5. Crack


(Uh… heavy…… What is it?)

When I woke up in the morning, Umi was in my futon.

“Oh! Did you wake up? Good morning! Onii-chan”
Umi who was covering me with her body peeks out from inside my bed.

“G, Good Morning… Uu… Where are you touching??”

Umi is touching my son.

“I thought you might enjoy being woken up like this”

As always, I’m still sleeping with no pants. She is touching my dick and moving her hand up and down.

“Hey! Uhhh … no, wait … I’m awake! I’m already awake!!”
“Well, hurry and get up! *kiss ♡”

Umi kissed me and left the futon.

(Amazing… What pleasant things you are doing for me so early in the morning.)

Going to the dining room, it’s the same landscape as yesterday.

Sae-san who prepares breakfast. Nami who can’t look in eyes as usual.

(Fuu… How long do you plan on being angry?)

“Mitsuru-kun, Do you have work today?”

Sae-san spoke to me.

“It’s in the evening.”
“Yes, in the future, please let me know in the morning if you have work that day since I have to prepare dinner.”

“Huh… I understand.”

(Really, putting on the airs of a madam… Well it’s fine, there’s that thing with Umi and all so I’ll just have to compromise.)

I’m a bit upset about the condescending way Sae-san is talking, but the promise with Umi crosses my mind. Finishing breakfast without problems, I head to the bathroom to take a shower. In the dressing room, I take off my clothes and becoming naked, I start looking through the laundry box again.

I see Sae-san’s panties.

(Sniff, sniff, is this from last night?… Recently worn are better after all.)

Next is Nami-chan.

(Sniff, sniff, Oo~ Nami-chan’s are the most exciting after all.)

Next is Umi.

(Sniff, sniff, Umi’s also smell god but… Nami-chan’s panties really are the best.)

I sniff Nami-chan’s panties again and my dick becomes energetic.

(I want to do it here, but there’s that thing with Umi, so that would be a waste.)

I think that and just when I put back the underwear back into the laundry box…


The door to the changing room opens.


My dick is pointing upwards and moving slightly. Sae-san looks at it with a surprised expression.

“S, sorry!!”

Sae-san closes the door, confused, and leaves.

(Fumu, I was seen?… I wonder if I was compared to my dad.)

After I finish my shower and go to the living room, Sae-san comes as if she was lying in wait.

“Let’s put a lock on the changing room! Mitsuru-kun, can you go buy one at the home center? There is one which is easy to set up. Buy that one!”

Even though I was the one who was seen naked, for some reason Sae-san seems angry and talks as if it’s my fault…

“Ee~? Me? That’s too bothersome.”
“What are you saying?! Won’t it be a problem if this happens all the time? You aren’t family, you know! Nami and Umi are both of age, so that’s definitely no good!”

(What a terrible thing to say…To declare just like that that I’m not family, I could understand it coming from Uni or Nami, but for the one person who shouldn’t say it to do so? Even though she’s more or less my mother-in-law.)

“Ok, I understand…However, you will have to take responsibility for the words you just said.”

(This person, she doesn’t even realize what she said. Whatever.)

Umi and Nami are also here.

Umi understood what Sae-san said and is glaring at her with a terrible expression. Nami doesn’t seem to understand at all.

(Well that’s how it is…Since both Sae-san and Nami think of me as a complete stranger, even they say or hear such a thing whey wouldn’t think anything of it. They probably think of themselves as the rightful inhabitants of this house and of me as a bothersome stranger.)

I already knew this, but there was the thing with Umi so I thought I’d compromise a little, but it looks like that’s impossible.

I return to my room, change my clothes for going out and climb down the stairs. From the living room, I could hear Umi’s angry voice.

It seems she opened hostilities at once.

(Maa, do your best Umi, but I think it’s useless even if you say it… to those two)

While cheering for Umi inside my heart, I go to the home center.

I more or less bought the lock, but I didn’t really want to go back so I just wasted some time walking aimlessly. Since it’s time for work, I just go there like that.

