2. Moving in


The day they moved in, father also came home unusually early.

He said something about having a welcome party, but since I had to go to work I left in the evening.

I returned late at night after finishing and headed to the changing room like I always do, preparing to take a shower.

When I tried opening the door to the changing room, I heard a voice from my back. It was Sae-san.

“Welcome home”
“A…I’m back…”

“Nami is taking a bath right now.”
“A, is that so? I understand.”

(I wasn’t thinking anything just then, but I could become a lucky pervert.)

I tried to go to my room, but Sae-san looked like she had something to tell me.

“Yes? What is it?”

“I…, It’s nothing.”
The atmosphere is very delicate.

Having strangers in my house…It’s a strange feeling.

I returned to my room, and while I was thinking dazedly I heard a knocking on the door.

“Knock, knock!”
“Please enter.”

The one who opened the door was Nami-chan.

With wet hair and a T-shirt with no bra, you cloud see her short pants at the end of the very short towel the was covered in.

(No good. She’s way too cute! Especially, since she isn’t wearing a bra, I can clearly see her nipples… They look like they’re erect.)

“Ano, the bath is free.”
“Aa, thanks for coming to tell me.”

“That, That and…”
“N? What is it?”

“It’s about my big sister. Please don’t be mad at her.”
“E? Sae-san? I’m not mad at her.”

“The time we went to eat. You were angry at her.”

“Aa… Well, I was told all of the sudden that they married and when I asked about her age she made fun of me. If it were me I wouldn’t act like that at the first meeting. That’s not the attitude of a person who’s thinking of becoming family, right? Ma, it might just be the way she is.”

“So you’re mad after all.”
“Rather than saying I’m angry, you could say I’m amazed”

“Ano, my sister isn’t really like that.”
“E? What do you mean?”

“That is…”

According to Nami-chan, Sae-san is actually a diligent person and is actually a bit shy around strangers. Even Nami-chan couldn’t believe the way Sae acted the other day.

She was very tense because she had to meet me and couldn’t talk, so she came after drinking alcohol. Because she worked at a host bar, she becomes a different person when she drinks. She becomes merry and she’s able to talk easily……How should I put it… She became like that because of her work.

That’s why in order to ease her tension she drank. However, she started speaking too much and it became like that. Certainly, that attitude is suited to raise spirits at the bar.

After I went back, she began regretting the things she said.

People change when they drink. What’s that about. I was thinking like that, but indeed, even during the meal, she kept on drinking.

“Is that so? Ok, I understood what you’re saying.”
“That’s good.”

“If it’s possible I’d also want to get along with you.”
“E? With me??”

“Yes. We’re not really siblings, but I’m happy that I could get something similar to sisters.”
“Is…Is that so…”

“If I’m on bad terms with your sister I’ll also be unable to get along with you, right? That’s why I’ll try to compromise if I can.”
“Ma, I’m fine either way, but please get along well with my sister”

(No, no. Your sister is fine either way, so I want to get along with Nami-chan)

“For now, please take care of me. Good night!”

“After saying so Nami-chan returned to her own room.”

(Well then, let’s enter the bath.)

Entering the changing room, women’s underwear entered my line of sight.

(These should be Sae-san’s.)

Taking the bra in my hands without thinking, I realized it was an E cup. The panties are T-back style from the same set…

(Oioi, T-back? Is she always wearing panties like these?)

Looking at the crotch portion… there was a stain…

(Sniff, sniff. This is bad. It smells so good..n? Wait a bit.)

After searching around in the laundry box, naturally, I found Nami-chan’s underwear! I confirmed that Nami-chan is a C cup.

Without thinking I start sniffing.

(N… For some reason it’s a good smell.)

After that next is the lower part.

Nami-chan’s underwear is also part of a set. Of course, the panties’ shape is normal.

(How unexpected, a middle schooler has such adult-like underwear.)

This one too has a stain on the crotch part…

(Sniff, sniff. Uwaa… This is amazing! Really, really amazing!)

The indescribable smell of Nami’s panties is making my excitement grow. I get naked and start rubbing the crotch part against my already hard and upwards pointing dick. The pre-cum coming out of the tip is making a tread to Nami-chan’s panties.

(Aa… No good… I can’t take it!! Uuuuu!!)

At once, A wave of pleasure took me over and I ejaculated in Nami’s underwear.

(This is bad…As expected this is very bad.)

Nami’s panties became full of my semen. After calming down I began worrying again.

(Will they find out? Will it be ok?)

I push the dirty panties to the end of the laundry box and enter the bath.

(Even so… Nami-chan, Umi-chan, Sae-san… Looks like I won’t be in need of fapping material from now on.)

After I getting out of the bathroom, I begin idly watching TV in my room.

(It’s already 1 o’clock? It’s about time I went to bet.)

Wanting to go to the bathroom, I exit my room. From downstairs, I can hear talking voices.

(Is it dad and Sae-san?)

I slowly go down the stairs, but midway my legs stop.

“An an an, No good!! I said stop… My voice will leak out!”
“What are you saying! even though you’re so wet…”
“Aa…It’s no good. If you do it so much…”

(Oioioioi! Your voice is huge!)

