the battlefield carefully.

And soon, my eyes narrowed.

Truly, it’s something interesting.

A powerful aura was building up inside Rose’s body.

Is she about to breakthrough?

It does not look just like a simple breakthrough, though. It’s something different.

Rose was fighting fiercely on the battlefield. Every time she swung her sword, one daemon was killed.

Even though her strength was just in the seventh layer, she was fighting and killing eighth-layer and ninth-layer practitioners as though they were weaklings. Even two tenth-layer practitioners had been killed by her sword.

Such a performance did not fail to attract the attention of stronger powerhouses. Soon, an eleventh-layer daemon was attacking the hero.

And this time, Rose was finally pressured.

The hero fought fiercely, using her swordsmanship and magic to attack and defend against the daemon’s attacks.

Despite her weaker strength, she managed to endure praiseworthily. She even managed to injure the daemon a pair of times!

However, it was obvious that the daemon had the upper hand.

Noticing that the situation was bad, Katherine quickly tried to go to help her; however, she was stopped by other daemons.

In the end, she could only look anxiously towards me.

However, I did not move.

I was just looking at Rose with a look of anticipation.

I could feel something inside her about to erupt. It became bigger and bigger with each second.

And finally, it exploded.

When the eleventh-layer daemon was about to deliver the last blow, a powerful aura erupted from Rose’s body.

Her sword lit up, emitting a blinding white glow that seemed to turn the entire night into day, and her body was surrounded by a beautiful white aura.

Looking at the daemon in front of her, Rose narrowed her eyes and slashed down.


Then, under the daemon’s astonished eyes, the sword slash bisected him, turning him into ash and killing even several daemons behind him.

For an instant, the entire battlefield fell silent.

Even the two beyond-twelfth-layer powerhouses in the sky fell silent.

But then, the daemon general’s eyes turned grave.

“That girl… She must die!”

And ignoring General Anson, he slashed towards her!



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