Since my friends sent me a message inviting me to go out, I quickly replied with an OK. When work ended I set out on a road trip with my friends. On the beach at night, we lit fireworks with girls we’d just met by coincidence and had fun until morning came. In the middle of the night, Umi called and sent several massages so I replied that I wasn’t coming home that day.

I got back towards the morning but I didn’t return to my house and slept at my friend’s house until the evening when I went to work.

I finish my work late at night and return home. When I enter my room Umi at one comes along.

All of the sudden she hugs me.

“Oioi, at least knock”
“Idiot! I was worried!! …Uhee~ You smell of sweat…Onii-chan”

“Ahaha, my bad. I didn’t take a bath yesterday.”
“Take a shower and come back quickly!”

For some reason, Umi is mad at me. I go take a shower. When I leave the changing room, I can see that Sae-san was waiting for me. Since it has nothing to do with me I ignore her splendidly.

“A, ano……”

Sae-san starts talking to me.

“Is there something?”

I say coldly…it might be a bit childish of me, but… well, it should be fine.

“Ano, about the thing I said before…”
“Aa, if you’re talking about the lock… I’ll set it up tomorrow.”

I say that and go to the second floor. When I return to my room, Umi is still there.

“E? You’re still here? Go back to your room”
“I don’t want to!”

“Iya…Even if you say that”
“I mean! I’m worried about Onii-chan, besides……”

Umi told me about the things that happened after I went out. It looks like Sae-san unconsciously said that we aren’t family. Umi couldn’t believe it and started reprimanding them…

It seems that after Umi pointed it out, Sae-san also more or less started reflecting on her actions.

“Sorry, Onii…… Were you hurt because of that stupid sister of mine?”

(I’m being comforted by a grade schooler…… I’m truly miserable)

“Iya, I wouldn’t say I’m hurt, more like I feel like I saw Sae-san’s true intentions and it’s a shame. Even though she’s more or less my step-mother she said that we’re not family”

I say so and laugh.

“Don’t say things like that~”
“You don’t have to mind it. I don’t mind if they don’t think of me as family, as long as we can get along while thinking of each other as strangers.”

“Then, my plan……”
“Iya, it’s fine even if you don’t mind me. Dad thinks fondly of Umi so he’ll continue to help you.”

“That’s no good! Uncle is already getting old and we never know when he won’t be able to work anymore!”
“What a terrible thing to say……”

“I still have a long ways to go. If I only rely on uncle I don’t know what could happen from now on.”

“If we go on like this on bad terms like strangers, if uncle were to die what will I do from then on? I’ll be poor again and unable to go to high school or university?”
“Iya, even if you tell me that……”

“If we all live happily together then even if uncle were to die, you won’t tell us to leave this house, right?”

It seems Umi might have been traumatized by the sudden death in her family and the poor life she lived after that.

“Yoshi! Leave my stupid sister alone. I’ll make it so that Onii-chan can’t live without me.”
“What’s that about?”

“I’ll make it so that you can’t be separated from me.”
“…Should you really be telling your plan to the person himself?”

“Ehe♡ So please take care of Umi in the future.”
“Haa…I understand so go to sleep.”


Saying so Umi entered my bed.

“……Oi, What are you doing??”
“E? Today we’ll sleep together so that Onii won’t go anywhere.”

“Iyaiya, If Sae-san finds out it will be bad, won’t it?”
“Aa, sorry sorry I forgot. If I don’t do it like this you won’t sleep together with me.”

Saying so, Umi starts moving around in the futon, takes off her pajamas and underwear and pushes them out of the futon. From under the covers, the contour of Umi’s naked body clearly surfaces.

“Ihihi, I wonder if Onii can resist this temptation.”

(Kuu… That’s impossible.)

“D, Don’t say stupid things and quickly return to your room”
“Fuun…Is that so? You say that.”

Umi gets up in the bed, hiding her chest with the covers. She opens her legs making an M shape and her tighs appear from the covers. A bit more and her place would be visible but the cover just barely stands in the way. The line from her back to her ass is truly pretty just like a gravure idol’s.