Somehow it seems I got here right in the middle of dad’s and Sae-san’s lovemaking. The sound of Sae-san’s satisfied voice leaked out from the bedroom. While thinking this is bad, I go down the stairs and sneakily take a peek at the corridor.

There I saw something even more surprising.

Nami-chan was touching herself in front of the bedroom. She was reacting to Sae-san’s voice.

With her hand in the nether region of her short pants, she was touching herself intensely.

(This is amazing. Raw loli masturbation.)

While looking at Nami’s state, I grasp for my nether region without thinking. Nami-chan’s hand movements became more and more violent and her body shook to a stop.

(A! She came.)

Then… I accidentally met eyes with Nami-chan who just finished her climax…

Nami-chan with a staggeringly surprised expression, opened her eyes wide. For a moment we both froze, but it looks like it’s about to finish in the bedroom also.

“I’m comiiing….”
I could hear a voice resounding. Looks like staying here any longer would be bad.

Nami-chan walks towards me briskly like nothing happened. But, when I see her face, it’s teary-eyed and she’s glaring at me.

She told me, passing me by.

(E? Eeeeeeeee? It’s my fault???)

While dumbfounded, I sent her off with my gaze as her figure disappeared up the stairs.

Hearing sounds from the bedroom, I also retreated to my room. Then, remembering Nami-chan’s actions, I masturbated 3 times…

(What a pleasant happening right on the first day…I’m looking forward to what’s next.)

That night, I fell asleep in a truly good mood.

—- Next day

“Ne, wake up, wake up… Onii-chan!”

(What’s happening? Heavy…my body..guha!!)

I open my eyes after feeling a weight jumping up and down between my legs. Umi-chan was above me, trying to wake me up.

(Wa…wait! If you do that it will be bad in many ways. Ugh… Umi-chan, if you sit on top of me like that it will become a cowgirl position!)

Umi-chan is moving around in my lap and stimulating me. Since it’s summer I only covered myself with a light blanket and I can feel her tights trough it.

Moreover, Umi-chan is only wearing a miniskirt so her panties are in plain sight.

“Wh…ugh…wait a bit! Umi-chan!! What is it?”
“Ee? Sister said you should wake up so…”

(Tsk…doing such excessive things… it’s summer! I wanted to stay like that a bit longer…)

“Nee…hurry up…ei!”
Umi-chan took my covers away.


When I sleep I don’t wear any pants… moreover, after stimulating me to that extent in the morning… my dick is pointing upwards, big and strong.

“Onii-chan also doesn’t wear panties when he sleeps. Same as Umi.”

“So big…It’s my first time seeing a pee-pee get big…How do you call it?… An erection?”

(What’s with this kid?… Do you think nothing of seeing it?)

While hurriedly putting on my pants, I asked Umi-chan.

“Aren’t you surprised to see it?”
“Ee? I used to get in the bathtub with daddy.”

“But I’m not your dad. Doesn’t it bother you?”
“N…It’s fine since it’s Onii-chan.”

“Is that so?”
“Ehehe…You see, I’m glad that I could get a big brother!”

Umi-chan innocently embraces me… This girl is so cute.

“Ahaha, I’m also happy that I could get a cute little sister.”

While having such a conversation we go to the dining room where breakfast is being prepared. Nami-chan is already seated. She looks at my face and glares, then quickly looks away.

(Does she hate me…Was it my fault?? Haa… Looks like it will be hard to improve our relationship…)

“Good morning, Mitsuru-kun.”
“Good morning.”

Sae-san is preparing breakfast in high spirits. At this time, Dad has already left for work.

(After this I’ll have to tell her not to get involved with me. If she starts acting like a mother I won’t be able to take it.)

If I say it here and now, then the atmosphere will turn bad and my relation with Nami-chan might also deteriorate, so I’ll have to endure for now.

“Well then, shall we eat?”
After Sae-san said so, we began our meal.

(Miso soup…It’s been a while. Ever since mother died I haven’t been eating breakfast.)

While thinking like that, I drink the miso soup…

Nami-chan is making a scary face like usual and doesn’t look me in the eyes. Umi-chan is saying something about exploring the area.

(I’m glad I can eat breakfast like this, but as I thought, I don’t like people intruding into my life. I’ll have to tell her clearly.)

“Nee…Onee-chan, Onii-chan’s pee-pee is big! It’s the first time I saw an erect one!”

“Buhaa!!! Cough, cough, cough…”
The miso soup majestically sprayed out of my mouth.

(Wha, what are you saying!!)

“Wha!!!!” Nami-chan made a terrible face.
“Mitsuru-kun?!…What is that about? Umi???”

Sae-san made a demon-like angry face.

“Onii-chan showed me~”

(No, wait! If you say that, it sounds like I tried to show you how big it is! I do want to but this is…)

“Mitsuru-kun! Do you have a moment?”

Sae-san made a demon-like expression.


Nami-chan is looking at me with scornful eyes.

(Aa…It’s over…My standpoint is….)

That’s how I ended up being interrogated by Sae-san and Nami-chan…