4. Expectation


I am thinking about everything that happened in a daze.

(This isn’t a dream…)

I’m sitting on the bed, still naked from the waist down. Just a moment ago, Umi-chan was masturbating right before my eyes.

While she was covered in my cum.

She is now in the bathroom, washing off my semen.

(That was wonderful…)

Why did it end up like this? I really can’t understand. Looking at my phone, I can see Umi-chan’s figure, making a peace sign while covered in semen. The close-up of her lower half shows her pretty, pink place.

(This is bad…It’s to erotic…I’m hard again.)

Looking at Umi-chan’s pictures, even though I already came twice in a row, I have an erection again.

(I shouldn’t. I’ll keep this as tonight’s inspiration. Right now I need patience.)

In the room, Umi-chan’s clothes are laying about. Since she went to the bathroom naked, she left her clothes here.

Naturally, what comes into my sight is Umi-chan’s underwear. I take it into my hands involuntarily.

Just as I expected, her bra was a B cup.

The matching panties have a little stain on the crotch part. When I sniff I can feel Umi-chan’s smell on them.

(This is bad…I can’t hold back…)

I start masturbating with the crotch part of the panties on my glans. Even though I’ve just been scolded by Sae-san, I just couldn’t resist.

(Amazing~ It feels so good~)

“Gacha” I heard the door opening.
“Wait! Wait those are my…Don’t!!”

Umi-chan came back from the shower, naked with only a towel covering her body. Seeing that I was masturbating with her underwear, she hurriedly took it back.

“Jeez! I still want to wear them so don’t use them for strange things.”

After she took the panties my dick looked so sad it seemed like the pre-cum it was making were tears.

“Even though you just came, is it still not enough? How many times do you normally cum in a day?”

“Well, only once but…”

Hearing my words, she started grinning.

“Ihihi, Did I excite you so much?”
“Ye, yeah”

“Is that so~? So Onii-chan was aroused by me.”

While looking very happy, she starts getting dressed before my eyes.

“A, Onii-chan, give me your phone a bit. I’ll send the pictures to my phone.”
Using my phone, Umi-chan sends the pictures to her phone.

“While I’m at it, I’ll also add my phone and email.”
She uses the phone with practiced movements.

“OK! It’s done!”
Saying so, she shows me the screen with a meaningful smile.

On the screen was the message sent from me to Umi-chan’s phone.

“If you go against me, I’ll spread these images on the internet. If you don’t want that to happen, then you have to listen to everything I say. From today, you will be my sex slave.”

That’s what was written on the phone.

“E? Umi-chan?? What is this??”
“Kyahaha, With this, it looks like Umi is being threatened by Onii-chan.”

“E? Eeeeee????”
“If I go to the police with this, Onii-chan will be arrested, right?”

“Wha!!! Are you being serious???”
“Kyahahaha, I’m just joking. But I’ll be using this as an insurance in case something happens.”

That is to say, “If you don’t do as I tell you, I’ll take this to the police.”. Umi-chan is threatening me.

“Kuu…So there was a catch after all.”

“So? What do you want to make me do by acting and doing lewd things?”
“It’s not like I need you to do anything right now.”

Umi-chan started talking about her life until now. 5 years ago, her parents passed away in an accident.

(That’s the same time as me.)

Her parents were chefs and had only just opened the restaurant of their dreams. The thing that remained was a large amount of debt from opening the restaurant. The house loan was forgiven thanks to insurance, but the debt incurred from the opening wasn’t. Because the insurance money wasn’t enough, they had to sell the house to pay back the debt. Sae-san was still only a university student, but for the sake of her two sisters, she dropped out and found a job.

Despite her circumstances, even having dropped out of college, she managed to get employed by a serious company. However, they lived a hard life with only the entry-level salary of an office lady. They moved into a tattered apartment where they could hear every sound the neighbors were making. The tree of them lived in a tatami room with futons lined up next to each other. Not even being able to pay for meals and clothes, they led a truly poor life.

After Sae-san started working at a well-paying nightclub, their life improved a bit, but they still couldn’t afford any luxuries. About a year ago Sae-san started going out with someone, and with that person’s assistance, their life turned for the better.

Of course, the one supporting them was my father.

They never thought they could have mobile phones like their friends, but that person bought it for them. At that time, both Nami and Umi were so happy they cried.

When their sister told them that the was getting married to that person, they both approved completely. But after learning of the age difference and furthermore my existence, they were bewildered.

From what they were told, I was also in complete approval of the marriage so there shouldn’t have been any problems.

(Ku…That stupid father of mine.)

But the truth was I hadn’t heard a thing about the marriage, and by my actions at the restaurant, it seemed like I was against it. In her innermost thoughts, Umi-chan also found it strange that a son of similar age to Sae-san would completely support the marriage.

And then Sae-san’s error at the restaurant.

After that, Umi-chan and Nami-chan were also mad at Sea-san. They told her that was no way to act towards a person you’ve just met.

(Well, that’s how hostesses act when serving customers.)

Then Umi-chan judged that I was the key-person in order to preserve their current lifestyle.

Umi-chan thought that if I approve of the marriage and welcome them to the house then there will be no problems and if they are to be sent out of the house from now on the culprit would certainly be me.