“Onii-chan! Won’t you sleep with Umi today? Ne?”

Being told so with an unbelievably cute face and voice, my heart easily gives in.

“Ma, maa if you insist like that… I guess I don’t have a choice~”
“Uhe, Onii really has an unexpectedly troublesome character. If you’re happy you should just obediently say so.”

(Oi. Don’t destroy the cute persona…..)

“Well, anyway… Come! Onii”

Umi says so and lays down on the bed and tucks at the covers, inviting me. Umi’s naked body laying on the bed is blinding. Hiding her breasts with one hand, her bulge that doesn’t fit in her hand. Because her feet are tightly shut I can’t see her slit, however, the fact that I can almost see and yet I can’t see makes my heart shake.

I also take off my clothes, become naked and lay next to Umi.

“Kyaha! Onii, you’re big again~”
“It can’t be helped, can it? It’s because Umi is too cute.”

“Ehe, Onii fell perfectly for me”
(Kuu……I can’t deny it)

“But I also like Onii, since you’re cool♡”
Saying so, Umi hugs me and starts kissing me.

Umi’s breasts are touching me and a comfortable sensation attacks me. Inside the futon, Umi is holding my dick.

“Nee, Umi will make you feel good with her hand… Teach me how”
Umi says so timidly with a red face and my heart surrenders completely.

I put a cushion behind my back and sit on the bed. Umi sits between my legs while naked. I start teaching Umi how hard she should grasp the dick, how to handle the balls and where the places that feel good are.

Even with her face dyed red, she touches my dick with a smiling face like she’s playing with her newly bought toy. While touching it she keeps on asking “How is this? Does it feel good?”. I obediently answer “It feels good” or “It hurts” and teach her how to handle my dick.

She gradually gets used to handling my dick and I also start feeling good.

“Yoshi, Umi! Next step”
“Ok, I’m ready Onii-chan”

“Dribble your spit on it, make it slippery and try to make it sound ”
“E? Really?? Should I dribble spit on here? It’s dirty…”

“Iya, since it’s Umi’s drool it’s not dirty. It will excite me so can you do it for me?”

“And when you dribble your saliva do it from about 10cm above”

Umi obediently gets close to my dick and starts dribbling the saliva she accumulated in her mouth.

The spit forms a string above my glans and a warm feeling envelops it. The scene of a beautiful girl drooling over my dick right before my eyes makes me more excited than I expected. With a sound, Umi starts stroking my dick.

“Uu…..Amazing, it feels good, Umi”
“Really? Ehehe, It’s making a lewd sound, Onii-chan”

Looking pleased with the sound she’s making while stroking my dick, when the saliva is no longer enough she starts dripping more while still stroking.

While gently touching my balls, she’s stroking my dick.

While Umi is giving her all stroking my dick her little breasts are shaking. Seeing that, my excitement reaches its maximum.

“Uu, It’s cumming…I’m cumming!! Uuuu”
“Uhyaa~ It came, it came!! A lot came out!”

My semen jumps vigourously. Without minding her dirty hand Umi is not stopping.

“W, wait, Umi…… Ahh…Uo! No good! Stop”
“E~? Is that so?”

“Yes, it’s too sensitive after just cumming”
“Oke~y……So? Did it feel good?”

“Yeah, it was amazing”
“Ehe, yey!”

Umi looks very happy while smiling.

I give Umi tissues and let her clean up. She cleans my dick and the semen scattered on her body.

“Naa, Umi? Is it fine if you don’t feel good?”
“He? I’m fine”

“Isn’t it unfair if only I feel good?”
“I, It’s not like that, I’m happy as long as Onii-chan felt good”

“Is that so… I also wanted Umi to feel good”
“E~? It fine~ It’s embarrassing……”

I sit on the bed behind Umi and embrace her from behind. Naturally, my hands are moving around her breasts. I can feel the softness of her small breasts and the hardness of her nipples through my arm.


With her chest wrapped in my arms, Umi lets out a small voice.

I kiss the nape of Umi’s neck and whisper in her ear.

“Umi’s breasts are soft and feel good.”
“No, it’s emberasing~”

I slowly bring one of my hands below and start gently touching Umi’s crotch.

Making a lewd sound, I can tell Umi’s crotch is wet.

“N! Sto…Onii”
“Even though you’re so wet, is it really fine if you won’t feel good”

I whisper in her ear again.

“It, it’s embarrassing so, next…next time! Onii”
“…ok. Then next time I’ll make Umi feel good.”

“Yeah…sorry, Onii…Wait a bit more, I need to prepare my heart…?”

I turn her head to the side and kiss her mouth.

“Next time I’ll have to teach you the adult way to kiss with the tongue, right?”
“Yes, I understand”

Umi was always leading, but one I take the initiative she suddenly becomes meek. I once again realize she is still a young grade schooler. If I force things here she might get scared and refuse me next time, so I’ll so as Umi says and gradually get her accustomed.

“Then, should we go to sleep?”

I make her sleep on my arm, turn her around and lay hugging her from behind.

Naturally, my hands are massaging her breasts.

“Stop…n…we can’t sleep if you do that”
“Today Umi is my hugging pillow so put up with it for a little while”

“It’s hitting my butt… Did it get big again?”
“Ahaha, sorry sorry, it’s because Umi’s breasts feel good”

“Aa! I’m banning massaging!”
“Oke~y, I understand…… *sniff sniff*”

From Umi’s hair, I can smell a really good fragrance. While enveloped in Umi’s smell, I fell asleep.

(Onii…Fell asleep?……)

Umi could hear Mitsuru’s sleeping breath beside her ear. It didn’t seem like she could fall asleep like this.

Mitsuru’s arm is still firmly touching her breasts. She could tell that from her hot crotch lewd juices were flowing out. She softly moves her body and loosens Mitsuru’s tight embrace a little.

(Fuu…..I give up)

Umi starts softly touching her hot crotch.

She hastily holds back her leaking voice.

Her body trembles and her nipples rub against Mitsuru’s arm. An even bigger pleasant feeling passes through her whole body.

(A…No good…I can’t take it anymore….)

While embraced in Mitsuru’s arms, she starts softly touching herself so as to not wake Mitsuru up. Just a while ago she touched Mitsuru’s dick……Since that time her crotch grew hot and lewd juice started flowing out.

Numerous times, while touching his dick, she had trouble resisting the urge to touch herself. She learned how to handle a dick for the first time and made Mitsuru look like he was feeling good because of her actions. Full of embarrassment and happiness, she became entranced with her lewd actions. She didn’t feel any unpleasant feelings towards Mitsuru’s dick, on the contrary, she even ended up thinking it’s adorable.

Next time, instead of her hand, she thought she’d like to service him with her mouth.

Then her place grew hotter and hotter while throbbing and the lewd juice kept on flowing out. Umi’s place that kept pushing back the urge to touch has already reached its limit.

(Aaa…No good…It feels amazing…)

In Mitsuru’s arms, she’s secretly masturbating.

Thinking of that her excitement is growing even more.

(I’m doing such a lewd thing… In front of Onii-chan who’s sleeping…)

She pulled back the skin of her clit with her index finger and stimulated it with her middle finger. At once, a pleasant feeling passed through her body, electricity streamed through her body.

“A!! I’m cumming!”
Letting out her voice unconsciously, a wave of climax wrapped around her.

“I’m cumming! Cumming! Cumiiiiiiing”
Unconsciously her body is moving back and forth.

She wanted to cum stealthily without letting Mitsuru notice, but the pleasant feeling was beyond her expectations, her voice leaked out and her body started moving.


Umi’s heart jumped in surprise, worrying if her moving woke Mitsuru up, but he was still sleeping like that.

(Haa… That’s good… I wasn’t found out)

Umi’s crotch was wet and felt uncomfortable, but she didn’t want to wake Mitsuru up so she slept like that.

She tightly embraced the arm that was embracing her.

(I give up……It looks like I ended up truly liking Onii-chan)

While embraced by Mitsuru, Umi felt happy and fell asleep.