Because Sae-san has her had in the clouds from being married she isn’t reliable.
Nami-chan is afraid of strangers, serious and stubborn she also isn’t reliable.

That’s why Umi-chan decided to pretend to be a cute little sister and get a hold of my heart. She absolutely didn’t want to lose the new life she caught hold of after so long. If I started dotting on Umi-chan, then I definitely wouldn’t tell them to leave, and even if I argue with Sae-san, I would likely listen to Umi-chan’s mediation.

(How black-hearted.)

Then on the day they moved, she looked around in my room when I was at my part-time job.

She was looking for a weakness she could use…

That’s how Umi-chan found out I’m into teen idols. She thought that if she played a cute little sister and did a few dirty things I definitely wouldn’t be able to part with her. That’s why she thought of trying to play Doctor. Indeed, in my “Imouto mono” DVD there was a part where the girl said “Onii-chan, let’s play Doctor.” and then started stripping… It seems she saw that.

“Umi-chan… You’re a great strategist. That was very realistic.”
“I mean, if I left it up to my sisters then this family would be in pieces. They’re unreliable.”

“Is, is that so?”

“I mean, we are intruding in this house. So what’s with Nami-nee’s attitude this morning? And Sae-nee. Why is she getting so angry about a little cum on those panties? Especially Nami-nee is forgetting that we are allowed to live in this house out of good will. Sae-nee can be here since she got married, but I and Nami-nee are extras.”

“I, I see…”
(Or rather, you knew that I ejaculated in Nami’s panties?!!)

“You see, I still have to go to middle school, high school and university so the way ahead is long. I’m sorry but I still need your father’s support and there’s no way I’ll fail here.”


“After that, ihihi, after a few more years Onii-chan will also become a working man, so please take care of me.”

Saying so, Umi-chan winks cutely.

(…What a black-hearted elementary schooler.)

Umi-chan’s demands were simple.

1. Get along with her sisters and when we disagree, try to give in as much as possible.
2. Always be Umi’s ally. If she argues with her sisters I should take her side.
3. When I become a working adult, I should offer her support.
4. Try my hardest to make it so that everyone in this family can live together happily.

The 4 points above are Umi’s requests. Then in exchange…

“And in exchange~ Let’s do things like what we did before again.”
Umi hugged me and gave me a cute kiss.


At night, when I return to my room after taking a shower and I find Umi.

“I was waiting~ Onii-chan.”
“Umi-chan, entering on your own accord is a bit…”

“What are you saying at this point? Rather than that, call me Umi. That way sounds more like we’re brother and sister.”

“Ne? Onii~chan!”
“I got it, Umi.”

Umi was sitting in my bed in her pajamas. In her hand, she was holding a manga.

“Wait!! That’s!!”
“Nihehehhe, I’m studying. I have to learn how to act like a cute little sister.”

The manga Umi was holding is no ordinary manga… It’s an erotic manga. Moreover, from the same series as “Imouto mono”, pretty hardcore. It looks like she found the ones I hid away.

“Don’t say .”
“E? A- Sorry. Rather than that…this…do you want to do things like this?”

The page Umi is showing me is a picture of a little sister with her legs tied with rope up so that she can’t close them and a vibrator inside. Besides the fact that it has a little sister, it is no different from any other SM story.

The fact that it is about a little sister should be quite important…

“Well, I do think I’d like to give it a go.”
“Fuu~n… Is that so?”

“Did you also end up thinking you’d like to try it”
“A, are you stupid?!”

“Is that so? Such a shame.”
“Onii-chan’s a pervert.”

I sat down next to Umi and whispered in her ear.

“I wanted to see it. Umi being tied up.”
“Th, There’s no way I’d do something like that!”

(Amazing! It came! The cute little sister line <~~nandakarane!>.)

“Wai…Onii…Your face is scary when you smile like that”

(Ups That’s no good…)

“So? What are you doing in my room?”
“E? Well… I thought about borrowing some dirty books since I was wondering what kind of little sister Onii likes.”

“Then this one.”
“That one’s no good! I can’t do something like that.”

“Ahaha, Is that so? I was just joking.”

Umi is making an angry expression while her face is red. That is cute in its own way.

“N~~ Even if you don’t force yourself, doing things like what we did just now is fine, isn’t it? You’re already a cute enough sister.”
“E-? Is that so?”

“I’ll be satisfied if you just show me how you do it alone.”
“Tha, That was a mistake.”

She started explaining with a red face. Truth is, she wanted to do dirty things little by little, but I saw through her act, so she had to use strong measures and unintentionally, her switch turned on.

She says that remembering these things is so embarrassing she could die…

“I see. So that was a special service.”
“Y, yeah…Let’s take it little by little…”

Since the atmosphere turned delicate, we decided we’re going to go to sleep for today and changed the subject.

“Well then, it’s quite late so we should go to sleep.”
“Y, yeah. Right… Nee Onii-chan, can I borrow this?”

Umi asked to borrow my book, looking hesitant.

“E? Aa, that’s fine.”
(What’s this. It’s clear she’s very interested.)

“Then, good night.”
“Yes, see you tomorrow *kiss*!”

Umi kisses me and goes back to her room.

After that, using Umi’s masturbation video I came exactly 3 times then fell asleep

Like this, I began my slightly dirty life with Umi.